A Week On: JT & Chelsea Still Proud

A week on from our Champions League final win and there’s two things that stand out for me. First and foremost what stands out is the incredible joy and pride I still feel every single day when I remember we’re the Champions of Europe and it’s beginning to dawn on me that, that feeling is one I’ll get used to – because it’s not going away anytime soon. Sadly, what’s also been all too evident every single day since, is that any oppositional bitterness around our achievements last Saturday night have been channelled into the nation’s witchhunt against our captain.

From the daily breaking of ‘jokes’ and timelines full of bitter tweets, to photo-shops of him anywhere from the moon to the royal wedding balcony, we’ve took it all in the past week. And whilst it’s gone way past tedious each and every day, we have taken it, probably because we’re all way too happy to really give a shit. What I’m not prepared to take though are venemous, bitter and entirely uncalled for character assasinations written under the guise of journalism – and that’s what I’ve just read.

James Calvert, whoever he might be when he’s at home, appears to have spewed every bit of bile he had in him onto paper and palmed it off as sports journalism – and for me, that’s wholly unacceptable. It’s not news, it’s not even a sports opinion, it’s an attack on a professional footballer written out of resentment and personal dislike, set to antagonise anyone connected with Chelsea FC and kiss the arse of anyone who isn’t.

He has the front to suggest John Terry’s involvement in our Champions League celebrations was “quite frankly, a rather sad display of ego” and yet here he is, submitting a bitter, personal attack resembling a pretty poor blog-piece and dressing it up as sports journalism for the Times of Malta – if that’s not egotistical, then Joey Barton’s on for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Seriously, what’s it to him – or anyone else for that matter – if John Terry was involved in our celebrations? They were about Chelsea and Chelsea’s achievements over the past season. Why did it suddenly become everyone else’s business? Surely last Saturday night was about what we wanted to see? And whether the rest of the world like it or not, what we wanted to see was our captain, the captain who has put his arse on the line for us more times than I care to count, for over a decade, lifting the trophy he and his team have worked so hard for. Yes, he’d got himself sent off against Barcelona and by his own admission, had been a pillock with the actions that led to that, but a misdemeanour in one game doesn’t write off everything else in his Chelsea career up to that point.

And so what if he changed into his kit before the celebrations. Did anyone slate Ivanovic, Ramires and Meireles for doing the same thing? No of course they didn’t, they didn’t even notice anything our other players had done that night because that’s not how vendetta’s work is it?

So whilst Calvert points to footage of John Terry’s Champions League celebrations as his definition of ‘cringeworthy’, for me, the ridiculous amount of attention paid to our captain’s actions last weekend and the effort and time dedicated to keeping it in the news since are what really define cringeworthy. The bottom line is, last weekend we became the Champions of Europe and we celebrated it our way, a way Chelsea wanted and a way Uefa accepted.

Get over yourselves ffs.


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  1. Well said. Must also be noted that the same bitter morons have not mentioned David Villa and Carlos Puyol, take part in Barcelonas Copa Del Rey celebrations!

  2. It’s suprising to hear people criticizes JT for lifting the holy grail when uefa gave the go ahead.What Roman want was the cup with big ears not who lifts the trophy anyway,i do expect and wish everyone should know that we European Champions who won on neutral ground as compared to barca-platini 2009 and 2011 victory.

  3. Please 4get about the JT critics, they wil see him lift it 4 the second time soon. Rebuilding the Roman empire will be massive the summer

  4. So why are you bothered by what’s written in the Times of Malta by someone that no-one’s heard of? As you say to him, what’s it to you? He’s succeeded in getting to you and you provided him with the oxygen of publicity. Fail.

  5. The reason why we noticed only John Terry was because the cameras were on him all the fucking time. There was more attention on him than even the XI that was engaged in a bloody battle to the death against the Germans. And who is to blame for that? Why, your dear Captain Leader Legend himself.

    Of course JT’s reputation precedes him in whatever he does. He might have been a servant par excellence to Chelsea football club for over a decade, but dare I say that acting as a cock for the same period means he’ll never be seen by neutrals a true great of the game? He’s not the only one who sleeps around, argues with refs, racially abuses fellow footballers and pretends to be the man running his club- but he definitely comes close to being the vilest, most despicable of the kind.

