McEachran Ahead Of Liverpool (video)

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What’s Happening To The Glorious Game?

The football world was stunned at the weekend with the news of Gary Speed’s death. The death of any man at 42, a husband and father, is always shocking but all the more tragic when it’s as the result of suicide. … Read More

Poor Old Drogba

Is Didier Drogba serious?

We’re hearing the Chelsea ‘striker’ has turned down a new deal because it ‘won’t pay his bills’.  He has to be having a laugh right? … Read More

Classic Carling Cup: Liverpool 2-3 Chelsea (video)

Ahead of tonight’s game I’ve been having a watch of some classic Carling Cup stuff.  It goes without saying I’d have to dig this one out.  The 2005 final v Liverpool. A bit of pre-helmet Cech, some vintage Makelele, Mourinho pissing the crowd off in true Mourinho fashion and to top it off, a Gerrard own goal.… Read More

CHELSEA vs Liverpool: Carling Cup Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge

Date: Tuesday, 29 November

Kick-off: 1945 GMT


Here we go then, yet another meeting with Liverpool and in spite of our win against Wolves in the League at the weekend, the knives are still a little to close to AVB’s back for comfort.   As for Daliglish, well that smug fucker is safe in the knowledge that he hasn’t lost against us in 12 previous games as Liverpool manager.… Read More