Torres: ‘Liverpool’s Future Isn’t Looking Bright’

He might not be blazing in front of goal but when it comes to shooting his former club down, Fernando Torres is on fire!

Ahead of a season where our chances of winning anything seem to be being written off even before a ball is kicked, whilst Liverpool again seem to think this could be their year, Torres is quoted as saying “Liverpool’s future isn’t looking bright.”

Not only does he think it isn’t looking bright though, he thinks there’ll be a distinct lack of anything shiny at Anfield, suggesting “I always gave them a 100%, but it was a difficult situation. Even though I felt like I was a big part of the club, you have to also look after your personal ambitions.  For me, that is winning trophies and unfortunately that doesn’t look like a possibility for them.

It’s no coincidence that Xabi Alonso, Javier Mascherano and myself all left Liverpool. It was always about ambitions. I played for Liverpool for a few years and had some great moments.  But when a club like Chelsea, with bigger potential, come calling, it’s hard to say no – especially when it looked impossible to win the league for Liverpool.”

Grows on you doesn’t he?

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  1. Are you still obsessed with the mighty reds soft lad!

  2. This coming from a striker worth 50m pounds and scored 1 goal in 18 appearances with Chelsea!
    Nice going Torres…
    If i had your shirt, i would have burnt it too!

  3. very selfish torress

  4. I wonder if the chelski faithful will still be thinking Torres is the man when he continues to look like a busted flush. It’ll be fun watching that and villa-boas make a complete mess of things.

    Roll on title number 20.

  5. Pathetic sod!

  6. well he would know wouldn’t he considering that he has been shooting blanks for us. Waste of money.

  7. He is obsessed with Liverpool! Think he might regret leaving a BIG CLUB

  8. Liverpool’s future is certainly looking brighter than Torres’. For 50m he was a bargain – for Liverpool .. he is finished, and Chelsea supporters will soon understand that. Amazing how he still feels the need to talk about his ex-club so often .. as KING KENNY said above, he is still obsessed with Liverpool. Move on, Torres, you clown – we have!

  9. Old interview so no drama. We have a very bright future. Especially now the injury prone non trier is at a club more suited to his personality.

  10. Yep and his future is looking bright and rosie, idiot.

  11. wanker

  12. still firing blancs and obsessed with pool

  13. I just love Torres. LOL. But I wish that he would do his talking on the pitch though. Those Scousers really fleeced us. £50 million for a dud.

  14. He’s lost the ability to score goals and just seems bitter about leaving Liverpool. If he don’t get like at least 15 goals this season it will just look like an epic fail signing tbfh.

  15. you shouldve stayed at a big club
    seeing that you doubled what u did last season for chelsea in pre season scoring twice < u are not half the player Suarez is ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  16. Brighter than yours son, brighter than yours!
    If you were so confident, you’d spend your time upping Chelsea’a chances not rubbishing Liverpool’s.
    I can think of a phrase involving grapes and sour.

  17. I don’t know if I like this…. Its one thing to talk up your new teams prospects, and even to talk up the reason why he came to the club, but to me there is something not right about the way he keeps running his old club down. I mean, Chelsea fans are going to love him, he’s Fernando Torres, and if he starts putting the ball in the back of the net, do we really care what he thinks about Liverpool. But I ask what is motivating him to continue to come out with these comments, and when you look at how sharp he has been for Chelsea (not!) is there perhaps some regret in his mind?

    He’s got to start quickly though, as with Drog, Anelka, Kalou and Sturridge all in the squad, the crowd will quickly get on his back…

  18. I think he should concentrate on training instead of talking to the media about his former club. If he keeps playing the way he did for us last season then I hope we keep Nic A and The Drog !

  19. “Grows on you doesn’t he?”

    so do warts ……. and they are about as welcome as that tw@t’s opinion on Liverpool

  20. look at atletico madrid left them not going to win anything then they win UEFA Europe League , Europe Supercup , left liverpool not going to win anything???? join chelsea they wont win anything with him there
    good luck you will need it.On the positive side he has moved closer to harley st.

  21. Stop clogging my news feed. Why are you still defending your move to Chelsea. No regrets aye?

  22. Chelsea’s players and supporters seem to be a bit paranoid of Liverpool

  23. I think he will regret leaving Liverpool, he hasnt looked the same player since before the World Cup, most liverpool fans know he will be a decent player next year, but he wont get to the same heights he enjoyed with us at Liverpool. His comments cant really be taken seriously im afraid. Clearly LFC is on the up, you only have to look at the back end of last year, Torres seems ignorant of this improvement, I think he regrets leaving LFC though.