    Go back to 99′, when Scholes and Keane stayed in their suits and stayed away from the celebrating players for most of the time. Roy Keane- adored by United fans, but popularly hailed as the most egoistic dickhead around- even he deemed it fit to act in this manner. There was no compulsion on JT to do the same, but it would have been nice if he had.

    I can see your point though- Chelsea have just won the European Cup, and all people can talk about is their absolute bellend of a captain. That’s the price you pay for having a man like JT as the face of your club. Lampard, Drogba, Ashley Cole- none of them are exactly liked by opposition fans, but they are respected. Terry never will be.

    Congratulations on winning the Champions League. Your players played out of their skins for it- even though John Terry did his best to sabotage your plans. I wonder when the thought of quietly moving him on will come to the minds of the Chelsea team management.

  6. If anyone needs proof of why JT was rightfully entitled to lift the cup last week all they need do is YouTube the footage of when JT got knocked out with a sickening boot to the face against Arsenal, he literally put his body on the line for CFC, enough said on that point really.

    Now as for the kit wearing, how stupid would it have looked if he was in a suit in the middle of the celebration photos and especially the official photo taken after the presentation? He would have stuck out like a sore thumb and undoubtedly been slated for that too, jealousy breeds contempt folks.

    As for the “article” by James Calvert, honestly who gives a flying rat turd what he or anyone else thinks? We, CHELSEA FC, are champions of Europe! No one can take that from us, not even Blatter with his usual Chelsea bashing nonsense, so enjoy it folks, lap it up, for at least the next year we can say we outclassed and outplayed the best teams in Europe and THAT my friends is all that really matters. KTBFFH!

  7. Arun you are the one who love eric cantona but or other bad behavior players in your club that is there own personality who cares about that we always focus about there performance on the pitch so shut your mouth. whatever you stupid said never ever change our history & Captain Leader Legend JT.

  8. Arun – if Scholes and Keane didnt feel the same sort of passion for winning it as JT, thats down to them. He’s very much at the heart of Chelsea and it was his rightful place as far as CFC were concerned. Point is, we couldnt give a toss for outsiders opinions and you all need to get over it, its getting obsessive and embarrassing. Im sure had Keane and Scholes done the same you’d have been kissing their arses.
    Carry on obsessing over our captain if you must but youre exactly the sort of person who gives him the limelight you so hate him to have – ironic.

  9. on a similar theme, that scouser twat John Aldridge also laid it on hot and heavy the week before the final with the incredulous headline in an Irish paper entitled ‘I hope bayern batter the blues next saturday’..apparently all us Chelsea fans only jumped on the bandwagon when roman A bought the club in 2003, he then hilariously suggested that if chelsea won it would a hollow win for a fake plastic club! However as I pointed out to him in a follow up email reply or rant, I thought it was fair brassneck of him considering he was one of the original ‘plastic paddies’ that jumped on the Irish soccer team bandwagon back in 1986, because he is no more Irish than the pope himself is!
    Oh and I also pointed out to him that we actually do have a history and that I have followed this ‘;fake’ club since 1970…i am still awaiting a response but I wouldent be holding my breath, what a bitter shallow begrudging little scouser he is…

  10. JT not seen by neutrals as a great of the game,your having a laugh.You must have a very bad memory,he’s been in UEFA team of the year five times as picked by managers of all the clubs.Three premierships, four FA cups,two Carling cups,not to mention the Champions League,terrific player and captain. As regards his conduct off the field in his personal life, the young French lady it was alleged he had been with ,got several large payouts from the press for false stories.As to the upcoming case,I cannot see how anything can be proved,where no one heard anything and YouTube evidence shows JT saying something at least 40 metres away,which to me could be aimed at the ref who never gave him a free in the QPR area.

