Chelsea 2011/12 Season: As It Looked












































4 Responses to “Chelsea 2011/12 Season: As It Looked”

  1. I think the season went quite succesfull at the end. In March everyone thought this season was a lost one, but now there in the Champions league final is the attitude a lot better.

    I look forward to the champions league final and the next season. What do you guys think?


  2. To crown the effort of the players for this season!,I think they all deserve to lift the Champions League!..Blues for Live!!

  3. well, they should know that after some problem with led the team not making the top 4,that winning the champions legue is not only the piority but playing in the leuge come next season is another thing that is surpose to be on there mind. Chelsea is still our belive and our club

  4. Next saturday is going to by very important for the Chelsea FC!
    They never won the champions league before so it should be amazing when the can lift the cup !

    But when Chelsea doesn’t win the final, we have a disaster coming. Because Chelsea have to play in de Europe League next season. Chelsea is way to good for that competition.

    What do you guys think ?