Patience Is The Key For Chelsea

Patience is key for Chelsea fans and Abramovich. We can’t expect to see Chelsea playing like Barcelona in weeks, it will be a matter of months until Chelsea adapt to this new style of play. However, if they can put their act straight in time they can twist the Premiership betting odds back in their favor.

Andre Villas-Boas has stated over and over again that he is sticking to this philosophy and I back him 100% on what he is doing. I have belief in AVB if he can do what he can do with Porto, Chelsea can win that Champions League everybody has been waiting for. The ones who are saying the pressure is growing on AVB hasn’t got a clue what they’re talking about. There is no pressure on AVB from my point of view. Who says you need fast defenders to play a high-line? For the style of play Chelsea do they need midfielder’s they can rely on, keep possession, don’t give away the ball far too cheaply. If and when Chelsea master this style of play they will be one of the best clubs in Europe take my word on this one.

Chelsea are going through a rough patch just like Arsenal did, Manchester United aren’t exactly on the best of form. Following the win against Wolves at home on Saturday confidence will build, Chelsea just need to take it one game at a time.  Don’t let their heads drop, the losses are in the past there’s no changing the past now. Just look to the future AVB needs to inspire and motivate them. Reports have been suggesting that AVB is lacking in this. Chelsea are always in the centre of the media whatever happens, the Torres situation, AVB situation. I always said AVB would be a great manager, if Chelsea can just qualify for the Champions League that’d be good. When January comes Abramovich needs to give AVB a big transfer fund and buy young and experienced players starting with Goetze, Cavani would  be a top signing the strikers are lacking at Chelsea unless Torres can turn his career around and score a few goals. Gary Cahill would be a great addition to the Chelsea defence. The Chelsea squad needs re-building a bit. Get rid of players like: Anelka, Kalou who both  have  been rumoured to be leaving Chelsea. Old players that aren’t being used anymore can go they are eating up Chelsea’s wage budget and they are not needed anymore.

I have said over and over again play Luiz as a holding midfielder, the role Mikel plays.People have been saying Luiz can’t defend its not that he can’t defend its just the fact that he goes up the pitch and is too lazy to return to the defence. Its OK him getting forward if he can get back in time. Luiz was class at the start of his career at Chelsea which was January and I believe he even got player of the month in March scoring 2 goals one against both Manchester clubs.

A word for those Chelsea fans keep calm and believe in Andre Villas-Boas sacking him won’t help Chelsea anymore it will just make matters worse, AVB will bring success to Chelsea eventually take my word!


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6 Responses to “Patience Is The Key For Chelsea”

  1. I agree with the writer but cavani would be too expensive listening to napoli president.david will be good for the back line with time.He is young and eager to learn.If the coach has decided Alex must go let him go togather kalou,Anelka,Bosingwa,Pereira and Hilario.Bring on and blent Piazon and go for Subotic to stabilize back line.Adding another expensive striker will be a wast of money.Danny will be among the top scores if he can lead the attack in every game we play if he is fit.

  2. Why is everyone scared or too blind to realize that Drogba is one of the people who should go? I’d rather see Drogba leave than Anelka. Malouda, Drogba, Anelka should leave. I remain one of the firm believers that Kalou is not finished yet, the boy needs time and folks who believe in him

  3. very good piece cavani would be a brilliant buy well any of napoli front 3 would. will cahill come to us or will city just get him so nobody else can

  4. Add Terry, Lampard and Drogba to list of players to go. Terry because he can’t play the high line defence that AVB wants. Lampard will need to settle for squad place and can’t play with Torres. Drogba has reached the end of the road. Rebuilding is required but these players are leaders and signing David Luis is not the answer. Torres needs games and the side built round him. Maybe they need to sign more Liverpool players.

  5. Very accurate of how I’m feeling too 🙂 seems everyone knows Luiz belong in central holding except for AVB. Hopefully he tries it soon or gives Romeu more starts. Mikel not doing us favours

  6. I agree with the writer, but romeu would be better at holding. Gary cahill would be a good buy 4 chelsea to shore up the defence. Players like kalou, malouda and bosingwa should leave having failed to make an impact. Drogba may stay but chelsea needs strikers that are scoring.