Torres: ‘Liverpool’s Future Isn’t Looking Bright’

He might not be blazing in front of goal but when it comes to shooting his former club down, Fernando Torres is on fire!

Ahead of a season where our chances of winning anything seem to be being written off even before a ball is kicked, whilst Liverpool again seem to think this could be their year, Torres is quoted as saying “Liverpool’s future isn’t looking bright.”

Not only does he think it isn’t looking bright though, he thinks there’ll be a distinct lack of anything shiny at Anfield, suggesting “I always gave them a 100%, but it was a difficult situation. Even though I felt like I was a big part of the club, you have to also look after your personal ambitions.  For me, that is winning trophies and unfortunately that doesn’t look like a possibility for them.

It’s no coincidence that Xabi Alonso, Javier Mascherano and myself all left Liverpool. It was always about ambitions. I played for Liverpool for a few years and had some great moments.  But when a club like Chelsea, with bigger potential, come calling, it’s hard to say no – especially when it looked impossible to win the league for Liverpool.”

Grows on you doesn’t he?


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  1. I wish John T would just fuck me like the rest of the players wives, oh am not as pretty as them??!, I only wanted him to join chelsea so JT could put his big ugly working class tool in my sweat drenched Spanish fangeta box….dam I can hear his car coming up the drive..saloman…get dressed, nando is home!!!

  2. Lol, cracking form from the mouth of Torres, lets see if the £50mil best bit of business Liverpool have ever done (in selling) can transfer that form on to a football pitch again.
    Spent force, will never have another great season, probably at best good for 20 PL goals every other season, if he doesn’t break down, whinge, moan and lost the faith of all around him.

    Liverpool FC – YNWA
    Fernando Torres – you’ll walk well and truly alone

  3. When Torres fluffs this coming season and no-one wants him, he’ll spend hours on the bench getting splinters.
    Maybe he’ll be shown the door on a free! Hah- what a laugh THAT will be?
    Then Liverpool can come back in and get him to sit on OUR bench!

  4. Namo,

    No I said the same last season when there was no transfer. They will now have Luiz all year and some youngster should surprise, but all in all there lacks quality in the midfield and my brilliance on the side.
    Perhaps AVB learned enough from me that he could get goals from Torres like I would have been able too.


  5. who do you think you are? comparing yourself to xabi alonso, he was a true liverpool legend, you are just a distant memory, and if you think you will win anything with chelski you are mistaken, you might get the odd medal but you will be collecting it as a bit player, because thats all you will be at chelski. p.s. enjoy sitting on the bench for the first game of the season…………..wanker

  6. billy you are a stupid cunt, your family must also be stupid cunts to have bred a stupid cunt like you. you have the cheek to talk about the champions league, when chelski have never ever ever won it, while we at liverpool have had the pleasure of winning it FIVE, count them, 1 2 3 4 5 times, and the league 18 time and the F A cut 7 times, among other trophies which are too many to mention, needless to say you cunts at the russian mafia headquarters know nothing about winning things like that, and you will never have that problem, because you are all losing cunts

  7. Martin,

    Reading your posts, I am sorry for you and your obvious Oedipus complex. It is probably causing you ED issues however they can be solved with medication, however you will still have to pay for it.

    It also seems you also have a learning disability when it comes to simple math. If it makes it easier you should count all of Liverpool’s Premier league titles. You won’t even have to drop your pants and look at your flaccid shame.

    PS: Charlie Sheen is having a show called anger management, you might want to pay attention.

  8. g** b****** go an suck barton’s c***

  9. Erm martin, that was like 4 years ago, when did you last win something???

  10. martin…classy quotes there….like a lot of Cesspool quotes…what a bunch of handpumps you are. The absolute dregs of society, everyone of ya…scum!!carefree

  11. stevecfc

    you can talk, atleast the vast majority of people from liverpool are actually english and know about football unlike you chelsea losers who actually copy FT’s liverpool flag and include the shankly gates hahahahahahahahahahahahaha fuckin cretins, everyone of ya….scum!!carefeee

  12. Steve CFC, isnt Carefree some kind of fasicst chant/comment. Its a bit rich for any supporter/club that is quite clearly still stuck in 80s hooligan fantasy to be calling other fans dregs of society. I bet you wear your burberry coats and stone island jumpers with pride.

  13. Silly boy Fernando, when you finally start earning your dough then you can shoot your mouth off. At best you will be a £50m substitute, look at Suarez and weep!!!!. We made you into a star as you didn’t score too many in Spain, look at you now?, playing with an old squad on the decline who we beat home and away last season………as i said SILLY BOY!!!!!

  14. I think bob needs to look up ironic in the dictionary as he proved stevecfc’s point.

    The hypocrisy of Liverpool fans is hilarious. As they shout about our spending and yet Torres was not developed, nor Carrol, Reina, Aurelio, Cole and well I just do not want to write out the majority of the first team.

    Torres has his opinion, similar to what Cole said when he got to your team.

