Lampard: Save The Battles For The Pitch

A few years back, I had the right hump with Frank Lampard. He seemed to have pissed us about for a couple of years over a new contract and when it finally came, the deal he got out of Chelsea was financially obscene. Still, to be fair to him, the minute he’d put pen to paper he got back to doing what he did best and worked his arse off for us. So, whilst he was being paid a king’s ransom, as far as I was concerned he was giving everything he had in him to show it was money well spent.

I didn’t have the same sort of respect for Lampard for a while after that, I’ve always had issues with players who supposedly ‘love’ their club holding them to ransom over a contract but I read what he had to say about where his head was at the time and to be fair to him, it made sense. So, I got over it. He more than earnt his contract, got his head down and deserved the support he’s always had from the club….and then came AVB.

Now I’m going to be honest (so shoot me if you like) – I don’t like the way Frank is going about his business lately.  Of course we don’t expect players like him to be happy not playing, in fact it’d be more worrying if they were, but the nitty-gritty of it should be discussed behind closed doors, certainly not given up freely for media consumption. Let’s face it, he’s far from naïve about the British press and knows it’ll be used against us, something he acknowledges when he says of his relationship with the boss “I think, from the outside, you can probably see that it’s not been ideal but the important thing is not to focus on individual relationships too much.  It can only be negative and people do like to play on negatives.  Players don’t like to not play but there’s never been a case of players throwing their toys out of the pram to the detriment of the club.”

So if it’s not a tantrum, then why make the point in the press? By all means respond with the sort of performance he had against Bolton Saturday, do your talking on the pitch but don’t take that point scoring into a pressroom, having cheap digs to make you feel better. There can be absolutely nothing constructive to come from giving the press bones like that to pick over, yet he makes comments about the frustration felt by “people who have got Chelsea in their hearts, who have been here a long time and want to see us performing as we should do.”

Clearly a dig at some who haven’t been around as long and yet he forgets there’s plenty who’ve been around a whole lot longer than he has and don’t particularly want their club ridiculed anymore than it already has been. I mean, rumours of in-house isues are one thing, but coming out and openly having a sly bitch at your manager is just embarrassing really.

Having started against Bolton, he gave the perfect answer to any question his manager might have had about giving him a game – which is exactly what we’d have expected from him – but again, he didn’t leave it there. After a performance and a goal that saw him become the first player to reach double figures in the Premier League for nine consecutive seasons, Lampard carried on “I just want to play and the way the fans were with me was amazing.  It’s lump-in-the-throat stuff when they sing your name like that.  When I play and I can play, I know I can contribute but the main importance is Chelsea.  The fans have stuck with us brilliantly.  It’s been a tough old season.  These fans here, I think they’ve been through and seen a lot back in the old days.  So they’re always very keen to stay with their players and I can only thank them for that.

… a club like Chelsea has to stay in the top four.  We know we can go on a really strong run of wins but we have to do it.  When you play, you can actually do something that can make a bit of a difference.”

Yes, we know he wants to play and when he puts in the sort of effort he did at the weekend, of course we want him to play as well but players are usually dropped for a reason.  Whether it’s because they haven’t been performing as well as they could, or their age dictates they need to be used more sparingly than before, that’s a battle they need to deal with in private – not a war they should fight in public.

So come on Frank, be the bigger man and get back to fighting for the team.


12 Responses to “Lampard: Save The Battles For The Pitch”

  1. Agreed! I think both AVB and Frank need to keep mums on this subject as the press at the moment is looking for any crack in the dressing room to peel them open on the back pages.
    Think of the club first and keep any personal issues personal.

  2. +1

  3. Couldn’t agree more, we see nothing from the outside unless it’s made known to the press from within. there was no need to bring it up to the press as if he were clearing the air. It stank to me and gave them more column inches to beat us with rather than reflect on what was for the most part a good solid performance.

  4. Very good article and I totally agree, although I personally believe you have been kind on Frank. He has been using the media and Frank’s friends (Jamie R, Jason Cun, etc) have been rubbishing AVB non stop especially after the Bolton game.
    Frank knows the majority of the fans love him for what he has done for the club and has been using that in his battle with AVB.
    My respect for him has greatly diminished this season.

  5. All that milking cheap applause after the game got to me as well. Goal tally aside he has played poorly and certainly not justifying 3 times the wages of most others on the pitch.

