Chelsea Transfer Gossip: Schweinsteiger In, Sturridge Out?

It’s pre-season, it’s the Euros and the rumours continue to roll. Here’s a few from the weekend for you:


FootyLatest have us linked with Schweinsteiger

TheNational have picked out a couple of Polish players to link us with

FootballTalk have us in for a defender

ThePremierLeagueOwl give us their suggested signing

And going the other way, GiveMeFootball reckon Liverpool are after Sturridge


18 Responses to “Chelsea Transfer Gossip: Schweinsteiger In, Sturridge Out?”

  1. I don’t think so on Schweinsteiger but that said, he’d compliment any team. I hope Sturridge stays and gets the no 2 CF nod behind Torres; enough games and rotation for him to show the Bolton loan form in his favoured position. We all know the main thing is RB; lets go get Piszczek or Debuchy and stay away from Greg VdW; he’s no better than Bosingwa defensively and not as good in RB attack, pre and current the Euros

  2. Chelsea must take a look at the portugese right back from last night he looked a good player Peirera or something very close.

  3. The Sturridge rumours all started because he said he was not happy to have sat the last half and the press have decide that means he wants to leave and Chelsea wants to sell

    The same is with Schweinsteiger, although he has said he will not leave Munich and said Roman had no discussion of transfers the papers need a story to tell.

    The comings and goings during this the stupid season are 99% BS and 1% accurate. Each year Chelsea is gaining 30 players and have bid 1 trillion pounds but usually it is one or two major signings only

    Oh lately I read Torres, Terry, Cole and Lampard may leave now too…

    The Only One

  4. Chelsea don’t need any more midfielders or strikers.
    They need a right back. Yeaa we have paulo ferirra, but he’s getting older now, he doesn’t have enough pace to suit Chelsea’s type of play.
    I have huge respect for him, but we need a right back with pace and accuracy. I know Chelsea has a lot of money, but work with the players.
    I believe lukaku could be OUR next drogba. Please give him more playing time!!

  5. up chelsea,up blue!

  6. who says that chelsea don’t need striker? i guess you don’t know what is football 38 matches for the season, what if Torres get injury along the line or did not perform well? we need a sharp striker who will be Drogba replacement and the GUY is Falcao even if the price targ is 50million the we bought Torres he worth it because he has the same strength with Drogba i still have no full confidence in Torres. Sturriage is a very good strike he can drible and shut very well, we need a sharp strike to so that they will be a competition of place it will make them to work hard and i urge RDM to give Dani Sturriage chance to play in the midle in some matches like Wigan, QPR, and other midle class club. i have confidence in Sturriage more than Fenando. But i wish Fenando to perform well because he is a calm guy with no ego and aggressive spirit. I wish Chelse Football Club Unite and Success in this coming Season. Long Live Abrahamovic. long live RDM long live Chelsea Player and long live all chelsea fans allover the world

  7. I really hope that Sturridge stays I think he has a lot of potential to run defenders ragged and with the right manager to stroke his ego he can do very well with us.

  8. I believe chelsea can still make it without signing any more striker(s). Give lukaku more playing chance after torres, he has all d features drogba has even more (speed and techniques). Utilise and davilla were also there and with time, our wonderful youths strikers. If RDM can persuade ivanovich to continue with d right back role, then we need not buy any cos we have hutchson, bruma who play d role atimes and some fantastic players in our youths. But if ivanovich persists, then we can go for one. As for sturridge, let him go cos he is too selfish.

  9. We need a sharp striker like S. Jovetic, E. Cavani & R. Falcao. They are the perfect substitute of former blues striker….

  10. I don,t think Daniel Sturrage should let go somewhere. He needs more playing time just to prove that he is a goog player for Chelsea fc. RDM should give Torres all the affection he needs if it is the way to make him get on his form again like he doing in Poland currently. God bless all Chelsea fans world wide.

  11. Price on Cavani is 70 mil .

    The Hulk deal looks like its stalled since Porto upped the asking price .
    Lukaku is going out on loan .

    Jovetic we have not even made a bid for him .

    RDM dropped Sturridge because he is selfish and is not a team player ,he actually cost us a few games last season by not passing and missing sitters .
    With him and Torres as our strikers next season i do not feel confidant ,what if one is injured and the other suspended ?.
    We also have a trip to Japan right before the holiday season .

    With the extra games we will have our most demanding season ever ,sure we also have a couple of youngsters to move up .
    And because of the Olympics Luiz ,Mata and Sturridge will not be ready for start of the season .

  12. How i wish RDM encourages F.Torres cos he’s a great talent for d blues,D.Sturridge is not a striker that plays with others,is just too selfish,we need a RB and 1 more striker to assist Torres if needs arises,because we’re having more matches than ever this season so there4 we need young stars to be promoted 4rm d academy.GOD bless CFC.

  13. Please Roman Abramovich thanks for hazard but we need more players like HULK,,,Edinson Cavani,,,Falcao…

    Players like ,,,,Ross Turnbull ,,,Hilário ,,,José Bosingwa ,,,Paulo Ferreira,,,Mickaël Essien ,,,Florent Malouda ,,,Salomon Kalou ,,,Daniel Sturridge is a selfish player… NEED TO LEAVE CHELSEA..,,Offload them…
    Please somebody should advise Frank Lampard stay behind..,

  14. what are you lot talking about?

    of corse sturridge is a selfish player hes a STRIKER!

    his whole careear all he has know is when its a defennder and the keeper or just him and the keeper.. GO OFOR GOLD!

    he is THE most tallented striker england have at the moment. Welbecks good but he can not finish with the ease studg does.

    Studg is one of the brightest english stars… there is noo way we can let him go coz he will make us pay. Also I love nando but we are never gonna be 100% on how he will perform over a season untill we seen consistancy for at least half a season.

  15. It’s so simple. Lukaku should play more, buy another RB and keep Daniel Sturridge 🙂

  16. Desperately need a right back and back up keeper, debuchy/Richards for rb and maybe someone like Ben foster or a homegrown player from the academy. As for midfield and attack I think we are pretty much sorted just as long as we get hulk then play a 4-1-2-3

    Debuchy cahill Terry Cole
    Hazard Mata
    Hulk. Ramires

  17. And torres up front

  18. I think we need a good front man lik our hero DD torres is nt making us happy 4 nw nd we need RBD up bules