Chelsea Welcome New Signing

Chelsea have confirmed the signing of midfielder Oriol Romeu from Barcelona for an undisclosed fee.  It’s not Luka Modric but it’s a signing.

The versatile Romeu, who can play either midfield or defence, made his La Liga debut for Barcelona at the end of last season and joins us on a four year contract.

Of course, at 19, we might not necessarily get too excited about seeing him this season although the suggestion is he’s expected to be part of AVB’s first-team squad.

Welcome Romeu.


14 Responses to “Chelsea Welcome New Signing”


  2. it is good to have players of such age and strength for our team, i hope many more signing will be done before the summer transfer window closes but i want luka modric and pastore to join as. long live chelsea,long live abromovich.

  3. congratulations to AVB on the signing buh what we raelly need is for him to sign a big player and discard the useless old players thanks CHELSEA FOR LIFE

  4. Welcome young man,
    but we MODRIC, A CHELSEA WIN MAKES MY DAY please!!! Buy Modric at 35-39 its okay it will pay back.

  5. Very good signing. Creativity coming to Stamford Bridge. Now get Modric. and lets win Champions LEague

  6. Welcome,the future 4 chelski is bright with yound lads like this.

  7. ESPN says that the 4 year contract is for €5 million and that there is a buy-back clause for €10 million after one year and €15 million after the second year.

  8. Welcome,the future 4 chelski is bright with young lads like this.

  9. its a gud sighning.Man U bot little known Checharitcho but luk @ him today.Little known David Luiz but luk @ his potential.Big names kud be flops e.g Torres,Sheva.Now AVB,fight for Modric n Juan Mata n we r dan.Zirkov,Anelka,Ferrira, shud be shown de exit door.

  10. AVB,just a winger n a creative midfielder please n relieve Malouder of his duties as well.

  11. welcome Riol, Modric.. etc Pato..into Chelsea

  12. This is bull shit. I don’t think that it is a good bargain or signing because barcelona has the buy-back clause in the contract which means that they can buy him within two years any time. This is not good for a chelsea fan. I looks as if we are going to prepare him to play for the barcelona. This sucks…
    if barcelona signs in one year they will pay 10 mn euros if they buy in two years time they will pay 15 Mn euros.

  13. Why sign him when we have Bruma, why did we go from 2 champion league winning managers to a europa league winner. A gaze at my crystal ball is not looking good, we have a team that can compete with like of newcastle, but not in the class of united, ass-anal and city.

  14. We shuld sign micheal batos he wuld make a big impact 2 d squad