Time For A Truce At Chelsea?

Gary Neville eh? Pretty bizarre to find myself even agreeing with what he’s got to say two weeks running, nevermind admitting it, but again this week he’s made some really valid points about the goings on at Chelsea.

When I read Frank Lampard confirming in the press things are not ‘ideal’ with AVB, my initial reaction was to get on his case for dishing out the sticks to beat the club with but whilst I still think Frank’s going about this completely the wrong way, Neville’s piece in the Daily Mail at least affords me enough understanding to see why he’s done it.

Of course Lampard will be pissed off, he’s played a huge part in Chelsea’s previous successes and given he says “if I sit on the bench, I want to see Chelsea win”, clearly still sees himself as a key player – and he can be – but as Neville points out, he does have to accept this won’t necessarily mean being on the pitch when he wants to be.

Obviously he’s a long way off that acceptance though, given his comments in the press this week suggesting “I’m sure we’re all frustrated at the minute. Everyone who’s involved, especially people who have got Chelsea in their hearts, who have been here a long time and want to see us performing as we should do.  But it’s never a case of players throwing their toys out of the pram to the detriment of the club.” I’m not sure what he thinks he’ll achieve with statements like that aside from getting a few cheap digs in at his latest manager but in spite of what he says, it clearly is a case of players spitting their dummies right now.

This isn’t just another rant laying the blame at our senior players feet though because whilst I still think they’ve behaved like spoilt brats lately, Neville is quite right to suggest AVB has to accept he stole their smarties in the first place.

From the player’s point of view things were just fine before AVB turned up, so presumably they’ll be thinking ‘if it ain’t broke why fix it?’ And of course, no-one’s saying we’re a complete write-off just yet but what AVB will undoubtedly realise is that without some major repairs, we’ll be taking a trip to the knackers yard before too long.

The thing is though, you’re not going to strip down a beaten up old escort and turn it into a sleek, shiny Porsche overnight and nor is AVB going to turn us into title contenders again by ripping the old spine out of the side and hoping the replacements fill the gaps left behind. These things have to be done carefully, lovingly – and as Gary Neville quite rightly points out – AVB has been about as gentle in his approach to this as Chisora discussing the finer points of boxing with Hayes.  In fact, in an effort to assert himself under what has been relentless pressure from all angles, AVB might have come out fighting, yet only succeeded in hurting himself.

Whether his decision to drop Lampard, Essien and Cole against Napoli was done to prove a point or because he genuinely thought it would work in our favour, it cost us, and AVB had to take some blame for that. Of course that just puts more pressure on his job but I thought he used it to his advantage.  He turned the focus back on our under-performing players and threw down the gauntlet ahead of Bolton.

Irrespective of snide digs to the contrary though, I don’t think Roman picked the side yesterday. AVB knew he’d made a mistake against Napoli and having publicly accepted the blame, he made some very shrewd comments about the players before putting them straight back into the starting XI to prove their point – which of course they did. In fact, Frank Lampard gave us the best game we’ve had out of him for some time.

Of course, that sort of tactic isn’t sustainable though and we certainly don’t need anymore of our dirty laundry aired in public because whatever Frank says, that clearly is to the detriment of the club. What we need is some kind of truce where AVB accepts that to an extent, he does need key players onside if he’s going to stay at the club but they, likewise, need to accept the need for change – for Chelsea’s sake.

How do they get to that point though? Well, they could do worse than have a read of Neville’s column to be honest but failing that, it’ll be back to conkers!


10 Responses to “Time For A Truce At Chelsea?”

  1. Lampard’s comments after the game were uncalled for and only add salt to to the wounds and not what I expected from him. It widens the abyss between him and AVB and adds fuel to the flames. It’s obvious Frank is incapable of accepting being benched even thoughh he has not been producing consistently. His egomaniacal rant must have an adverse affect on the dressing room and is not in the interests of the club. No player is bigger than the club and Frank fails to realise it. If he persists with this stubborn attitude AVB should show him the exit door.

