AVB In Bother: Should FA Look At Foy First?

So, the FA are ‘looking at’ comments made by Andre Villas-Boas about Chris Foy’s performance in our game againt QPR Sunday – well let them look!

Of course, we don’t want managers having a go at refs week-in-week-out in the post-match interviews, we’ve been there, done that and it gets a bit tedious after a while but then again we don’t want the sort of decisions we see week-in-week-out going unchecked either because the word tedious doesn’t even come close to describing how much these mistakes can grind you down when they’re seemingly repeated from game to game.

So AVB, like any manager completely pissed off at another ref’s performance – so below par it could almost have come from the Tom Henning Ovrebo school of decision-making – spoke out in the heat of the aftermath, suggesting Foy “lost it.. he was card happy towards the (Chelsea) team.” Anything wrong with that statement? It’s a statement of fact, so I can’t see why the FA should have an issue with it.

In fact, AVB’s admission that he was “very aggressive” with Foy after the game is probably the only thing the FA can realistically have him for and even then I wouldn’t imagine they could do a lot more than fine him since he hasn’t been around the Premier League long enough to get a track record with them.

And even then, if they go to the trouble to actually look at some of Foy’s decisions they might even take the stance that managers like AVB are only human – isn’t that what we’re always told to excuse officials’ mistakes anyway?


15 Responses to “AVB In Bother: Should FA Look At Foy First?”

  1. QPR fan here – you lot are making me lol… the gulf between our 2 clubs is huge and 1 of your players is worth more than what we have spent on all of our players ever. Just face it, your precious stars couldn’t handle the hatred, passion and intimidation of playing at a proper football ground with real genuine supporters. We wanted to win this game so much and the whole club did our part to succeed including our fans. The penalty was a nailed on cert to be given, luiz was clumsy and Helgusson was clever and you gave the ref the decision to make. I think the first sending off may have been harsh but Drogba’s tackle was disgusting and pure filthy. 7 Bookings and 2 reds probably wasnt even enough, your spoilt over paid precious players sulked and just hacked away at ours and couldnt handle playing at Loftus road. I will hold my hands up and say you played very well with 9 men.

    The club you thought was a sh!t neighbour fading away has come back to bite you in the ar$e and you now know this rivalry is back for you too. We may not be in the big 3 london clubs but were back and dont your lot know it!!! YOU Rs!!!

  2. Referees also need to be punished and especially the likes of Foy and 1 or 2 others-why are they allowed to get away with murder on a regular basis? Are they a breed alone who can spoil a game for millions of viewers cause of their ineptitude and bias and then simply get a slap on the wrist if that? Its wrong, if managers and players are punished so must everyone else in the game especially weak or one-eyed officials as we witnessed this week-end.

  3. I can see that FA don’t have better things to do with their time.

  4. we are Robb by referee and FA will not do anything about it because they are Man utd fans

  5. I, just like millions of other football fans across the land pay my hard earned to watch my football club. I DO NOT pay to watch referees! Without me and millions like me the referees and their association do not have a job because there would be no football to officiate. These morons at the FA desperately NEED to take a look at their own roles in all of this. Foy should be banned for being incompetant and useless! If AVB were to say, ‘stuff this’ and walk away from Premiership football because it doesn’t matter how well you play an incompetant official will ALWAYS decide how the match pans out, the association will get what it sorely deserves.
    QPR are a sad little team who’s Manager and fans couldn’t believe their luck on Sunday. This was the same sad little side who had lost 6 nil to neighbours Fulham only a few weeks prior to this game against the Capitols number one side over the last decade. Football fans like myself will ALWAYS have to suck it up for our clubs’ because the FA themselves are too incompetant to do anything about it. Chelsea, just like all of the top teams are no angels and can handle themselves but just like ANY football team expect some protection from the referee when it comes to playing against cheats, which QPR certainly are. Marcel Desailley and Jimmy Floyd Hesselbaink are personal friends of John Terry as is Ashley Cole and Didier Drogba. JT, I dare say has many black friends. Racist, don’t make me laugh. It is no coincidence that Joey Barton was slagging JT off on twitter prior to this game and between Barton and Warnock their methods, which have fuck all to do with football, have been taken hook, line and sinker by by both Hoy and the FA. QPR will be relegated this season as neither their team or Manager are good enough to stay up. Yes, they will get their odd points for cheating and I dare say people like Warnock and Barton will be plying their trade for other desperate outfits. That has been the pattern of their careers so far and because of some very poor referee’s it will be allowed to continue which itself is a travasty of justice. Chelsea will be successful and are successful in spite of incompetant people within the game. The Club will be there at the top over the coming years and will NEVER let the FA, useless little inompetant referees, cheating opposition Managers or their players stand in their way of future success. The Foys, Joey Bartons, Neil Warnocks, QPR’s of this world will come and go but Chelsea will always be up there.

  6. These comments are the usual bullshit from the typical chelsea fan. Narrow minded. Yes qpr are not that good but how much have they spent ? Look how much chelsea have spent over the last few years and they still lost. They will win nothing this year.

  7. You’ve said it all Alan Frank. The English FA used the shameless Foy to fixe the match (robbed Chelsea of her victory) so that Chelsea will not go ahead of ManUnited.

  8. @Alan +1

  9. Well said Alan, I wish that Chelsea like Ferguson complain bitterly about this ref. I waited in vain for Chelsea to lodge a complaint to UEFA about Ovrebo..it did’nt happen. We are four square behind AVB. I hope he explains to the FA what they should be doing about refs like Foy and I hope he doe’snt back down…..

  10. Didn’t here any complaints from Chelsea supporters last season when you beat Spurs 2-1. The first goal didn’t cross the line, the second was offside. Why didn’t you make a fuss then? What goes round comes round. Something you will get used to as a team in decline

  11. The integrity of FA is down to how they handle this matter. Whatever that happens, Chris Foy should be investigated and prosecuted accordingly. I did not see him doing any direct favour to QPR but to another top team who have enjoyed immunity from FA and favour from ill-fated and incompetent referees. Chris Foy and his likes shall soon go into oblivion and waste in the dustbin of history while Chelsea continue to shine brighter as years roll by.

  12. Conspiracy theories!!!…
    If we played well, the Referee will be powerless.. Drogba should have done better… IMO

  13. i guess its a comspiracy to favour some team who lost woefully….and for warehouse willy you sulks …deal with it CHELSEA will continue to grow…the ten of thausands of froys will definitely come and just waste in the bin…………well said alan frank thank you cos you just said my mind……and AVB 200% behind you tell them what those sonaofabitches will like to hear. chelsea… the sky is blue !

  14. The problem is not whether we deserved the cards or not, if this was Serie A then yes we deserved everyone, n maybe lucky given soft reffing to not lose another player. The problem was the inconsistency of the ref that was disgusting. You can’t bear hug players in the box. If Warnock and the QPR fans think that only just beating a 9 player team versus their 12 was their greatest win , then good for them. They are not rivals and they will find that out at Stamford Bridge

  15. Worst Chris Foy’s received the bribe certainly.
    Hang in there, chelsea!!