  24. Neither is Chelsea’s with you as the main striker,1 goal in 20 games,phenomonal.If they hadn’t dropped Drogba for you they would have possibly won the title,and Ancellotti would still be manager.Suarez is the top striker in the country,and he plays for Liverpool,and done more in the few games he played last season than you done in the last 2 seasons.Alonso didn’t leave but was forced out by Benitez,but still sings the praises of LFC,AND WOULD RETURN TOMORROW IF HE COULD.So Torres a lot of money and a lot of top players have been brought to the club,it’s just sour grapes with you.

  25. Interesting words from a man who last year couldn’t score in a brothel!
    I’m sure you will rue those words when you return to Anfield.
    Also what you chose to ignore is that Alonso has stated that he would at some point in the future like to return to Anfield.

  26. Wot a prat with only 2 goals in 18 game s and all he can do is slag his old club off this guys a nob

  27. Sad Chelsea losers still obsessed with Liverpool. You say he is quoted saying that but clearly from what he actually said was that he didn’t see himself winning the title with Liverpool, and he was right at the time.

  28. This – along with Kenny spending wisely and responsibly – has made me laugh this morning.

  29. 2 goals in 6 months his shapes all wrong and my 3 yr old niece could of scored that pre-season goal
    Chelsea till i die but this guy is a muppet living on his past glories. get rid so we get atleast half of romans cash back

  30. Only one thing that’s not bright and that’s between your ears..nob

  31. Unbeliveable, he’s talking about 2 different situation here.

    FT gave Kenny no option but to sell and we more than doubled our money. on someone who’s on cruise control “I always gave them a 100%” my armpit. you Chelsea fans have seen his lack of product already.

    As the the other players he quotes in the full article leaveing Alonso and Masch, they left under different managers and owner, and we didn’t want to loose any of them at the time either. So where is the lack of ambition, thats right in FT head.

    Alonso and Masch have both kept their respect for LFC (the team which made them a household name), yet FT want to have a pop at every chance. and he said it hurt when fans burn his shirt.

    Anyway this windows spending and Luis is going to make him wish he’d never left, especially we we finsh higher this season. Micheal Owen anyone, “i leaving to win trophies” the season we won the CL. What’s he done since until Old Red got him just to wind up LFC fans.

  32. It’s even been publicised that Torres refutes this was even said, Ballague has echoed it saying it’s all fabrication. Keep clinging onto whatever you can soft lad, fact is he’s not the player he was for us, £50m well spent eh! Hahah. Chelsea Est. 1998! 5 European cups, 18 league titles. Forever in our shadow.

  33. The most comical thing about this latest anti-Liverpool rant from Torres is his comment that he always gave us 100%. Me thinks this lazy prick doth protest too much !!! All that silverware he helped Chelsea win last season must have gone to his head !!! Get over your Liverpool obsession big mouth and try to score a goal or two !!!

  34. Move on Torres, cannot believe you still talk about Liverpool. FFS LET IT GO…………..


  36. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    what a crank fernando 50 million ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  37. What a brilliant laugh – you start your piece by castigating people for writing off “our chances of winning anything seem to be being written off even before a ball is kicked” – Then proceed with the rest of the article mentioning how Torres has written off Liverpools chances “of winning anything – even before a ball is kicked”.

    Great stuff you idiot! Keep it coming – you make me laugh. Unintentional humour is always the best kind.

  38. Torres is not an authority on the matter, he ought to solve his own problems first.

    If AVB would have said that then fine, he’s the manager but FT is not even sure of starting matches ahead of Drogba. For sure Didier at 33 is better.

  39. Obsessed, wishes he was back, pretending he doesn’t, is bored and injury prone and over the hill, wants to play for a Big Club rather than a medium sized London Club with money that are trying to buy both name and status, something they were incapable of earning, you know it’s all true dont you, little Blue plastic flags.

  40. Spending £20mil each on both Downing and Henderson is hilarious. Torres may have had a poor campaign but he’s right. Liverpool won’t be winning anything this season. Conceding 15 goals in Pre-Season is worrying ain’t it?

    Lets wait till the end of next season, and if Torres has a poor season, then you can laugh. But at the moment, it just sounds like you Scousers are bitter about your best player leaving!

  41. Why is he still talking about us over 6 months after leaving, should he not be concentrating on trying to find the fitness and form which he has been bereft of for 18 months. Me thinks the lady doth protest too much!!!!!!

  42. hahahaha poor loserpool they gonna get relegated next season torres must be so happy he left

  43. FT, I had a lot of respect for u when u r playing for LFC, even when u r underperforming, but your latest comments simply does not justify the love that all LFC fans showered on you. Hit the road, Amigo.

  44. 6 months at chelsea and he already won a trophy unlike loserpool

  45. Sounds like he never understood what Liverpool are about.

    FT should stop talking about us if he wants to keep what little respect that’s still felt for him by Reds.

    Talk about burning your Bridges!!!