  6. Well artiiculated view out-there I strongly aggree. I want lampard to remember that there were players The fans loved before him But the then couch gave him playing time to mature. Into the game. How come the lampard does not. Want to repspect. That call Now so that wee can Have Anothet icon. I loveee lamp To the point of pre-naming my unborn child lampard but am starting to loose respect for Him. Up chelsea

  7. Frankie boy needs to grow up and realise the hero status he has with a lot of the Chelsea fans could easily disappear as it is my experience over the years…many fans are very fickle and will quickly move on to the next hero or villain…..
    What he has accomplished so far is now history and it is about what he does today…..and if he does not perform and continues to act like some egomaniac and spoilt brat….on your bike! No matter how good you thought you were…..reputations don’t win points…..good attitudes and effort do!
    Respect to your manager is one of the first rules in business….lack of respect can get you sacked whether you are a postman or a footballer???
    Kissing the badge is all for show….petty point scoring against a passionate manager…..will maybe win over the fickle fans….but the real one’s can see through it all…
    Keep the faith….AVB given time will prevail

  8. Yes Is Frank is being paid more than other team players, but that is down to a good agent who gets a cut and Abramovich not wanting to lose him to another club at that time and with Abramovich it`s still the same. We all no there are times Frank disappears in games, more notably against the top 3-4 clubs, but so do Gerrard, Scoles, Giggs & Modric. But like these players when the team are under pressure drawing or behind its Frank with a goal or an assist that has turned the game to are advantage, do we need to lose that type of player the other clubs dont think so.
    If yes then who?, we have a youth system that has produced some good players, but have not yet matured into first team players weather when on loan or in the first team here and thats a shame.
    If there was someone out there would`nt you thought the club would have identified and purchased them and had him or them as an understudy for Frank. Well there have been but we were to late Manchester got in there while we were still in bed. At this present time the midfield in british footbal is very weak and purchasing abroad has been difficult for all clubs, but sadly highlighted more with us. Spain have good midfield players but sadly only in 3-4 clubs the same with Italy, Germany, Holland, Portugal & France and they all want to stay in there own country or go to Spanish football the British game frightens them here it`s to fast & physical though i think its getting soft thanks to the red card.
    We have other players that are not producing the goods and sorry they are Foreign, but like the England fans and now some Chelsea fans Frank is getting the flak lets look at them and see how thier positions in the club can be improved for the better of Chelsea FC

  9. Completely agree and have said the same thing. There’s no good to be gained venting to the press. He’s either being naive or manipulative with it. I would love Chelsea whether its Ancellotti, AVB, or even back to Mourinho at the helm! But whoever’s coach NEEDS the full cooperation and BUY IN for all his players for the team to succeed. And anything that sabotages that just doesnt sit right with me. BTW…David Luiz salvaged that Bolton game, not Lamps.

  10. I hope and pray that chelsea keep AVB…He is certainly the man for the job,however a player like lampard who thinks, his age mate is AVB,and has played the game a long time to know everything about the game must reconsider.Lampard is a legend no doubt ,but his performances have been dwindling,and hence has been benched on a number of occasions.AVB ‘s tactics might have worked when he played romeu in the holding role, with mereiles freed to make those attacking runs and passes.(we beat mancity& valencia during that run)But knowing hw the media hates chelsea dey av influenced AVB decision to be dropping romeu vis a vis the Barcelona buy back clause.hence deploying mereiles as the holding midfielder ,s role he particularly sucks at.Torres not scoring is just the voodoo drogba has on every competitor who challenges for the number 9 spot.drogba out,lampard out,malouda out romeu in,essien with the other regulars n chelsea will be fine for the test of the season.

  11. Frank is a Chelsea legend. His record shows 9 years of consistency. Who is AVB? Does he even deserve to be called a manager after his record this year? The only success he achieved so far is transforming a squad of world-class players into mocked has-beens. Mocked even by so-called fans eager to attribue to them the blame for everything and absolving AVB of any guilt. Why do fans miss Mourinho? Because he stated clearly that ONE person takes responsibility for bad results – he and he alone, wish AVB had this sort of cojones.

    If AVB wants to keep the job he needs to grow up as a manager drastically! For the sake of CFC, I hope he does, with Hiddink already hired, I don’t see anyone who can magically improve the situation instead and some stability at helm would be nice.

    But not at all cost…

  12. I am not a fan of Lampard, never have been. Lampard is overated forward, pretending to be a mid-fielder. Does not tacle, is not creative. All he does is does is pop in penalty area, areas, forwards should be. No wonder, good players have flopped. eg; Shevchenko, Kezman and now Torres. Only Drogba who is more of a bully then a player has prospered. WHY? What is it about Chelsea that turns good players into flops. Chelsea need to move forward, for that to happen, lampard, Drogba, Terry, should move out