QPR 1-0 CHELSEA: Decisions, Decisions!

It’s hard to know where to start with a game like this one. I could maybe say we had a poor first half and fought like lions in the second half but neither of those things truly sum it up. And neither of them sum up the injustice of the scoreline either.

Yes, we had a poor first half, whether the Manchester derby scoreline proved a distraction or whether it was the immediate onslaught of boots to shins that put our players off is hard to say but minds were far from focused out there. Of course things weren’t helped when Helguson went down like a sack of shit in the area after a risky-but-hardly-brutal brush of the shoulder from David Luiz just ten minutes in.

We seemed to spend the next 20 minutes getting our heads around going a goal down and our legs around everything flying at them – something Chris Foy was blissfully unaware of apparently – and then just after the half hour,things went very wrong. With Lionel Messi Shaun Wright-Phillips somewhere close to our area – and I say close because he wasn’t in a goal scoring position at the time (and we know he’d have put the ball in row Z given the opportunity anyway) – him and Jose Bosingwa had a bit of a shirt tugging session and following a SWP slip, he got up, turned round and found Chris Foy frantically waving his red card about at Bosingwa. Stunned much? I should bloody say so.

Didier Drogba was obviously pissed off although clearly forgot we were already down to ten men since he’d paid little attention to anything but his bottom lip all game, because he went in two-footed on Taarabt less than ten minutes later – and I won’t even argue that decision. So, down to nine men before the break – you could say we had a bit of a mountain to climb.

And we tried. If the first half had got me pleading for some pride, the second just had me begging for justice, although with both Lampard and Luiz subjected to no less than Helguson got a penalty for in the first half – and Luiz in fact being bear hugged like a long-lost friend at times, that sense of the world being against us just grew. And our players responded to that with the sort of battling performance we’ll always appreciate.

12 men against 9 was just too big a battle on the day and we have to accept we didn’t capitalise on points dropped earlier in the day. C’est la vie.



QPR: Kenny, Hill, Derry(Mackie, 81), Hall, Taarabt (Smith, 61), Faurlin, Barton, Young, Helguson, Wright-Phillips, Ferdinand.

Unused Subs: Murphy, Orr, Bothroyd, Buzsaky, Puncheon.


CHELSEA: Cech, Cole, Luiz, Lampard, Mata(Anelka, 46), Drogba(sent off, 41), Mikel, Meireles (Malouda, 72), Bosingwa (sent off, 34), Sturridge (Ivanovic, 37), Terry.

Unused Subs: Turnbull, Romeu, McEachran, Kalou.



QPR: Helguson 10 (pen)


22 Responses to “QPR 1-0 CHELSEA: Decisions, Decisions!”

  1. Fuck! Must of missed the game. I was watching the Chris Foy Show on the comedy channel. There was a little bit of football in it though

  2. The only 12th man QPR had were the fans, that’s what you couldn’t handle. Chelsea lost they heads on the pitch you thought it would be a walk over. You only have yourselves to blame so stop moaning like a spoilt baby and except the fact you lost. Had the ref been even more honest then Luiz & cole should of both gone as well.

  3. I think Foy made his mind up from the start he wasnt going to be intimidated into giving all the decisions to the bigger club and we got a totally one eyed refereeing display as a result. You can tell quite a lot from the speed of card use that sometimes it is almost premeditated i.e. he just needs the slightest opportunity to brandish red. Of course, we didnt help ourselves.

    We knew what it was going to be like, against limited opposition, with Warnock as Manager. We should be used to it and lacked nous on the day.

    For me, the key was Drogba’s red card. Drogba is a brilliant player and leader but when he gets a sulk on, he just looks and plays pathetically. In that respect, we were two men down even before his dismissal.

  4. Drogba should of been subbed not Sturridge. Hate to say it but Drogba seems to be having a lot more off days lately and doesn’t look like he cares too much. I wouldn’t be surprised if we bid for an out of favour Man City striker come January.

  5. What a game… If ever I saw an incompetent referee, it must be Foy… Not happy to reduce us to nine men, and a dubious penalty down, he turned away any complaint… In fact, QPR saw that the ref wouldn’t give us anything and they started fouling us at will in the penalty area… Really shocking…
    This is a contact game, for God sake, and two players running next to each other will end up touching each other… How can a referee be so quick to give penalties and red cards? this game was a real masquerade because of the referee’s incomplete luck of common sense and balls… I’m sure our coach will be in trouble in a few days when the FA comes with their bullshit, referees are above any wrong doings….

  6. yea….we played well in d second half…..but we were up against 11men they fans and chris foy…..for me,drogba shld be allowed to go…..get a new lad to replace hm…….

  7. Chris Foy .. I guess he is hardcore manu supporter ..It was disgusting to watch QPR ..they were even nt playing football.. I m eagerly waiting for
    28 April 2012 , QPR AT STAMFORD BRIDGE ,fightin for the place in Premiership against relegation, in need of must win and also to maintain good goal diff ,and we raping them 12-nil ..