    Interesting though as I feel so good about us I actually do not need to demean my self by going to a Liverpool blog as it is a waste of time. I suppose though when you haven’t had anything to cheer for in so long and no life you need something to fill the void

    You could try a hobby, perhaps reading might be good as it will improve your grammar and spelling.

  15. bob we had the blueflag across the supporters before the match for years and years. You copied us with that piece of filth you fly over and whats the message on that other peice of crap say ” we’re not english we’re scouse”????like Shut up,Sir Alex says look up irony if you can read.
    Hatefacists….get you’re head out your arse you pathetic hand wringing vermin.

  16. Again, what part of ‘this interview is fake’ do you not understand?

  17. Shut Up Sir Alex? Hello Fool – HERE is a question for the limited capacity Excuse for a thing you call a brain – Answer it IF You can.

    WHAT is the difference BETWEEN Winning old style League Divison 1 Titles And the All singing, All dancing, All moneyfied, corrupt excuse for a league that is the Premier League Title?

    Bear in mind that If you maintain the League Division One Title (The Original Ones that were for the Top division in English Football) WERE different as you and all the OTHER idiots who maintain that Liverpool have NEVER won such an honour?

    Well if that was the case – Then Chelsea, Manchester United and a good Few Other clubs would HAVE to remove the League Division One Titles from their honours board now and could NOT then say they’ve won as many titles as they have since in truth? One of Two things is true – EITHER?

    Division One Titles & the Premier League are the SAME? In which Case Liverpool have 18 such titles, United 19 and Chelsea have FOUR with Arsenal on 13 etc, etc Or?

    The two TYPES of League Title are Very Different in which Case Liverpool have as you say none – but Chelsea have Three and United only 12 with Arsenal also on 3 – See? A Total Rewriting of English Football History has now taken place If That is now the ‘accepted’ way of things with more than a HUNDRED years just ‘written off’ which was no doubt The MAIN intention of Murdoch, Sky & the PL above All else brigade when they began this travesty of a league – Depending on What view you take – Things can turn out Quite differently for certain clubs in either way of thinking no?

    Also If Liverpool have Never won such an honour as the Premier League Or it’s equivalent? WHY do we Constantly
    hear the phrases from the PL’s Own Commentators etc such as “Liverpool trying to win their First PL Title SINCE 1990/ Liverpool’s First PL since 1990 If They win it?” Surely THAT would indicate that we have Indeed won the Premier League or it’s equivalent Predecessor before – (As we have indeed….. Many times lastly in 1990) yes?

    Either way – Winning the TITLE in England – Whatever it’s name? Is something we HAVE indeed done Many times Young Man and Try to twist words/names of competitions All you like but Everyone knows it – It’s One of the reasons we’re hated so much & no doubt we’ll be hated even more so WHEN we eve ntually win it again as we are bound to do soon enough; Just a word of advice re’ all this though? Don’t make yourself look so stupid in future by twisting the Facts to make an argument that on closer scrutiny? Falls to pieces & factually? Does Not exist – You’ll only end up being cut to pieces and embarrassed with questions you cannot answer like those I put above.

    Just to finish for you though? I’ll Answer Your ridiculous excuse for a rent-a-quote in a way you NEVER could My questions shall I? “If it makes it easier you should count all of Liverpool’s Premier league titles.” Fine then assuming PL Titles & Division 1 Championships are the SAME – And that’s something even United Clearly Do since they count themselves as having won 19 titles NOT 12 as they WOULD have done were your pahetic argument to be true –

    Assuming this? We have won Eighteen League Titles to be precise that is Three times the amount Chelsea have right now and Another two besides – I myself? Have seen us win the league title EIGHT times in my own lifetime which again is Double the amount of times Chelsea have won it (whatever it’s format or name) EVER. I’ve also seen us win the FA Cup as many times as Chelsea ever have in my lifetime (Five out of our Seven) and the European Cup Three More times than Chelsea have as well as seeing us in Five European Cup finals out of our total of Seven; Added to this? I’ve seen us win the UEFA Cup once & the League Cup five times. Now then since you seem to want to play the which club is more decorated/has won more game? Is THAT enough honours for you?*

    Taken together? That little lot matches and exceeds in every area what Chelsea have done for much of their entire history and only ONE club in England have a comparable history of honours & culture of success to THAT – They are placed a Little bit closer geographically to us also so I’m sure you know WHO I’m talking about no?

    See mate? For ALL Chelsea’s recent money and lately come by success? We have a FAR deeper history of success, trophies etc than is first apparent and for all you mock us along with fans of other less fortunate clubs? That history allows us the right to ignore you somewhat because supporting a club as big as ours in lean times as we’ve had recently? Well basically? That history sustains through All the barrages & insults other fans might throws at us; It does so by Showing us (much as it did United in Their Wilderness period) that things Do change in the end and that things On the pitch? Will Not remain this way for us forever (Basically? That one day? The wheel WILL turn back our way as it were) and also?

