Chelsea: Who Stays, Who Goes?

After the excitement of our Champions League win last weekend, you’d assume things might quieten down a bit at Chelsea this week, not so though. We’ve been hearing that in spite of not having a permanent manager in post yet, the wheels continue to turn. So here’s a look at some of top stories:


Chelsea Offside looks at the potential exits of Kalou and Bosingwa and Lampard’s new deal

Malouda inists he’s staying according to

The official CFC site brings us a very upbeat Torres looking to the future

The Guardian tells us Lukaku is another player fired up after our Champions League win

The World Game says Zola is backing Di Matteo for the manager’s job

The Daily Mail reckons Capello fancies the hotseat next season

And Give Me Football reckons Di Matteo could snub Chelsea anyway


14 Responses to “Chelsea: Who Stays, Who Goes?”

  1. Plz Maluda,Ferrier shld go becos thy are wick.THANK U

  2. Lampard,kalou,bosingwa,ferreira,malouda,meireles,hillario n turnbull.

  3. Kalou,fereira,bosingwa,essien,malouda and actor drogba in other 2 give torres a chance 2 prove himself.

  4. Plz help me tell d board at chelsea 2 let dis guys go: malouda,ferera,hilario,mereles,sturidge. And tank 4 send kalou n bosingwa away.

  5. At this stage we need varsatile players,players who could do variety of things together.King Drogba has gone,it’s a pity about that.He’s the type of players we need at dis stage.Player like malouda,bosingwa,kaluo,should go.Stugrridge should be loan out and for fereira he his a loyer player and he has paid his due let him go. Chelsea should bring in player with that kind of Drogba and lampard heart,players like Cavani,Hulk and Adam johnson of man city and Donovan of usa.

  6. Chelsea should offload the following legends; Ferera,Bosingwa,Malouda,Hilario,and Kalou. The following persons should be brought in;Hulk,Adam Johnson,Van der Weil,while Piazon,Blackman,and Hutchson,should be promoted.

  7. Along with Kalou and Bosingwa, Malouda, Ferreira, Hilario, Turnbull (Blackman must be deputized) all these with Drogba bowing out gives us room for expansion.

    GK: Cech Blackman

    DEF: Ivanovic JT Luiz Cahill Cole Bertrand Hutchinson. Then we can bring in Van Der Wiel maybe unless we experiment with Luiz at RB in place of Ivanovic but if we bring in VDW he will have to play RB and that could mean JT fighting for a place,i love him as much as anyone but Gary and David have been immense and have far outshone him at times, age is sadly coming but we have back up!

    MID: Ramires Mikel Mata Frank Essien McEachran DeBruyne Marin Piazon we have a wealth of experience and youth as well as hunger, getting a guy like Hazard or Hulk with their pace and skill will be great but not at the cost of team morale with Hazard’s supposed attitude, but i would take him in a flash!even Adam Johnson but i doubt we will get him and he will have the same role with us.

    ATT: Torres Sturridge Lukaku the addition of Hulk would be a great re-enforcement to midfield and back up of attack i think Nando must be the focal point he has shown form and if we feed him the way Stevie G and Alonso did over at the pudle he will bring goals galore. Sturridge is versatile but should be given a run in the middle and Lukaku must either be loaned out to Everton or Stoke or we must use him i prefere a loan simply so he can play every week.

    without any further signings we can put together a strong team currently

    Bana Luiz/Cahill/JT Luiz/Cahill/JT Ash/Ryan

    Mikel McEachran/Piazon

    Ramires Marin
    bench: Blackman, JT/Luiz/Cahill, McEachran/Piazon, Sturridge, Lukaku, Frank/Essien, DeBruyne

    just 1 example of a possible twenty odd……….

    with transfers it could be the likes of VDW, Hazard, Hulk, not so keen on Cavani n Falcao i think now is the time to put faith in the youngsters we havent been winning trophies at youth level for nothing!!

    but most importantly!! Malouda must not be allowed on the field with young talent like Lalkovic, Marin and DeBruyne on the sides-thanks for 2009/2010 but time to leave!!

  8. THE IN AND OUT CHELSEA PLAYERS: OUT:malouda,kalou,essien,mereiles,ferreira.IN:Hazard,modric,falcao or hulk but prefers falcao,adam johnson,etc. Up chelseaaaaaaaaaaaaaa up bluessssssssssssssssss

  9. what a wonderful comment by Darry. Guy i’m really impressed by what you said. But my candid suggestion is that Chelsea should purchase football forces like Hulk, Lavezzi and Eden Hazard.

