Poor Old Drogba

Is Didier Drogba serious?

We’re hearing the Chelsea ‘striker’ has turned down a new deal because it ‘won’t pay his bills’.  He has to be having a laugh right?

I mean, getting offered a new deal at 33 – and let’s be honest, not exactly at his best – you’d have thought he’d have taken Chelsea’s hand off.  Irrespective of his form, he still seems to get himself ahead of Torres on the team sheet, he’s offered a one year extension to his current deal and (which runs out at the end of this season) and he turns his nose up at it.

You’d like to think it’s just the usual press nonsense but his agent is quoted as saying “He’s had the offer of a one-year extension from Chelsea, but that does not suit us. At his age, he has nothing left to prove as a player.  Once you are well into your thirties, you have to go to a club where you can be certain you’ll be able to pay your bills.”

Not too modest to make it clear the Ivorian is only in it for the money from here on in though, Seydi goes on “Milan came in for Didier, but I said no straight away. Their offer, for a loan with an option to buy, did not interest us.  He will go where he is offered the most money. It could be the United States, Qatar, Russia or somewhere in Asia. He’ll go wherever he feels good from a financial point of view.”

Laughable really.


9 Responses to “Poor Old Drogba”

  1. shou8ld never wear the shirt again

  2. Didier Drogba has given 7 or 8 years excellent service to Chelsea and if he now wants to move on for some big bucks before he finally retires, then good luck to him. His agent is being refreshingly honest about the whole thing, and let’s face it we’ve all moved jobs for more money at some stage of our working lives. The expression “pay the bills” is just that – an expression – no one should take it literally. So as a Chelsea supporter I say to him thanks for the goals and the memories, good luck in your next venture, and you’ll always get a warm welcome at the Bridge. Any other Chelsea fans agree?

  3. If he wants to go that’s fair enough, as you say, we’ve had plenty out of him. Just find it amusing his agent talks as if he’d be on the breadline if he stayed.

  4. He’s been at Chelsea a good few years now and I have to say it is sad to see him possibly move elsewhere but I find it ridiculous how he says he wouldn’t be able to afford his bills, he has loads in his bank. Anyway good luck to him and thanks for being at Chelsea and helping us to success.

  5. Well said Paul. The man deserves respect for what he has given us and in all honesty we would benefit from this. Still got amazing technique but like many aging players before him the Premier league is probably no longer for him. He can be a star somewhere else

  6. He has been a great battering ram. Ask CFC opponents the past 7years. However, this is an unforgiving BUSINESS. He must make a business decision that is best for him as will CFC.
    Thanks though DD for all you have done.

  7. Agree with Paul, Drogba deserves respect as he makes his move away from the bridge. But this being said, he and his agent need to understand that the same can be presented in a less “honest” manner so that the fans who pay his “bills” dont feel hurt.

    All of us know that football is a lot about money these days, but we would all like to think that our heroes dont make it this obvious.

  8. I became a chelsea supporter for didier drogba, he is my favourite player,i will be so upset if he leaves chelsea, pls god,i am praying to you, dont let didier go.

  9. drogba has shown over the years that he not just good,he is special..think about the range of strikers that have been brought in at various stage of his carrier in chelsea..to make matters worst they still didn’t trust him and keep bringin in the 30millions and 50million crap.is i was in his shoes havin proved my point at this stage my carrier i would move on and let the club find themselves where they really want to be..maybe relegated or best mid table…