Anelka and Alex: AVB Clearout Begins

Well, we’ve been saying for quite a while now a clear out was needed at Stamford Bridge and if stories in the press are to be believed, that’s exactly what will happen in the next transfer window.

As many as six of our players could be up for grabs in January as AVB makes a start on overhauling the current squad, with Drogba, Kalou, Bosingwa and Ferreira all set to be added to Anelka and Alex who have already handed in transfer requests.

Anelka and Alex are probably the most likely, given their requests to go, although even then it’ll be subject to the club getting what they consider to be decent deals for the pair.  If reports in the press about their current treatment by the club are to be believed though, you can only imagine they’ll both be banging down the doors to get out come January.

What we’re told is that following their transfer requests, the pair of them had their lockers cleared, have been banned from using first team facilities, have been told they can’t park in the first-team car park and are no longer allowed to train with the first team. Instead, like a couple of naughty schoolboys, they have separate training programmes, with Andre Villas-Boas confirming “We’ve decided to assign different training times for Anelka and Alex.  Anelka and Alex are top professionals, this is just a decision we’ve made.”

Somehow, in spite of what would be a pretty humiliating experience after almost four years with the club, Anelka seems to be fairly ambivalent about the whole thing, saying “I’ve known for a little while where I’ll be on 2 January.  The club, which is going through a difficult time, has decided to work with Chelsea’s players of the future and, as I am a good professional, I’ve accepted this.”

Doesn’t sound like someone sulking on the naughty step does it?


2 Responses to “Anelka and Alex: AVB Clearout Begins”

  1. I just luv Avb he is a true champion….firstly he gves chances 2 every1 dn he decides who stays n who leaves….he is goin 2 be a gr8 coach…..

  2. He needs to beat JT with a stick again and again, then the players will know AVB is the leader of this club. Beat him now, JT your in for a beating.