    Laugh & Mock that history all you like but it utterly DWARFS anything Chelsea have done recently and likely anything they WIll do for some time to come yet – Mock us as you will & yes we COULD have done better in the past 20 odd years I admit that; However, All Huge Clubs have fallow periods and All The mocking in the word doesn’t disguise the fact that we have EARNED the right to be named amongst those clubs and then some as one of the Two Real English Superpowers.

    More to the point? Had Chelsea done what We had and won all we have? Well, I think if was then Us mocking You now about it as your club had a temporary quiet time as far as honours go? No doubt you would feel and say the same as I have done here; I agree broadly that what Chelsea have done recently does indeed deserve respect as you seem to be implying but however recent? It is now in the past (just as United’s oh so great 19th title is now LAST season’s…..not this); Equally though? I think you’re ignoring the fact that it CANNOT be denied that our past also deserves respect as does United’s & Chelsea themselves; I think maybe Older Chelsea fans will know what I speak of here regarding us as They remember what we once were and just How intimidating it was to play us – And believe me it WAS.

    Why do I say this? Well in short – We were just an absolute Machine back then – Who do you think Ferguson took HIS blueprint from in designing the current Man U Juggernaut? None other than Bob Paisley and Our best ever side (1978/79 – Look up the stat’s and convert our points total That season into 3 points? And we’d have won 99 points – THAT is how good we were).

    Who knows? we could One day be THAT again. With the man who won our Last League Title at the helm (and he’s won MORE English League Titles than ANY PL Manager bar Fergie)? I wouldn’t put it past us to do something in the league soon enough (especially with a rest from Europe next season) but Time will tell on that one – Sooner or later? Time will tell………..

    * I’ll give you the Cup Winners Cup though – We have NEVER won that despite numerous attempts and you lot won it twice or three times was it? So well done there.

  18. Shut Up Sir Alex? Think you’re DEFINING Irony there mate no? Any team that wins the Premier League? Is one celebrating winning the ENGLISH LEAGUE TITLE;

    Fact is? We have done THAT more than nearly Every Other English Team – Can you say the Same yet? Never mind regarding the European Cup which we knock EVERY other English Team into a Cocked hat when it comes to winning. Basically? Our Honours Board & Trophy Cabinest speak for us and they speak Volumes – I rest my case………………

  19. Redshadow,

    I actually enjoyed your response as you used some common sense and did not have to use profanity or racial slurs to make your point.
    I do not have an issue with Liverpool history, however jealousy of the current situation seems to make this the only argument fans have. Blaming money is an excuse as if you factor in the rate of inflation since the glory years and part of Liverpools success was money.
    Saying Chelsea only one because of their money is foolish as they finished second the year befor RA got there and the bones of the team were in place.
    As for trying to say that the prem league is artificial is an attempt to validate the poor performance brought on, not by a lack of spending in the transfer market but by poor management decision when RB was in charge of the team. His champs league win was based on old management choices.
    Now as for why I respond the way I do to certain fans is based on their crude statements that are embarrassing to the team they believe they are supporting. I do not support it when fans of Chelsea do it and not when other team supports come onto our team blogs, but if you lack the class and support those types of posts then the more power to you. Although, in doing so well I know you will never really have an intelligent conversation and therefore I win.

  20. Redshadow the irony was the lack of class in bob’s statement but perhaps you do not know the meaning. However based on the length of both your posts it seems you might be compensating for something. For your sake I hope it was the years of poor Liverpool management under Rafa (although do like your current skip) and not something more personal mate 😉

  21. Redshadow…you harp on about how much you won and then say.Man u winning is in the past??? When you were winning all those titles I didnt think anything of it. I did’nt dislike Liverpool and had respect for what they have done. I never felt any envy of your sucess, A real fan doe’snt. He/she accepts what hand his club has been dealt and gets on with it. I have been going up the Bridge 43 years and sometimes prefer the late 60’s and 70’s even though I’m loving it where we are now,obviously. Liverpool fans don’t like the fact we are sucessful.The venom and anger and the constant harping on of your history against ours only goes to show envy, its human nature.I was working with a Liverpool fan years ago and he said he did’nt like Chelsea because of the money…and this was in Bates era. What I find mildly funny is Chelsea got huge crowds way back and were winning nothing. We had bigger attendencies in the 30’s 40’s and won nothing…fair play to the fans from then. We had the biggest away support in the 80’s bar none and in the 60’s had the better crowds at home in London. Its not all about winning trophies mate. Any fan base you got is from your glory days and now we are seeing Chelsea’s fan base re-growing through our success…Carefree

  22. Stupid and useless liverpool fans,torres was right he wats trophy and dats why he went to a clud dat is sure of getting trophys nt only playing football for noting,so u idiots shuld live him alone,and mind u 50million isn’t a waste cos he will suprise u all dis season just watch and see fools.up chelsea,up torres . Blues 4live.

  23. I have been back to see if Redshadow had any other comments as it was looking like he might actually be one of the few Liverpool fans that can actually have a decent, mind you tainted argument.
    Now it looks like his team he is a former shadow of himself.