Chelsea Transfer Rumours: Huntelaar, De Rossi…

According to ‘reports’,  Klaas-Jan Huntelaar is on his way to the Premier League and whilst Fergie is said to have his eye on the Schalke striker, it goes without saying these reports reckon United will have competition from Liverpool, City, Spurs – and of course Chelsea.  Huntelaar has a buy-out clause of £17 million and with 29 goals to his credit last season, it’s felt that’ a small price to pay for Chelsea following Didier Drogba’s departure.

Meanwhile, Daniele de Rossi has talked of his interest in a move to the Premier League, saying “I like English football very much. I think now it’s probably more interesting than Italian football. There are lots of outstanding and talented players, as is the case for Spain as well.  I have received many offers from English football. And I must say that I feel attraction for it.” It goes without saying then that the minute those words were out of the AS Roma midfielder’s mouth, he too was linked to City, United and Chelsea.

In other news Messi once said of the Premier League “It’s a league I like.  I have friends that are playing there”, so rumours of his move to Chelsea are also imminent.


13 Responses to “Chelsea Transfer Rumours: Huntelaar, De Rossi…”

  1. In other news Messi once said of the Premier League “It’s a league I like. I have friends that are playing there”, so rumours of his move to Chelsea are also imminent.


  2. Don’t want Huntelaar; a one off season by his past record but he’s there to prove me wrong of course; De Rossi worthwhile but quite a few likes out there. Messi, don’t need him!!

  3. Chelsea should be the first to win champion league back to back, so we need all the best of world class players to actualise our dream. What Di Matteo should know is that you can not make fire without firewood. The problem AVB has was that he couldn’t listen to others. If Matteo fail, the same people that said “give us Di Matteo” will also say sack him and I am one.

  4. Sam,I agree with your comments.

  5. Huntelaar is gonna b a gud addtn.

  6. i tinke tow plyer are good for chelsea

  7. some people feel Messi is too big to leave barca or something? who on earth ever thought Dinho would leave? yet he did despite being offered a contract till 2017. ppl should stop being stupid @ times.

  8. lol the lionel king will never leave, atleast not anytime soon

  9. Hmmmn Messi leave Barcelona? Personally I don’t think it’s possible. Messi doesn’t want to anywhere else. As was the case wivi with Ronaldinho, Barcelona will only sell Messi when he’s off his peak.

  10. I will to see likes of de rossi and klass jan hunteller in chelsea shirt next season but i thought hunteller will flop dew to physical game

  11. messi will only be the best at barca everyone knows that (just ask argentina!)….. unless we they send us a package deal with xavi, inesta and messi or at least 2 out of the three….. for me hunterlaar dont suit chelsea style…. de rossi maybe but he will have competition with mikel( for he was brilliant when di mateo brought him back in)…. i feel hazard and mata would be well complimented by ben arfa and benzema…. then i will say bring on barcalona or anyone else for that matter!!!

  12. oh and a right back in the mould of kyle walker or danilo would give us a strong presence on the right side of our baseline….. i do speak under correction tho

  13. Gt huntallar hes up front wen u need him

    nd gt him cuz he’s from holland