AVB: Spending Big Makes No Sense

I think Andre Villas-Boas might be practising the art of understatement. After our bore draw against Fulham yesterday, the Chelsea manager seems to have sussed we’re a bit screwed as far as the Premier League goes and reckons the Manc clubs are ‘strong favourites’ now.

Mind you, the fact that we’re now 11 points behind the pair of them and could well find ourselves 5th in the table should Arsenal win at home to Wolves this afternoon can’t be all that concerning because he doesn’t seem to have any plans to do anything significant in the January window.

AVB conceded if we’d had a good December and taken maimum points over the Christmas period we might have still been in with a shout but having taken just a point at home against Fulham yesterday it’s all a bit ‘difficult’ now.

The Chelsea boss says “There’s no big drama in terms of how we look at things. But you have to be sufficiently real.  We had reduced it (the gap) to seven points recently, but with City and United continuing to get the points they are getting at the moment, it’ll be difficult.  That is the perspective we have to make at the moment: it’s difficult. It’s not impossible. You cannot say that.  But we have to focus on our position at the moment and make a real assessment. Maybe the Premier League is over for us at the moment.  We’d targeted the December fixtures as an ideal situation to find out what would happen in the Premier League. We continue to do that.”

When asked about the transfer window though and the rumoured £140m he has to spend, AVB says “The story is not true. Whatever business we do, we will do it properly and quietly but we won’t do a lot and not with those amounts.  That is an outstanding amount of money but it makes no sense at all.”


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  1. Course he doesn’t want to spend…