  46. Felling a little insecure there, zack? It shows.

  47. TonyBarretTimes Tony Barrett
    Torres’ people bemused by quotes attributed to him. Apparently he’s given no interviews to anyone of late.

    GuillemBalague Guillem Balague
    I guess Chelsea fans dont care and Lpool fans dont either but Torres didnt say what was published today

    I guess some Chelsea fans did care tho’.
    Too bad it was all false.

  48. Aaaah poor Torres stuck with the little club with johnny come lately supporters….Your welcome to them. Won a trophy??? About all you blue shite are going to win this season a mickey mouse Asian trophy!!!!!!

  49. It’s ridiculous the shirt burning rubbish for a LFC striking legend but he wont do well at Chelski with another striker playing with him. He likes the responsibility and will he get it??

    Anyone want to take a punt on him being sold in Jan?

    Just another meglomaniacal buy from Roman (‘Sheva is great’) Ambromovich.

  50. Zack

    Are you watching the Womens Super league?? caused I’d have to agree, bu the Premiership, have you been watch since Feb????

    Even one of your coaches has said that FT is missing the supply he got from Stevie G.

    You Londoner make my laugh, come back when one of your teams win the CL for starters.

  51. haha…seems like he’s still obsessed with the mighty reds eh? Funny he’s assessing or shld i say trying to predict Liverpool’s season when he could be spending that time figuring out how to find the back of the net more regularly like a 50 million pound striker or at least close to sure seems like liverpool got the best out of him and even better out of chelsea’s transfer budget with a perpetually crocked torres. ;)

  52. what a fucking knob end you are torres

  53. Zack, sounds like you are the perfect fan for bum fun fc.

  54. Torres did his apprenticeship at The Bin Dippers then got his deserved move to a big club like Chelsea.

    The Bin Dippers’ transfers since Torres left has been hilariously underwhelming, you scousers have strengthened so much that you will no doubt launch a successful assault on mid table mediochrity

  55. Zack

    Do you mean some poxy pre-season comp, come-on!!!!!!

  56. Wat a JOKE – FT shame on you … Show your 50M it’s worth it ??? Just 1 goal for that ?? Hahaha …

  57. Torres “I like it up the shitter”

    At last a truthful quote, zack, maybe you are the man?

  58. I would take Suarez over Torres anyday. 50m for him to stroll around the park is definitely NOT money well spent!

  59. Sorry to disappoint but Guillem Balague has confirmed on twitter that Torres never made those comments.

    In fairness he has more things to worry himself about. Hes one season away from being the worlds most expensive flop.

  60. Chelski are a small club at the whim of a rich russian bloke, until he gets bored and then they will get flushed down the pan.They will never be anything more. Whatsmore they have an aging overpaid squad. When the new financial rules come in they are really going to be up the creek, because even in a good year they run at a loss, hardly a surprise given the tiny fanbase.

    As for Torres, he was a passenger when he left acting like a stroppy teenager. Best bit of business we could have done getting rid and bringing in a truly world class player like Suarez.

    So there you have it Zack, and by the way mate learn to write, what are you 7, frankly it’s quite embarressing.

  61. He grows on you like a wart……

  62. cant buy history….pathetic to listen to those newly rich clubs talking trash about clubs that earned their status.

  63. You’re either a part of the the problem or part of the solution. Good luck setting your side up to be one-dimensional to get the most out of a half fit one-trick pony. As a team, you’re miles better off with Drogba and Anelka

  64. These words are inflamatory and don’t ring true. Torres left for personal glory, as Liverpool supporter I’ve no complaint with that – good luck to him, although I think he was hasty. If I was him I’d rubbish these quotes if they’re untue. If he lets them stand he is risking being seen as at best ill advised, at worst vindictive. He left some fantastic memories at Anfield. I don’t know why he doesn’t move on with grace and dignity.

  65. Torres’s debut against Liverpool was a stand out moment for me. All the hype and the lad hardly got a kick, he was then later subbed, and to make matters worst he finished on the losing team!

    Chelsksi paid £50M for Torres, LFC paid £22.8M, who got the better deal there ;-)

  66. Fernando Torres has been a professional footballer for eleven years. He has never won a club trophy.

    Chelsea paid £50 million for him.

    There is no punchline needed.

  67. Without the mighty Liverpool fc Torres is poo…..
    1 goal in half a season what a embarrassment for the crappy chavs they deserve each other

  68. Torreschenko will probably score ‘some’ goals for chelski but will NEVER hit the form he showed in his first season for LFC. Perhaps if you plastic fans waved your blue Liverpool EL Nino banner more or sang your rip off of the KOP’s ‘number 9′ song more often, he might respond…. I doubt it tho. Give me Suarez any day of the week.
    P.S. don’t believe him when he kisses the badge.
    P.P.S thanks for the £50m!!

