Barcelona 2-2 CHELSEA (2-3 agg): Goals (video)


4 Responses to “Barcelona 2-2 CHELSEA (2-3 agg): Goals (video)”

  1. In The End
    We found the formula to beat barca

    Nice Tricks Mou ??

  2. Just popped over from Republik of Mancunia who I think Chelsea D will be familiar with. Anyway being a United fan and this pains me to say it but I actually wanted you to put those over rated greatest team ever my arse Barca side in their place. Kudos for getting the tactics spot on. Summat we failed to do in Rome and at Wembley last year. A huge effort and well done. Just hope you get beat in the final though!!

  3. If Chelsea win the European Title, can you consider them the best squad in the world?

  4. King Eric – ohhhhh you had to spoil it at the end there! Cheers though, takes the bigger man to congratulate us 🙂