  11. They really haven’t had a whole lot to bitch about since Di matteo tool over, but that won’t stop them from trying. Pathetic journalists and pathetic rival fans. Shall we take a look at United, City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenhams champions league progression? Oh wait…

  12. I gat one thing to say to ppl taking trash abt JT…kill yourself..

  13. “Arun, on May 27th, 2012 at 15:59 Said:
    The reason why we noticed only John Terry was because the cameras were on him all the fucking time. There was more attention on him than even the XI that was engaged in a bloody battle to the death against the Germans. And who is to blame for that?”

    the cameramen filming him & the producers/directors who decided to screen that footage rather than other things that were going on.

    ivanovic, meireles & ramires were also suspended for the game. all 3 celebrated in full kit & lifted the cup with the rest of the squad. ivanovic was at one point riding the goalframe like it was a horse…a pretty ostentatious way of celebrating a victory he wasn’t on the pitch for.

    but no-one complained about that. the cameras didn’t linger too long on any of those 3. terry was the one people wanted to criticise. he was the “story”.

    chelsea won the european cup. all their players, including those who were suspended for the final, joined in the celebrations in full kit. the reserve & youth teams & all those who didn’t make the matchday squad were also out on the pitch celebrating in their full kit. you don’t like it? tough.

    i think everyone knows what this is really about though…people not liking john terry & looking for literally any reason to have a go at him. be honest with yourselves & realise how pathetic that is.

  14. The entire Chelsea FC family should give deaf ears to whatever the haters have to say. I don’t even have time to recount the stupid and senseless attacks on the club and its players from Haters.the bottom line is we are now champions of European football.like we say in my country, if you are not comfortable with that, go hug a transformer.

  15. Thanks for saying what so many of us think. Look JT has risked his reputation in the long run by some of his actions, however that is for history to decide and evaluate. Leveraging his amazing talent and will especially in the fave of a difficult season, I say he’s been a rock for Chelsea (especially this season) and England.

    As for Mr. Calvert, let’s see him display some risk by putting bias aside and report on true news…though I postulate his reporting will be more of the same…shortsighted.

    Carry on with the Chelseablog!

  16. We are the Champions and if you don’t like it…learn to love it bcz we have the title and we r not giving out up any time soon. and guess who will lead us, hmmm J Fucking T so suck i haters

  17. I’m Chelsea through and through, but lets all calm down here.

    Arun, has made a some valid points if you look at it objectively. You have to ask yourself why people hate JT so much to understand why he is always the focus.

    Lets be clear JT is one of the best English defenders ever. The problem his public persona as a man fails miserably. Misdeamonours and unthought out acts such as: being involved with laughing at Americans on 9/11, to parking in disabled bays, using City to improve his contract at ours, banging Bridge’s babymother, selling unofficial Cobham tours, racially abusing Ferdy, getting sent off in Barca and all invoke feelings of hatred and disgust.

    If you add his trophy collection into the mix and you can see how the jealousy boils over into articles such as the one you mention.

    JT may be our captain, legend, leader but for the quintessential capatin look no further than Super Frankie Lampard.

  18. I agree my reaction has a lot to do with my searing hatred for your beloved captain. It might strike you as being pathetic, but there’s good reason for it- as I have so meticulously pointed out in my previous comment. I have failed to see all these years why even Chelsea fans adore this knobhead of a captain so much. He has no doubt been an absolute asset- but tell me, wouldn’t you rather someone else was leading you all this time instead? Doesn’t a tiny, mostly unacknowledged part of you wish you had sold JT for good money when the blue side of Manchester came calling, and been winning all these trophies with some other world-class defender to put his arse on the line?

    Excellent player, detestable character. You have your trophy, but at what cost? I don’t think any of the Blues here would give a flying fuck about this, but Chelsea could so easily have been a likeable club… and this despite them being one of United’s major rivals.

  19. @Arun I for one, (and couldn’t give a fuck if any other blues hang me out for it) am not a big fan of jt as a person at all. He has done terrible things n I wouldn’t defend it. But I judge by the playing and the strong leadership he has and that’s why I’m proud to have him in my team. Plenty of players in the game have questionable personal lives, but I’m in it for the football, not the sideshow bullshit created by the media.

  20. having a “searing hatred” for someone you don’t know, have never met, will never meet & who has literally no impact on your life in anyway whatsoever…other than playing sports on the telly…

    it doesn’t just “strike me as pathetic”. it is pathetic.

    going out of your way to find reasons to hate him more is also pathetic…& kinda creepy.

    “neutrals” just needed some way of distracting themselves from the fact that chelsea won the big one. “haters” just took that excuse to vent their spleen & ran with it.

    if it still bothers you; over a week later; that is very sad indeed.

  21. England has to be the country of the most moral people in the world if JT is such a ‘bad person’. I struggle to believe that this is the same nation Monthy Python comes from.