  69. By the way, Torres, Alonso never wanted to leave Anfield. His hand was forced by Benitez. In fact if you listen to his recent interview he says he would quite happily come back. As for Mascherano, that boy’s head wasn’t in the right place. A bit like his mate Tevez. Look forward to JC and Agger sortin out again this season.
    Torres, you now walk alone!

  70. Saurez is 10 times better than you!!! Glad you left idiot!

  71. this twat is almost as annoying as aquilanis agent. they both pop up now and again with something to say. move on ft cos we have.long live king luis…

  72. this article was wrote in january when he signed, i do believe he will think different now with the new signings coming in, we sold him for 50 mill and bought saurez for 23mill it was the bargain of the century, and for u ZACK u obviously havent a clue about football your like a lot chelski fans that came about since roman bought de club, 800 mill later and still didnt win de champs lge. nice.

  73. Liverpool fans’ got their liver pooled with blood now! They’ll start responding without sense. ‘come back after you’ve won 19′ now that seems like history. You’re taking 6th position this season. Alwys dreaming

  74. Xile….who got the better deal? Er….the team that win titles in this millenium of course, regardless of signings :)

  75. Kingwax – taking the 2nd half of the season as a snap shot should tell you that Liverpool will be challenging for the title this season, under KK. You could win the title, F.A. cup and League cup this season yet still be searchin for a new manager. All the ill gotten rubles in Russia will not win you the Champions league.
    Thanks again for the 2,267,389,178.62 Rubles !

  76. Lol, torres lfc fans burning ur shirt mins nfin, am even wearin ur cfc shirt right nw. Liverpool is a crazy club, days r gone wen liverpoo is liverpool. I hate red colour, torres wl score 30 goals

  77. This says it all! Can some blue chavs with a GCSE among them, try and translate what this whopper is saying?!

  78. Good man Fernando! Liverpool wont win a thing this year

  79. This is all relative – without Russian blood money Chavski would have been relegated by now. With the exception of Man Utd there is not one club in the Premier League who does not need foreign investment.

    Liverpool are no better, but things have changed and for the better.

    Torres needs to keep his head down and score goals. On his day he is unplayable, for Torres sake lets hope he has not had his day.

  80. Dont start going on about when Chelsea win CL, its boring. Yes you won it, well done but we are looking at present now. How about you come and talk about CL when you actually manage to qualify.

    Spent wisely? 20m for Henderson? You having a laugh? Yeah we paid over for Torres. But the biggest positive is you lot got mugged off with Carroll. Torres was probably worth 35-40m, but carroll is more like 20m. The only ones who really won out of the deal was Newcastle.

    Torres does miss Gerrard and had his best season when Gerrard played just behind him. Chelsea doesnt have that player to play behind Torres, YET

  81. deonej,what are you on about! Liverpool will never go anywhere but up!And torres is not half the player he was 3 seasons ago,he wil score 10 if he is lucky!you hate red because every team that wears it beat’s chelsea!

  82. Billy.

    You dreaming of Liverpool finishing above Chelsea? That is the second or the first spot :) .. Those teams play something known as Champions League and play with teams like Milan and Madrid. These teams dont lose more than 10 matches a season!

    Come back when you stay on the top half of the table for more than 3 months. The talk about title contention and stuff.

    Now dont spit back at me saying you defeated Chelsea, United last season. Sunderland and Wolves also did the same!!

    Liverpool are Premier Leagues next Leeds united. Over and out!

  83. torres ya wouldnt know wot 100 per cent is ya big girls blouse. glad yor gone anyway. has john terry fingered yor mrs yet

  84. i respect Torres a lot but he is of no aim of moving to chelsea…….. chelsea is a shit team

  85. Keep talking miss torres. watch when chelski keep persisting on playing you to justify your price tag but loose too many points by the time they realise you aint 5mill without stevie g to carry you. Thanks for the cash chelski. now will you please take degen for 25 mill and poulsen for 30 mill since you put such a high price for our waste.

  86. Big club? Liverpool is the most successful club in English history! Fact!
    The reason we haven’t won anything recently is because you couldn’t score and looked as if you were putting 1% effort in to playing. Good to see you haven’t changed.
    Liverpool are on the up and where are you going?
    Liverpool fc will always be bigger than you, we made you!

