Didier: Thank You For Supporting Me


9 Responses to “Didier: Thank You For Supporting Me”

  1. Thank you for all the wonderful moments you have been able to deliver for us fans Didier. You are an absolute legend, here at the club, in the premier league, and in world football. You have always always performed at the highest level. You are a truly remarkable person and you will always hold the highest amount of respect in all our hearts. Thank you Didier, Thank you!

    P.S. A long ball from the midfield to Drogba upfront, who chests it and swirls to fire the ball into the top. DIDIER DROGBA SCORES\m/\m/
    would always miss that, always 🙂

  2. Double D we shall miss you and you shall always be in our hearts. We love and wish you well. You are truely a chelsea legend.

  3. 1 word LEGEND thank you for everything.
    Gutted your leaving.

  4. Thank you Drogba for giving us smiles.I hope Lukaku will emulate you.You are unique n will be hard to replace.All de best in ur remaining playing career but i’d have loved to see u hang ur boots in a Chelsea Shirt!!I’ll be ur fan till u stop playing.Drogba fan for life!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’d have love to see u hang ur boot wearin a chelsea jersey. U are truely a legend in chelsea, the greatest player ever on blue. Ur contribution to our great club will never be forgotten. U remain my idol forever. I luv u

  6. U will always be rememberd as a chelsea

  7. Double D u will always be unreplaceable i wish u could stay we love love and love u,u r truely a football legend n icon hope we can find sum1 to replace u! I love u(JOSE) i think chelsea r 2 be blame 4 ur departure they should av given u 2 years u demand ! We love u DD.

  8. D best of luck in ur remainin career love u DD blues 4 life.

  9. oh i feel like bringing back those wonderful days about dedier, the man who gives me hope and confidence.my hero i we al ways remain ur fans any where u go like MTN.Long live CHELSEA FC,long live DEDIER DROGBA,long live CHELSEA FANS in NIGERIA.blue is the colour wining is our mentality