Arsenal v CHELSEA: Preview







Venue: Emirates Stadium

Date: Saturday, 21 April

Kick-off: 12.45 GMT


Our players must be bloody knackered because it’s a struggle just keeping up with these previews lately. Our fixtures are relentless and having beaten ‘the best club on the planet’ a few days ago, today we get to play their sister-club – the prettiest club on the planet.… Read More

Arsenal v CHELSEA: Prediction & Stats







Right, it’s an early kick off today so you’d better get yourself over to quick, to get your weekly fix of their great stats.

 … Read More

Applauding Anti-Football?

Call it anti-football, call it ‘unjust’,  call it whatever you like really because we still managed to beat Barcelona with it.

It wasn’t expected, in fact, going into Wednesday night’s game I’d heard so many times how Chelsea ‘just aren’t good enough’ to live with ‘the best team on the planet’, you can only imagine so many neutrals tuned into it for the goal-fest they’d predicted we’d be on the receiving end of. … Read More

CHELSEA vs Barca: A Chat With The Enemy (part II)

Tonight’s the night, so if you want a quick look at more thoughts on the proceedings, click here for a look at part II in The Chelsea Blog’s chats with Total Barca.… Read More

CHELSEA v Barcelona: Champions League Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge

Date: Wednesday, 18 April

Kick-off: 1945 BST


Excited or dreading it, there’s no avoiding it. It’s the Champions League semi-final and yet again we’ve found ourselves up against Barcelona.

Barca might not have Tom Henning Overbo but they have got Lionel Messi so it’s a tough call which one would be preferable anyway.  … Read More

CHELSEA v Barcelona: A Chat With The Enemy

Ahead of our first leg of the Champions League semi-final aainst Barcelona tomorrow night, The Chelsea Blog has answered a few questions for those over at Total Barca. To have a read of the first of our chats across these games, click here.… Read More

Spurs v CHELSEA: FA Cup Semi-final Preview

Venue: Wembley Stadium, London

Date: Sunday, 15 April

Kick-off: 1800 BST


It’s a bit special the FA Cup. Well, if you ignore the fact semis are played at Wembley – on a Sunday night – and the time of the final is no longer sacred either – it’s a bit special, if you’re in it.… Read More

The Ultimate Premier League TV Guide

I was reading my timeline on Twitter when Arsenal were playing the other night – you know how they are, tweet after boring tweet bigging themselves up to Barca proportions against ten men – and I couldn’t help thinking how like a certain reality TV show their supporters were.

Anyway, this sparked a bit of life into the old grey matter because a few weeks back, one of the more talented and tolerable United supporters on my timeline tweeted a #FootballMeatMarket – a hilarious series of tweets comparing Premier League clubs to certain females.… Read More

Chelsea: It’s Not About The Money, Money, Money

Watching our game against Wigan at the weekend, I was really disappointed. God knows why, because given our fixture list is as congested as the District Line on a Saturday afternoon and our starting XI is subject to more changes than Katie Price’s little black book lately, I appreciate we can’t expect to be blowing anyone away. … Read More

Fulham v CHELSEA: Preview








Venue: Craven Cottage

Date: Monday, 9 April

Kick-off: 20.00 BST


There was a time I’d have bloody loved these games every other day but all I can think of lately is “fuck me, how many more of these games can we get through?” And I know congested fixture lists are meant to be a sign of success, it’s just that the performance against Wigan didn’t feel terribly successful.… Read More