  2. Frank was quite right to speak his mind. Trouble with AVB is he can’t take criticism, or cope with anybody who disagrees with him, eg Tommy Langley’s sacking from Chelsea TV for criticising him, and his appalling treatment of Alex and Anelka. It is AVB who throws his toys out of the pram. He needs to grow up, preferably at another club!

  3. With AVB’s comments to the media immediately after the game suggesting that man of the match Lampard still wasn’t a ‘shoe in’ for our next game because ‘it doesn’t work like that’ I think Frank’s comments are spot on! Time for a truce? No! Time for AVB to be shipped out and lets try and save what we can from this season. Who else has AVB got to replace Lamps with after yesterdays peformance by Chelsea’s leading goal scorer, oh yes Mereiles, his favourite. The man is a clown and really does not know what he is doing. This squad of players is good enough to maintain Chelsea’s top 4 status but this Manager is certainly not. Get rid of now Roman before he does any more damage….

  4. Alan Frank i seriously doubt you are a genuine Chelsea fan….probably one of our plastic fans. Brian Scott spot on…..personally i believe Frank should be less self-centered and look at the Giggs, Scholes and Ferdinand of these world has examples.

    Evra is the skipper of Man U even when they’ve got Giggs, Scholes and Ferdinand…and they just carry on giving the team their all without moaning……let the Lampards and Coles just shut it and be the Legends they are by supporting the team in every way even when not playing otherwise they can leave my club….

    No player is indispensable….Chelsea had been before they were born………..and will always remain….even after.

    AVB is a winner….and he will prove it at Chelsea…the seniors just have to get behind him.

  5. Your comments Alan are spot on.
    AVB and his poddle Mereiles to go to stop them shitting anymore on the pitch.

  6. It looks like Frankie boy has realized this is one match he is going to lose!!! Well done AVB…what you have done in the past Frankie….is history and we can all sit and watch it in the armchair, but recently and most of this season you have been tosh and it looks like the realization of a transfer to West Ham in the next division does not appeal……so time to bite your tongue and show with your feet before you go over the hill quicker with the help of a manager who will not put up with your shit!
    If Frankie leaves at the end of the year with all the other trouble makers…..so what, will we fold…NO….a few glory hunters might get pissed off, but as soon as AVB turns it around…..they will be singing his praises and will cleverly forget to twaddle they have been spouting off recently!

  7. Jock keep your money in your pocket or buy a sofabed, Frank will be nowhere sorry.
    With your new purchase make sure its a double so you & AVB can be comfortable watching Chelsea with experience & youth progress in the Kings Road style & flair and with that comes deserved rewards.

  8. I think if we were to get rid of AVB he is just going to prove what a great manager he is again with another club. He took on the impossible with coming to us with our players big personalties and dipping form. Wait til he has a fair go at this transition into a younger team and I think wel be great. But as article says won’t happen over night. I think AVB is right for tge job and the players, especially Frank gotta realise they have to perform 100 per cent all the time. not just to prove points.

  9. Chelsea need to ship out these players who have passed their expiry date.

  10. I have come to the conclusion Frank Lampard sees himself as the boss and shows a total disregard for AVB as the manager. He is obviously upset since he lost his automatic starting place in the lineup

    I have been a Chelsea supporter long before Frank’s father was sacked as the assistant manager at West Ham and Frank then left that club and came to the Bridge in 2001. I am quite familiar with some of Frank’s antics since he joined Chelsea.

    I rember when Frank and two or three other Chelsea players were fined two weeks wages by the club for disorderly drunken behaviour soon after he joined the club. I also will not forget an incident after the Sept 11th attacks in New York when Frank and his drunken friends mocked grieving American tourists at a Heathrow hotel and the manager there referred to them as “utterly disgusting”.

    I believe Roman will drop the axe at the end of the season and there will be a significant purge of players including Lampard. I also have my doubts as to whether AVB will survive.

    Frank is all wrapped up in himself and his chest thumping and badge kissing are just a sham!