CHELSEA 4-0 Portsmouth: Did Burley Notice The Goals?

(Picture omitted for fear of scaring off reader’s)

I didn’t get to see this one, since there seemed to be a bit of a blackout, so just like the 50s it was down to the radio to provide the entertainment for the day. Well ok, it wasn’t really like the 50s, since listening to it on the laptop and tweeting probably wasn’t a pastime back then – and they didn’t have cocks like Craig Burley to contend with either.  Seriously, if there’s ever a choice between missing a game completely and having to hear that pillock commentating on one, I’m going to go without.

Only days ago, he was implying AVB doesn’t get to pick his own side, saying “The manager has to make a decision with regards to his strikers. He has to go with one of them. He can’t keep changing.  Why does he have to give Drogba a run in the side? The manager can do what he wants. Villas-Boas needs to do what’s right for him.  That doesn’t mean having to play someone because he is Didier Drogba, John Terry, Frank Lampard or anybody else.” Then contradicting himself suggesting any current woes are down to the manager, saying “My own personal opinion is there is a huge question mark about the way Villas-Boas has gone about the job at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea fans may or may not agree but, ultimately, results dictate what happens to managers – and he’s just not getting the right ones at the moment.”

In spite of his inability to remain objective though, 5 Live still saw fit to let the bitter ex-Chelsea man commentate on our game yesterday – and he continued to give a very personal perspective. No, actually that’s not strictly true because it wasn’t as much a personal perspective as a downright attack on his former club.

Fine, from what I’m told it was a dire first-half performance from us and we weren’t playing Portsmouth off the park but why not report it like that? Was it necessary to tell us “David Luiz is a bomb scare, a law unto himself” or telling us fans need to “put down their sandwiches” because it’s so “boring at Chelsea these days”? If he’s paid to commentate on a game, he should try sticking to the game rather than disrespecting players or manager’s come to that, because Andre Villas-Boas was another one dragged into Burley’s insults with some dickhead remark about only being popular with the tea ladies.

It was completely uncalled for and simply smacked of a player still holding a grudge.  We can all be bitter and vidictive when we want to (although most of us don’t get paid to have it broadcast) but in spite of Burley sounding like he was down his local spouting off to the barman, I won’t take the opportunity to question whether he was actually sober at the time – any bets on it though?


3 Responses to “CHELSEA 4-0 Portsmouth: Did Burley Notice The Goals?”

  1. Craig Burley has denigrated Chelsea’s players and management throughout this season. The worst examples are when he guests on ESPN’s daily Press Pass. This show is constantly negative about Chelsea anyway but Burley has topped even them lately by accusing Peter Cech of “cowardice”. It’s the reason he gives for Cech missing the ball in the six-yard box. To me, the real cowardice is Burley’s habit of back-knifing Chelsea players on a global network but not on Chelsea TV, where he’d have to justify his comments. He’s gutless.

  2. There’s a online petition going around for his head. Worth a look and worth making your complaint count. I have.

  3. Man is a complete Wanker…apparently the BBC are investigating complaints by listeners that he was drunk on air with 5 live commentating on our cup tie with Pompey…that’s about right…

    Fuck off Burley you toothless alcaholic cunt.