  87. Jim – you stupid mother fucking day tripping cunt – Alonso was NOT forced out by anyone – you brain dead Andy Gray believing moron…Alonso left because he wanted too! Which was fair enough – he had had 5 years with us…Benetiz didnt want to sell him BUT HAD TOO because of HICKS and GILLETT you FUCKING WASTE OF USELESS SPACE! ITS CUNTS LIKE YOU THAT GOT US HODGSON – FUCK OFF AND SUPPORT CHELSEA – YOU ARE NOT WANTED AT LIVERPOOL

  88. Face it. Torres just isn’t Liverpool material. No player is bigger than the club, the closest a player can be to that is a legend, and Torres is no legend. All this talk about Mascherano leaving and Alonso leaving! So what! There are other players on the team, and we dont need any doubters among them. I wonder why Lucas didn’t just give him a kick up the backside and tell him to STFU and stop crying. Now, Torres knows that he messed up. He knows it deep down. If he had the same form in chelsea at liverpool, we fans would still accept him because of what he has done for us. Now that hes at chelsea, bad form and all, whos going to be left to accept him for what he has done. NOBODY.

  89. “If I was him I’d rubbish these quotes if they’re untue. If he lets them stand he is risking being seen as at best ill advised, at worst vindictive. He left some fantastic memories at Anfield. I don’t know why he doesn’t move on with grace and dignity.”

    Actually, what’s ill-advised and vindictive are the many posts and tweets all over the internet by Liverpool fans who were all too eager to attack Torres over a fake interview. Somehow, you don’t understand he’s not the issue here? How can he be if he didn’t the interview? The issues are a Swedish tabloid falsely claiming they had an exclusive interview with Fernando Torres (btw, the interview’s gone now) and bitter Liverpool fans who are gullible enough to jump into an orgy of bashing Torres. What’s he got to do with you lot getting duped by a fake interview?

    He should move on with grace and dignity? The irony.

  90. At least at Chelsea he has a chance at winning the league and champions league.

  91. All u loserfool talking about ur past glories of winning d champs leag.why talk of champs leag. When u ar’nt sure of not relegating dis season. torres might not have scored last season does not make him less better than ur overrated suarez & carrol. Suárez won d coppa america gud 4 him but torres won d euro cup & d world cup which u all losers know about.hahahahaha…………..punks

  92. All u loserfool talking about ur past glories of winning d champs leag.why talk of champs leag. When u ar’nt sure of not relegating dis season. torres might not have scored last season does not make him less better than ur overrated suarez & carrol. Suárez won d coppa america gud 4 him but torres won d euro cup & d world cup which u all losers know about.hahahahaha…………..punks!!!

  93. screw trophies u prick, it was about the money…. cant wait for lfc to destroy chelsea in his FACE!

  94. Im a Liverpool fan and I genuinely feel that Villas Boas will be a success at Chelsea. Di MAtteo is a good signing and I think they will make a great management team for you. I also believe this because AVB will drop Torres like a hot stone when he goes 6 games without a goal. FT should move on. he isnt a liverpool player any more. We dont care what he has to say. If I was a Chelsea fan I’d be concerned that my record signing wants to spend his time talking about what he believes LFC’s defficiencies are when clearly he should be looking to address his own. 1 in 18. for 50 million. Suarez and Carroll to replace him. best business we ever did. Torres will not score more than 15 goals this season, which for 50million is not good enough.

  95. 100 % don’t make me laugh ! you are a moaning little w**ker who give nothing more than 40%…..and I for one am very happy you are gone……and that is not me being bitter, thats me being true…we’ll see in the coming season who comes out on top..

  96. Steven,
    Surely you don’t mean burn the shirt , what you really mean is to wipe your bum!!

  97. Wow, had to scroll to the top of the page to be sure I am on a Chelsea page. What’s up with all the scousers coming on to this page. Guess Torres has made your day, can’t imagine what your lives would have been like if he had not given you guys the opportunity to pour out all this bile. It would have down right rotten deep inside you, so go ahead, pour out all your hate and be a better person for it. Chelsea should generally stop Torres from talking to press and let him do his talking on the pitch especially after what the press guys did to Terry’s statement on Modric. So just avoid the press guys like a plague.

  98. Dark days ahead for Chelsea, if we don’t sign players then we are in deep shit. This squad won’t win jack this season. Can’t understand why the people that run this club don’t realize that. What is lacking last season is still lacking. Maluoda monopoly should be broken, I am so frustrated with what is going on in the the club I love so much. Am I the only one please

  99. Ha ha, Torres probably backtracking now making out he didnt say this….

    Torres, no Liverpool fan could give 2 f*cks what you think, and maybe you should start sucking the Chelsea fans dicks instead of looking back at us like some jilted lover.

    Liverpool FC is bigger than any player, you unfortunately thought you were bigger than LFC and now work for a soul-less bankrolled historyless football club.

    Any person with 2 brain cells will be able to tell you Liverpool are a big club, bigger than Chelsea FC thats for sure.

    I dont know why everyone thinks this AVB is gonna suddenly make Chelsea amazing again, I think youve taken a very big risk on a guy who has very little managerial knowledge at the very top level. Lets see how AVB and Torres do when the pressure builds…..

