AVB Eyeing Up Barcelona Youngster?

With Andre Villas-Boas said to be thinking as much about Chelsea in the longer-term as he is about getting through his first season (which is pretty optimistic for a Chelsea manager it has to be said), he’s been linked with the potential acquisition of yet another emerging young talent. … Read More

Villareal After Chelsea Striker?

It’s fair to say we haven’t seen a lot of Romelu Lukaku at Chelsea this season.  We signed the 18 year old striker from Anderlect for £18m in the summer and whilst we wouldn’t have expected him to replace Drogba or Torres, we might have hoped to see a little more of him than we have.… Read More

An Unhappy Return For Chelsea

I favourited a tweet on my Twitter account from the summer transfer window that says “apart from Martin Atkinson signing a new contract, nothing major has happened at our club”. It amused me at the time given United’s outrage at the ‘injustice’ of our 2-1 win with him in charge, so obviously I was delighted to see him back in charge for our forthcoming game against Liverpool…..… Read More