Return Of Former Chelsea Favourite?

It was great to see Andriy Shevchenko playing in the Euros over the summer and even better to see him scoring. He’s just one of those players, irrespective of leaving Chelsea, I’d want to see do well wherever he is.

Needless to say then, rumours suggesting there could be a return to Chelsea on the cards for the 35 year old please me greatly. Obviously as much as I adore him, I’m not talking about him replacing Torres, I’m referring to the resurfacing of rumours suggesting a return in a coaching capacity.

Having now retired internationally, it seems Shevchenko has a choice between playing in the MLS or making a start on his coaching career with our youth side. The former Chelsea striker, who of course has an American wife, has said before he’d consider playing in the MLS. He’s also said to be interested in a coaching career once he retires and his current club president Rezo Chokhonelidze says “Shevchenko will do something under his good friend Roman Abramovich.”

Whichever option he goes for though, should be known in the next couple of weeks, so watch this space.


One Response to “Return Of Former Chelsea Favourite?”

  1. Full respect to Shev but my only concern is language. Now I know everyone will say football is a universal language but surely, coaching at any level in this country but more particularly youth would require a handle of English. If he comes in, he’ll need to start lessons sharpish.