Cech Less Than Impressed

So, we weren’t the only ones pissed off with yet another draw yesterday because it seems our players weren’t especially impressed either.

Of course, they at least have the advantage of being able to have some kind of influence over what happens so should maybe be walking the walk rather than talking the talk, but anyway, following the game, Petr Cech says “We could have profited from (City’s) slip-up but instead we have given the Manchester clubs a big advantage.  It’s clear we’re barely cutting down the gap.  The season is far from over and there are a lot of matches to be played, but all we can do now is wait and see how others do, if we manage to win our games, that is.  That’s what we’ve not been doing lately.”

And of course he’s right because since our win against City, we’ve drawn against Wigan, Spurs and now Fulham and put ourselves 11 points behind those at the top of the table. Still, maybe Cech will do a little better against Villa if he’s so frustrated?


2 Responses to “Cech Less Than Impressed”

  1. He has a lot to say for himself for someone playing so shite

  2. Blue West, spot on mate, cech, you sir are playing like garbage