  100. As a Liverpool fan I have to say that Torres was largely great when he played for us. He was promised big signings but out went Mascherano and Alonso.
    I completely understand his difficult position.
    I hope he is wrong about Liverpool not winning trophies but if I had to put money on it I think he maybe right.
    I expect Liverpool to finish outside the top 5 and that Dalglish will be sacked and that the current boss of Chelsea will be appointed as Liverpool boss at the end of the season.

  101. I wish John T would just fuck me like the rest of the players wives, oh am not as pretty as them??!, I only wanted him to join chelsea so JT could put his big ugly working class tool in my sweat drenched Spanish fangeta box….dam I can hear his car coming up the drive..saloman…get dressed, nando is home!!!

  102. Lol, cracking form from the mouth of Torres, lets see if the £50mil best bit of business Liverpool have ever done (in selling) can transfer that form on to a football pitch again.
    Spent force, will never have another great season, probably at best good for 20 PL goals every other season, if he doesn’t break down, whinge, moan and lost the faith of all around him.

    Liverpool FC – YNWA
    Fernando Torres – you’ll walk well and truly alone

  103. When Torres fluffs this coming season and no-one wants him, he’ll spend hours on the bench getting splinters.
    Maybe he’ll be shown the door on a free! Hah- what a laugh THAT will be?
    Then Liverpool can come back in and get him to sit on OUR bench!

  104. Namo,

    No I said the same last season when there was no transfer. They will now have Luiz all year and some youngster should surprise, but all in all there lacks quality in the midfield and my brilliance on the side.
    Perhaps AVB learned enough from me that he could get goals from Torres like I would have been able too.


  105. who do you think you are? comparing yourself to xabi alonso, he was a true liverpool legend, you are just a distant memory, and if you think you will win anything with chelski you are mistaken, you might get the odd medal but you will be collecting it as a bit player, because thats all you will be at chelski. p.s. enjoy sitting on the bench for the first game of the season…………..wanker

  106. billy you are a stupid cunt, your family must also be stupid cunts to have bred a stupid cunt like you. you have the cheek to talk about the champions league, when chelski have never ever ever won it, while we at liverpool have had the pleasure of winning it FIVE, count them, 1 2 3 4 5 times, and the league 18 time and the F A cut 7 times, among other trophies which are too many to mention, needless to say you cunts at the russian mafia headquarters know nothing about winning things like that, and you will never have that problem, because you are all losing cunts

  107. Martin,

    Reading your posts, I am sorry for you and your obvious Oedipus complex. It is probably causing you ED issues however they can be solved with medication, however you will still have to pay for it.

    It also seems you also have a learning disability when it comes to simple math. If it makes it easier you should count all of Liverpool’s Premier league titles. You won’t even have to drop your pants and look at your flaccid shame.

    PS: Charlie Sheen is having a show called anger management, you might want to pay attention.

  108. g** b****** go an suck barton’s c***

  109. Erm martin, that was like 4 years ago, when did you last win something???

  110. martin…classy quotes there….like a lot of Cesspool quotes…what a bunch of handpumps you are. The absolute dregs of society, everyone of ya…scum!!carefree

  111. stevecfc

    you can talk, atleast the vast majority of people from liverpool are actually english and know about football unlike you chelsea losers who actually copy FT’s liverpool flag and include the shankly gates hahahahahahahahahahahahaha fuckin cretins, everyone of ya….scum!!carefeee

  112. Steve CFC, isnt Carefree some kind of fasicst chant/comment. Its a bit rich for any supporter/club that is quite clearly still stuck in 80s hooligan fantasy to be calling other fans dregs of society. I bet you wear your burberry coats and stone island jumpers with pride.

  113. Silly boy Fernando, when you finally start earning your dough then you can shoot your mouth off. At best you will be a £50m substitute, look at Suarez and weep!!!!. We made you into a star as you didn’t score too many in Spain, look at you now?, playing with an old squad on the decline who we beat home and away last season………as i said SILLY BOY!!!!!

  114. I think bob needs to look up ironic in the dictionary as he proved stevecfc’s point.

    The hypocrisy of Liverpool fans is hilarious. As they shout about our spending and yet Torres was not developed, nor Carrol, Reina, Aurelio, Cole and well I just do not want to write out the majority of the first team.

    Torres has his opinion, similar to what Cole said when he got to your team.

    Interesting though as I feel so good about us I actually do not need to demean my self by going to a Liverpool blog as it is a waste of time. I suppose though when you haven’t had anything to cheer for in so long and no life you need something to fill the void

    You could try a hobby, perhaps reading might be good as it will improve your grammar and spelling.

  115. bob we had the blueflag across the supporters before the match for years and years. You copied us with that piece of filth you fly over and whats the message on that other peice of crap say ” we’re not english we’re scouse”????like Shut up,Sir Alex says look up irony if you can read.
    Hatefacists….get you’re head out your arse you pathetic hand wringing vermin.