  10. Van der wiel cannot defend we may as well keep bossy if the club are genuinely looking at him. Hutchinson is like Iva in that he can play CB and RB, solid at the back with a great cross. If he’s fully recovered then we can use him as back up and put Kane on lone for a season. With the emergence of Bertrand nothing else needs to change at the back.

    Players who I think should be promoted are McEachran, Hutchinson, Chalobah (can play many positions which would benefit us greatly), Lalkovic (not spectacular but could prove to be efficient) and Piazon (to help his development and to help us). Bertrand is already there.

    Strikers: Torres and Studge. Both extremely talented in that specific position. Lukaku would benefit greatly from a season on loan. I actually saw great potential in the Lukaku/Studge partnership in the Blackburn game. Would love to see them pay together more in the future.

    The only players we desperately need are a winger (not Hazard as he clearly doesn’t see himself there) and a CM/DM. McEachran and De Bruyne can play the Mata role or in that double pivot midfield Robbie has been playing.

  11. DeBruyne is more of a tricky winger than a pace master so Hulk will solve our peoblem on the wing not to mention Ramires with his pace and superhuman stamina! try catch a glimpse of DeBruyne in action hoping he impresses in the tour of US and gets a chance Marin is much the same, no blistering pace but can turn defenders inside out if given the chance, i forgot to mention how much i want Meireles to leave, yes he has contributed with a few good goals but his lack of presence and laziness in midfield-he has cheaply conceded possession and left our defence to save us on too many occasions- with Piazon and Josh knocking on the door we can not afford more time wasted not developing these players for the sake of entertaining players doing more damage than good, with Malouda and Meireles on the field we might as well have 9 and a half players!! and do address the Lucas Moura issue-has everyone forgotten a certain Lucas Piazon who is already on our books!!!!a player maybe not gifted with blistering pace but he has shown for the reserves and before he came here why he has been referred to as the next Kaka,if we do buy Moura great but loan him out,i can not express the frustration of seeing young players not given chances at the expense of overpriced raw talent!!and now for Josh!!i seriously thought this season Josh was gonna break through and establish himself as a serious future talent, anyone with a sniff of a footballing brain can see a young Xavi with each touch of the ball and yet thanks to management his entire season was wasted,loan him out to a team that WILL play him regularly or play him ourselves and in a few years we will see a midfield giant who loves our club, we can not afford to waste our immense wealth of young talent!! as much as we loved Robbie before he won the champs league as manager his success has come from getting the old guard-all of whom are responsible for the sacking of AVB-playing again with passion,if he does not have the passion to bring OUR youth through then i am sorry but he is not the man for us, the single most important goal for this season should be to blood our youngsters, SAF did it with man u in 96 and won a title and 3 years later the treble, not to mention Barca’s youth who have matured and played together!!there is no reason why the likes of Bertrand,McEachran,Piazon, DeBruyne,Lukaku,Bruma,Courtois can not form the backbone of a truly great team alongside the likes of Mata,Ramires,Studge,Torres,Marin,Luiz,and Cahill, not to mention our youth academy(Connor Clifford is Roy Keane in a Blue shirt!!) but now is the time before they get frustrated and disillusioned and move on!!!!

  12. Darryl, I admire your faith, but I doubt that each of these youngsters you mention will really reach the level required to dominate Premier League and Champions League. I think McEachran surely deserves a chance. Also others should definitely be tried, but if they cannot perform instantly I don’t think we can afford to just lose games to blood the youngsters. Things need to be done gradually and considering the form of players. If a player of great talent does not have the right form at the right moment it can often be a big hit to his career – it’s just the way it is…

  13. completely agree my point is that we’ll never know if we don’t try rather look back in 5 years and know we tried with them rather than see them somewhere else thriving or wasted because they were never tried

  14. Am very happy 4 chelsea about the new signing player, at least they make a change and reform 4 chelsea. Consigning the floop player chelsea board should trie and offload them because this is the revolution era for chelsea. As a confirm chelsea fan from nigeria we are hurgry for another champieors league.thanks very much.i will never say die and i will never say quiet.