JT Around For A Long Time Yet?

John Terry – the mere mention of his name can leave Chelsea drooling and rival supporters frothing at the mouth. He’s been around for years now, since he was 14 in fact, so maybe it’s a case of familarity making him feel like a pair of well-worn and much loved slippers at Stamford Bridge whilst breeding contempt with the opposition. Either way, after 17 years at the same club, the Chelsea captain doesn’t plan on playing out his career anywhere else now.

I say ‘now’ because in spite of the ‘sleepless nights’ he admitted to having when City came calling, JT says “For me, you don’t see (one-club players) in this day and age.  You see a couple of the Man United lads and Stevie G at Liverpool but other than that you couldn’t count five people on your hand. It is a rare breed and I am really proud to have spent my whole career here.  I have been fortunate enough to start at a very young age and to see different managers come in, big managers, and for me to keep improving.  One because I have wanted to and secondly because I see this as my club and always will.

When I finish playing I want to come back to Stamford Bridge and bring my kids to watch games and things like that.  For me, I am really proud to be at one club and no other club. I could never see myself in another shirt anyway.”

Of course, he’s not the first player to be tempted with a move away from a club he loves and hasn’t been the last either, Wayne Rooney threatened United before a decent pay rise early in the year and all’s forgiven as far as he’s concerned, so maybe it’s time to let go of that particular grudge as far as the Chelsea captain is concerned?

As for shagging a team-mates missus (or ex-missus, whatever the case may be), well United had to go and top that as well with Ryan Giggs taking the ‘caring and sharing’ family bit a little too far with his sister-in-law.  And even when it comes to the ‘biggest racist in football’ allegations, JT has Suarez for competition, so as much as our rivals would like to believe otherwise, he’s not the single-most odious cretin in football and they won’t be getting rid of him anytime soon…..or will they.

With Chelsea closing in on a move for Gary Cahill, maybe it signals another former ‘untouchable’ joining Frank Lampard on the Chelsea bench? Then again, with JT due in court in February and a fairly significant ban likely to follow from the FA, it could just be a bit of forward planning on AVB’s part?

Either way, at 31 it’s inevitable people will start looking towards the end of his career sooner rather than later and even JT himself is talking about a career in management, saying “I have learnt over the years from managers I’ve had and I have worked out (training) sessions from the last seven or eight years.  I have got stacks and stacks at home. It is just a case of putting it into my way.  Dennis (Wise) said about having your own people within and it is so important if you are a manager that you are controlling everything.  It is all or nothing for me and if I don’t get the chance to take the reins on everything, that would probably make my mind up whether I do take a job if I get the opportunity.”

And of course our rivals would like nothing better than to see him in the opposing dug-out!


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