  116. Again, what part of ‘this interview is fake’ do you not understand?

  117. Shut Up Sir Alex? Hello Fool – HERE is a question for the limited capacity Excuse for a thing you call a brain – Answer it IF You can.

    WHAT is the difference BETWEEN Winning old style League Divison 1 Titles And the All singing, All dancing, All moneyfied, corrupt excuse for a league that is the Premier League Title?

    Bear in mind that If you maintain the League Division One Title (The Original Ones that were for the Top division in English Football) WERE different as you and all the OTHER idiots who maintain that Liverpool have NEVER won such an honour?

    Well if that was the case – Then Chelsea, Manchester United and a good Few Other clubs would HAVE to remove the League Division One Titles from their honours board now and could NOT then say they’ve won as many titles as they have since in truth? One of Two things is true – EITHER?

    Division One Titles & the Premier League are the SAME? In which Case Liverpool have 18 such titles, United 19 and Chelsea have FOUR with Arsenal on 13 etc, etc Or?

    The two TYPES of League Title are Very Different in which Case Liverpool have as you say none – but Chelsea have Three and United only 12 with Arsenal also on 3 – See? A Total Rewriting of English Football History has now taken place If That is now the ‘accepted’ way of things with more than a HUNDRED years just ‘written off’ which was no doubt The MAIN intention of Murdoch, Sky & the PL above All else brigade when they began this travesty of a league – Depending on What view you take – Things can turn out Quite differently for certain clubs in either way of thinking no?

    Also If Liverpool have Never won such an honour as the Premier League Or it’s equivalent? WHY do we Constantly
    hear the phrases from the PL’s Own Commentators etc such as “Liverpool trying to win their First PL Title SINCE 1990/ Liverpool’s First PL since 1990 If They win it?” Surely THAT would indicate that we have Indeed won the Premier League or it’s equivalent Predecessor before – (As we have indeed….. Many times lastly in 1990) yes?

    Either way – Winning the TITLE in England – Whatever it’s name? Is something we HAVE indeed done Many times Young Man and Try to twist words/names of competitions All you like but Everyone knows it – It’s One of the reasons we’re hated so much & no doubt we’ll be hated even more so WHEN we eve ntually win it again as we are bound to do soon enough; Just a word of advice re’ all this though? Don’t make yourself look so stupid in future by twisting the Facts to make an argument that on closer scrutiny? Falls to pieces & factually? Does Not exist – You’ll only end up being cut to pieces and embarrassed with questions you cannot answer like those I put above.

    Just to finish for you though? I’ll Answer Your ridiculous excuse for a rent-a-quote in a way you NEVER could My questions shall I? “If it makes it easier you should count all of Liverpool’s Premier league titles.” Fine then assuming PL Titles & Division 1 Championships are the SAME – And that’s something even United Clearly Do since they count themselves as having won 19 titles NOT 12 as they WOULD have done were your pahetic argument to be true –

    Assuming this? We have won Eighteen League Titles to be precise that is Three times the amount Chelsea have right now and Another two besides – I myself? Have seen us win the league title EIGHT times in my own lifetime which again is Double the amount of times Chelsea have won it (whatever it’s format or name) EVER. I’ve also seen us win the FA Cup as many times as Chelsea ever have in my lifetime (Five out of our Seven) and the European Cup Three More times than Chelsea have as well as seeing us in Five European Cup finals out of our total of Seven; Added to this? I’ve seen us win the UEFA Cup once & the League Cup five times. Now then since you seem to want to play the which club is more decorated/has won more game? Is THAT enough honours for you?*

    Taken together? That little lot matches and exceeds in every area what Chelsea have done for much of their entire history and only ONE club in England have a comparable history of honours & culture of success to THAT – They are placed a Little bit closer geographically to us also so I’m sure you know WHO I’m talking about no?

    See mate? For ALL Chelsea’s recent money and lately come by success? We have a FAR deeper history of success, trophies etc than is first apparent and for all you mock us along with fans of other less fortunate clubs? That history allows us the right to ignore you somewhat because supporting a club as big as ours in lean times as we’ve had recently? Well basically? That history sustains through All the barrages & insults other fans might throws at us; It does so by Showing us (much as it did United in Their Wilderness period) that things Do change in the end and that things On the pitch? Will Not remain this way for us forever (Basically? That one day? The wheel WILL turn back our way as it were) and also?

    Laugh & Mock that history all you like but it utterly DWARFS anything Chelsea have done recently and likely anything they WIll do for some time to come yet – Mock us as you will & yes we COULD have done better in the past 20 odd years I admit that; However, All Huge Clubs have fallow periods and All The mocking in the word doesn’t disguise the fact that we have EARNED the right to be named amongst those clubs and then some as one of the Two Real English Superpowers.