  8. The statistics prove a point, each team fouled 17 times during the “game” Chelsea ended up with 7 yellow cards and 2 reds, QPR ended up with 2 yellow cards, amazing refereeing, what match was Foy watching? All that does not justify Drogba’s attitude however, if ever a man looks as though his best days are well behind him, it is Drogba.

  9. See that TUNE logo on Chris Foy’s shirt. Well TUNE is a company that sponsor the match officials and was founded none other that the owner of QPR…..isnt there a rule against this sort of thing. I mean clearly Mr Foy wasn’t functioning well. Im sure there’s no malice in the sponsorship deal but when this sort of things happen for all the world to see….SOMEONE HAS TO PAY THE PRICE! Sack Chris Foy.

  10. Foy did not make good decisions, the cards were just too many and they spoiled the game.

  11. Agree. He doesnt like being down the pecking order. The new system is designed to suit Torres’ movement and technique rather than Drogba’s physicality.

    Do you think Aguero could be ‘out of favour’ by then!?

  12. The truth must be said,our boys fought gallantly we were better than united.
    PLs don’t play the blame game,no one blamed torres when got his red.
    this is one of the moments we should pull our weight behind all our

  13. Villas-Boaz said the ref’s performance was ‘one-sided.’ I think this is an accurate assessment rather than a biased one. It is extremely odd for the Chelsea team to get seven yellow cards and two reds in one game. And it is not as if the players had lost their cool; Lampard and Terry’s outbursts came late after the damage was done, in fact most of the team were amazingly controlled under the circumstances. Think of how Ivanovic shrugged off the fact that a QPR fan had thrown the ball away when he was about to do a throw in, or how cool Lampard was when the fans hindered his space for a corner kick. But the ‘one-sidedness’ showed most in that when QPR was awarded a soft penalty, the same did not happen the other end when the opportunity arose with Luiz being held in a vice grip (which was worse than the Bosingwa offense) or Lampard being knocked to the floor. This is not to suggest that the ref made dubious decisions on purpose, but that he was intimidated by the aggressive mood in the stadium; a mood that was plain for all to see. Villas-Boaz is quite correct and I hope the officials recognize this and act accordingly.

  14. Chelsea players showed how ‘tuf’ they can be in time of crisis. I’m proud of the fight to finish. Despite David Luiz soft shove that led to the penalty, he still remain my favourite on the pitch yesterday. If i’m asked for opinion on where best he should played i will suggest sit infront of the defence as defensive midfield. They way he surge forward with ball when in possession and his attempts on goals makes him to be better in that position than John Mikel. AVB take Luiz from defence to midfield. The sky will always be blue!!!

  15. Haha true. We should of gone for Aguero when we had the chance. Our system would suit him just as much as Torres. I’m starting to realise why we wanted Modric so badly after seeing City on weekend. They didn’t even use Nasiri and look at their midfield. We need that Modric/Mata combination pretty badly if we are to get near City. That would help Torres immensly. Drogba’s my hero, just hasn’t looked anything like 09/10.

  16. Totally support Garry’s comment .
    Foy and Drogba both were playing against us. DD was kept ahead of Studge becoz he is experienced but that decision was like a boomerang ..

  17. @blueboxers – that’s a very interesting theory if true. @ John – not our best game but if you honestly think Foy called that game down the middle then you must be as biased as him. looking forward to us home against you. Hopefully with a real referee this time.

  18. Each side done 17 fouls n we gt 7 yellow n two red n Dey gt two yellow. Da reds a duck we Wud ave haggard qpr if da ref wasn’t a Chelsea harry. We will bounce bk. Watch Torres against arsenal cum on u blues. Vialla boas top man

  19. It is fair to say that QPR rode their luck at times. However in the first 25 mins Chelsea were not allowed to settle. I get sick and tired of all the so called big four blaming everyone but themselves when they lose a game that they would have seen as a dead cert prior. Take it on the chin and move on, our priority is to enjoy every game this year and we will. Come on Chelsea don’t get like Arsene at Arsenal and winge when it don’t go your way. QPR at Stamford bridge (yes expect a hammering but we will play exactly the same way get at you from the first minute) Who knows what will happen.

  20. Can’t wait for Saturday’s game againt Arsenal…let’s use d annoyance n flog dem

  21. I can’t believe the fuss over this game, QPR are the new Wimbledon, the only mistake Chelsea made was letting them rattle them, let’s be honest with a captain like Joey Barton the club are a joke, and the funniest thing of all was Warnock quoting after the match that they’ll still be talking about this game in 30 or 40 years, you controversially beat a nine man Chelsea in a Premier League game, get over yourselves and move on, what a little club you are!

  22. @John I agree completely. We didn’t play very well and probably deserved every foul. But their was certainly fouls by your players that went unnoticed. My only problem was inconcistency by ref, not by qpr players. Played well it was just disappointing to see the ref control and interrupt most of the game. And it is an intimidating stadium. Oh well what’s done is done. I won’t be complaining again