CHELSEA 3-0 Bolton: We Only Went And Won!

I have to admit this has thrown me a bit – it’s been so long since I’ve felt anything but completely fed up on a Saturday, so my brain is a bit scrambled with a 3-0 win. Here’s what those who can still think straight thought of it:


The official site sees it as a new start

There’s a view from the stands from Talk Chelsea

ESPN give us AVB’s view on Lampard’s part in it

Teamtalk give credit to the ‘old guard’

And give us their player ratings


4 Responses to “CHELSEA 3-0 Bolton: We Only Went And Won!”

  1. Yes we 3-0
    Thank you Mr Abramovich you showed great man management selecting the correct team with youth & experience, and allowing AVB to eat humble pie for the media. The experience of seeing the experienced player’s giveing the younger players thier confidence back to winning ways, should show AVB to eat more humble pie saying sorry to Frank & the others excepting he needs their experience on the pitch & not on the subs bench.

    Where not back yet, but with this team selection we have a chance finally.
    Thank you Mr Abramovich

  2. Lampard’s comments after this game left a bitter taste in my mouth, surely TheChelseaBlog will write a blog about it. Pipe down Frank.

  3. Peckham…..where do you dig that stuff up from?

    Frank Lampard is a spoilt brat and has been behaving like a compete child…spat the dummy out when he was dropped, probably started the players revolt…..get him to f..k as he does not deserve to wear the Blue shirt!
    When you get dropped….you show what you can do at training and on the park when you get a chance….what has he shown up to now….petulence and a complete lack of respect for AVB….who if you forgot is his manager…..
    What he said yesterday shows how thick he is as he thought that everyone else did not have a clue what was going on…..wake up Frank!!! You have passed your best and need to play harder, put in more effort…not rest on your laurels and AVB has spotted it…..wakey wakey Frank and when you wake up can you give Peckham a shove and wake him up too 😉
    Keep the faith and up the blues……AVB all the way!!!

  4. well jock the only one digging up shit is yourself.
    once again you dont like the players that have got this club great by expressing there honest views to what has happened.
    Ever year since entering Chelsea Frank Lampard has put in a shift and more for the club, he has played 540+ games scored 182 goals and wants to stay at the club. With the Fans he is a Legend, with other professional players he is admired for his work rate on and off the pitch and managers at other clubs would like him in their team fergie & harry to mention their intrest in him, this year.
    Your hero P.Housemen was a reliable player for the team in the 70s but not a match winner like Frank that distinction belonged to the King of the Bridge Peter Osgood. Reading your blogs, your comment about Osgood would say he was a bollocks has well as Frank.
    With Frank in the team we have a chance of getting something this year weather it`s 4th, FA cup or by some luck the champions league, with AVB project way NOTHING.
    Frank`s Goals are a must for the team.

    If you dont like it jock watch your S League we`ll not miss you, in South West or South East London