Chelsea confirmed line-up v Napoli: No Torres

Cech, Ivanović, Luiz, Cahill, Bosingwa, Ramires, Meireles, Malouda, Mata, Drogba, Sturridge


Subs: Turnbull, Cole, Torres, Kalou, Lampard, Mikel, Essien.



9 Responses to “Chelsea confirmed line-up v Napoli: No Torres”

  1. Going to get stuffed 2nite why oh why are Bosingwa, MEreiles and in the team? AVB is committing managerial suicide God help Chelsea

  2. Going to get stuffed 2nite why oh why are Bosingwa, MEreiles and Malouda in the team? AVB is committing managerial suicide God help Chelsea

  3. only AVB can explain wat is wrong,i definitely think sometn is wrong somewhr,essien nd lampard benched 4 malouda nd meireles.I think we are in 4 a shock result tonite.

  4. What in heaven’s name is malouda doing in dat field? Omg!

  5. Looks like there maybe a God after all, Bosingwa gets a hamstring injury and Mata gets a doggy bounce for his great goal, let’s hope he stays on our side for the rest of the season!

  6. @Blueblood, nevermind the rest of the season, he didn’t stay on your side for the remainder of the first half, 2-1 Napoli.

  7. Sturridge must have given the ball away 80% of the time it came to him. mata was the only player that looked like doing any thing but he did seem the relize it and tried a little to hard.
    Meireles gave that goal away. to fall so badly to that fake to the left was o so bad. i would be upset if school boys were fooled by that move.
    far to much space between the mid field and back 4 today also.
    chelsea need to get a defencive mid fielder this summer. i would cosider Luiz for that roll. bring in a center back. and a second on that is still only young that can sit on the bench but still good engough to play a few champions leage games.
    Cahill was found out a few times but i wasnt upset by that so much. there isnt any cover.
    the 2nd goal they scored i could see coming as soon as they crosed the half way mark. Ivanović didnt cover that move at all. that let them get a 3 on 2 against cahill and luiz. at champions leage lvl that should never happen. and aginst a line up that was ment to have 2 defencive midfielders

  8. Well AVB did it his way, oh and did it show. We got a Lucky break with Mata goal thats ok the lads needed that and so did we the fans. But then bubble burst and we came back to the real world to witness AVB great project take the p### out of us Again. But at least this time he and his side kicks know the project is not working and won’t work , when he had to back and ask Frank, Essian & Cole to help him out of sh#t he had created on pitch, for Frank & Essian it was to late to change anything, Cole tried and kept it 3-1 great block.
    AVB must go if we have any chance staying in Europe, FA cup & 4th in the league, if he stays the best will finish with is mid-table But he’ll get us 4th place as a London club with Arsenal,Spurs & Fulham finishing above us.