Hughes: JT Unaffected By Boo Boys

Not that Mark Hughes can ever be accused of being a sore loser or anything but after his moan at our soft penalty that saw QPR safely out of the FA Cup yesterday, he thought he’d have his say on the JT thing for good measure.

Having watched the Chelsea captain stroll through the game completely untroubled by his players, on the non-handshake debate, Hughes made it known there could have been a bit of ganging-up going ‘Team Tevez’ style.  The QPR boss says “There could well have been an issue but players make their own decisions.  I said Anton was the guy who had to make his own decisions for himself about whether or not he shook John Terry’s hand.  With the group I have got I know they wanted to support their team-mate and the situation in the end was to take it out of the equation and not to have the issue.  There were discussions this morning as well and Chelsea had their views and basically we all came to the same decision.”

Mind you, to be fair to him, Hughes at least acknowledged JT didn’t look like he could give a toss what anyone in the ground thought, saying “John is a big figure in the game and I am sure he gets booed at every away game.  I think he plays the same way and rarely have I seen anything created by headlines effect John Terry, which was the same today.  For him to come through that, I think shows great credit.  He was of the mind he was going to play today and he put in a great performance.”

Not that there was much for him to do eh?


6 Responses to “Hughes: JT Unaffected By Boo Boys”

  1. Dont think JT will be playing in the game at SB in April though somehow !!!

  2. you ar gr8 captain JT,pray u win this case and shame ur critics.

  3. What stands out the most? JT is a great leader and just typical of the English “tall poppy syndrome” attitude. There’s only one John Terry, and a Champion at that too. The bloke is loyal and true… He’s taking it for the team and still walks with his head held high. LEGEND! Osgood, Zola, Terry. You got my support JT all the way son.

  4. JT is an enigma bt chelsea still need Lucas Moura seriously especially now dat Ramires will b out 4 som time

  5. JT did you think I called you a lowlife scumbag. Well I didn’t!

  6. He will probably get off on the case and then what will the fa do. whatever they do it looks badly handled. He is pretty thick skinned but giving him back the england captaincy was always going to backfire at some point. He should have said “that out of respect to capello and the england team that i love i will step aside from the captaincy until my name is cleared” this would have at least painted him in a better light. also if he did say what he is supposed to have said he should have told anton what he actually said rather than leave it for anton to find out. given the super injunction and other elements of poor judgement (mainly off the field) it damages his superb record on the field. thought ramires was awesome for chelsea. I feel that they will get a lot better and AVB does know what he is doing. Rangers are on the up but a lot of work still to be done. roll on wolves next saturday