    More to the point? Had Chelsea done what We had and won all we have? Well, I think if was then Us mocking You now about it as your club had a temporary quiet time as far as honours go? No doubt you would feel and say the same as I have done here; I agree broadly that what Chelsea have done recently does indeed deserve respect as you seem to be implying but however recent? It is now in the past (just as United’s oh so great 19th title is now LAST season’s…..not this); Equally though? I think you’re ignoring the fact that it CANNOT be denied that our past also deserves respect as does United’s & Chelsea themselves; I think maybe Older Chelsea fans will know what I speak of here regarding us as They remember what we once were and just How intimidating it was to play us – And believe me it WAS.

    Why do I say this? Well in short – We were just an absolute Machine back then – Who do you think Ferguson took HIS blueprint from in designing the current Man U Juggernaut? None other than Bob Paisley and Our best ever side (1978/79 – Look up the stat’s and convert our points total That season into 3 points? And we’d have won 99 points – THAT is how good we were).

    Who knows? we could One day be THAT again. With the man who won our Last League Title at the helm (and he’s won MORE English League Titles than ANY PL Manager bar Fergie)? I wouldn’t put it past us to do something in the league soon enough (especially with a rest from Europe next season) but Time will tell on that one – Sooner or later? Time will tell………..

    * I’ll give you the Cup Winners Cup though – We have NEVER won that despite numerous attempts and you lot won it twice or three times was it? So well done there.

  118. Shut Up Sir Alex? Think you’re DEFINING Irony there mate no? Any team that wins the Premier League? Is one celebrating winning the ENGLISH LEAGUE TITLE;

    Fact is? We have done THAT more than nearly Every Other English Team – Can you say the Same yet? Never mind regarding the European Cup which we knock EVERY other English Team into a Cocked hat when it comes to winning. Basically? Our Honours Board & Trophy Cabinest speak for us and they speak Volumes – I rest my case………………

  119. Redshadow,

    I actually enjoyed your response as you used some common sense and did not have to use profanity or racial slurs to make your point.
    I do not have an issue with Liverpool history, however jealousy of the current situation seems to make this the only argument fans have. Blaming money is an excuse as if you factor in the rate of inflation since the glory years and part of Liverpools success was money.
    Saying Chelsea only one because of their money is foolish as they finished second the year befor RA got there and the bones of the team were in place.
    As for trying to say that the prem league is artificial is an attempt to validate the poor performance brought on, not by a lack of spending in the transfer market but by poor management decision when RB was in charge of the team. His champs league win was based on old management choices.
    Now as for why I respond the way I do to certain fans is based on their crude statements that are embarrassing to the team they believe they are supporting. I do not support it when fans of Chelsea do it and not when other team supports come onto our team blogs, but if you lack the class and support those types of posts then the more power to you. Although, in doing so well I know you will never really have an intelligent conversation and therefore I win.

  120. Redshadow the irony was the lack of class in bob’s statement but perhaps you do not know the meaning. However based on the length of both your posts it seems you might be compensating for something. For your sake I hope it was the years of poor Liverpool management under Rafa (although do like your current skip) and not something more personal mate ;)

  121. Redshadow…you harp on about how much you won and then say.Man u winning is in the past??? When you were winning all those titles I didnt think anything of it. I did’nt dislike Liverpool and had respect for what they have done. I never felt any envy of your sucess, A real fan doe’snt. He/she accepts what hand his club has been dealt and gets on with it. I have been going up the Bridge 43 years and sometimes prefer the late 60′s and 70′s even though I’m loving it where we are now,obviously. Liverpool fans don’t like the fact we are sucessful.The venom and anger and the constant harping on of your history against ours only goes to show envy, its human nature.I was working with a Liverpool fan years ago and he said he did’nt like Chelsea because of the money…and this was in Bates era. What I find mildly funny is Chelsea got huge crowds way back and were winning nothing. We had bigger attendencies in the 30′s 40′s and won nothing…fair play to the fans from then. We had the biggest away support in the 80′s bar none and in the 60′s had the better crowds at home in London. Its not all about winning trophies mate. Any fan base you got is from your glory days and now we are seeing Chelsea’s fan base re-growing through our success…Carefree

  122. Stupid and useless liverpool fans,torres was right he wats trophy and dats why he went to a clud dat is sure of getting trophys nt only playing football for noting,so u idiots shuld live him alone,and mind u 50million isn’t a waste cos he will suprise u all dis season just watch and see fools.up chelsea,up torres . Blues 4live.

  123. I have been back to see if Redshadow had any other comments as it was looking like he might actually be one of the few Liverpool fans that can actually have a decent, mind you tainted argument.
    Now it looks like his team he is a former shadow of himself.