Lampard Stays Behind For Scans

Not only was the game and the result shite against Norwich at the weekend but we lost Frank Lampard to injury as well and yesterday we were hearing that whilst the rest of the squad went off to Spain, Frank hasn’t gone with them.

Our midfielder has stayed behind to undergo scans on a suspected torn calf muscle after the injury sustained in the first half against Norwich on Saturday’s early game.  If all goes well he could join up with the squad at the training camp but if not – well we know life is hard enough at Chelsea without that!

We’ve only just sent McEachran off on loan, so our options are a little limited and whilst Essien has made a return, he’s some way off the sort of Michael Essien we’d like to see on the pitch at the minute – worse still, if he ends up playing like the imposter who pretended to be the Bison last seasn – we’re buggered!

Better hope Frank’s scans come back clear eh?


5 Responses to “Lampard Stays Behind For Scans”

  1. Mceachran hasnt played this season? Essien has come on as a sub the last few games and Lampard has been used occassionaly, it wont be that much of a miss! we need another midfielder, but we havent used Frank to much this season so it wont make to much of a difference!

  2. And our muppett of a Manager still wont buy anyone else! Still, he’s always got Malouda to call on so we can expect a few more goaless results! Whats the betting Kalou comes back into the frame. You couldn’t make this shit up. Thank christ the likes of Arsenal and Liverpool are as shit as we are otherwise we would be in real trouble by now for a top 4 berth.

  3. With the shortage of midfleids we should pay david luiz as the last central mid and have him play like a center back but have him lauch atticks

  4. Yeah Luiz is too good an attacker, shot, and passer all of the ball to be doing miss timed tackles in the penalty box as a defender. And yes thank God for Arsenal and Liverpool’s shitness as well

  5. Yes I agree luiz in def mid, he’d b well suited