Big Names Linked With Summer Move To Chelsea

So apparently Cristiano Ronaldo and Gonzalo Higuain are on their way to Stamford Bridge in the summer. Well, that is if you believe what the papers say, anyway.

With Chelsea barely scraping through the round of 16 in the Champions’ League and Premier League title hopes all but over now, it seems owner Roman Abramovich has decided it is time to take drastic action – and this time, those placing a novelty bet should note that  it doesn’t see a manager losing his job.

A deal to bring the Real Madrid duo to West London would smash all records, and would even have big spending Manchester City quaking in their boots. But you cannot help but wonder how any such deal could ever make sense for a player in Ronaldo’s position.

The Portuguese superstar seemingly spent years trying to forge his move to the Bernabeu whilst with Manchester United, and it hardly seems five minutes ago that he finally saw that wish granted. Since then, his record in Spain has been incredible. At the weekend, he scored a brace to take his tally of league goals to over 100. In doing so, he set a new record, becoming the fastest ever player to reach the milestone in La Liga. Faster, even, than the great Ferenc Puskas.

He will no doubt be delighted to have got that record, but he will surely be even happier if those goals help Real Madrid to finally outwit Barcelona and become La Liga Champions this season. It looks like it could happen, and further still, not many teams stand a better chance than them of winning this season’s Champions’ League.

But back to Chelsea: from their perspective, it is great to see them targeting such players. It shows the level of their ambition, and further still, the undying support of their passionate Russian chairman. He would love nothing more than to see his side on top of world football.

What does seem clear, is Chelsea do need to spend big in the summer if they are to join the two Manchester clubs at the summit of the Premier League. Their performances this season have proven that it is now going to take more than it ever has done to win a Premier League title.

Whilst bringing in new, world class players is essential, a clearing of the decks is also in order. There are too many players at the club now who are picking up large wage packets but hardly playing any football. Indeed, for years there seems to have been a serious attitude problem among certain players at the club.

It is time that a new generation of stars were brought in. Players who will play the sort of vibrant, attacking football that has made both United and City such a success this season. Ronaldo may be the answer, but if not, Abramovich must have a plan B.


Written by TCB reader Thomas Rooney

5 Responses to “Big Names Linked With Summer Move To Chelsea”

  1. Malouda, Kalou, Mikel, Bosingwa all come to mind, don’t they?

    Might also be time for Drogba to say goodbye…

    But I, for one, hope for Lampard and Terry to stay with CFC till end of their careers – they never left a shadow of doubt about their commitement.

  2. Only john terry should continiue but for other oil horse they should go. They have tried but it‘s time for them to go at least they are aged. Pls pls pls they are do to go thanks

  3. Apparently City are linked with Ronaldo as well. And City do what they’ve done best. Pay ridiculous amounts of money for established players.

  4. In the first place, spending that kind of money for just one player doesnt really much sense, when that amount could bring in several very good players into the club. I however, agree with the massive over-hauling of the current Chelsea first team squad to create space for new entrants. I would as such recommend that players like Malouda, Bosingwa, Drogba, Meireles, Cole, amongst others be let go, for players like Modric, Moura, Hazard, Van der Wiel, Alvaro Perreira, Cavani etc. Chelsea would also need a good manager like Pep or Jose, but I also think we should consider retaining Di matteo

  5. Chelsea is a vibrant team with a vivid future..kalou,drogba,malouda,bosingwa must live room 4 young new players..mikel is making a good form