What’s The Fuss About Frank?

So, Frank Lampard was dropped to the bench for our game against Valencia last night. You could almost hear the intake of breath and flicking of wrists as the frenzy got underway to see who could capture the end of his career in print first. … Read More

Anelka Shanghai Bound?

It sounds as if Nicolas Anelka is almost certain to be playing his football in China from January, with Sky Sports telling us a deal has been agreed with Shanghai Shenhua. … Read More

AVB’s Performance As Brilliant As Chelsea’s?

My opinion when it comes to the media is no secret.  It’s something I’ve written about plenty of times – and in a world of free speech, am fully entitled to do so as long as it’s within the realms of the law. Not that they’ve hounded me personally of course, but they’ve done it to my club for years, so if I feel a response to some of the ‘stories’ they print is due, then I’ll have my say. … Read More