JT’s Latest Battle

So, a couple of weeks after being cleared in a court room of using racist language, John Terry will be tried for it again – by the FA. According to reports in the press, the Chelsea captain has been charged with using alleged racist language towards Anton Ferdinand by the FA, which is pretty surprising really considering he’s already been found not guilty of that once.

Still, we  know the FA have been dying to get their pound of JT’s flesh for months, so let’s not let a little thing like a not guilty verdict in court stop them.  So, in preparation for their kangaroo court hearing, the FA have said “Chelsea captain John Terry has been charged by the Football Association with using abusive and/or insulting words and/or behaviour towards QPR defender Anton Ferdinand, the FA have confirmed.  It is further alleged that this included a reference to the ethnic origin and/or colour and/or race of Ferdinand.”

Strange that they think using ‘abusive and/or insulting words and/or behaviour’ is something they should be charging JT for and yet, we haven’t read anything about a similar charge for Anton Ferdinand. Did we imagine reading about the abuse and insults he was throwing about on the very same pitch? Or does JT just have the better profile when it comes to making an example of someone? Surely not? Because that would be a little prejudiced wouldn’t it?

There’s suggestions the FA will even dish out a punishment in excess of that given to Suarez but again, you’d have to think that sort of disparity could only happen if they were going into this with some sort of agenda – and that wouldn’t be the case at all would it? I mean, that would make this whole thing some sort of witch hunt, right?

Quite rightly, John Terry has said “I deny the charge and I will be requesting the opportunity to attend the commission for a personal hearing”, although given the FA barely have a burden of proof to satisfy, I suspect none of us will be holding our breath for a fair hearing anyway.



10 Responses to “JT’s Latest Battle”

  1. Agree, if JT is charged so should every footballer in the prem. Difference between FA and Mags Court is the reasonable doubt law, FA don’t just need reasonable doubt, not conclusive evidence.
    Let’s forget the whole saga and concentrate on next season.

  2. Hopefully Terry will be punished this time.Just because he got away with it in court which was a farce from start to finish.Everyone knows what he called Anton even before Terry finally admited saying the racist out burst then having the cheek to say it was taken in the wrong context.JOKER!!!

  3. I wonder if you would have written the same column if it was Rooney in place of Terry.

    How on earth can he say that he was innocent when he openly admitted to using the words in court.

    He is not worried about his “beloved Chelsea” or reputation but the possibly loss of sponsorship as he can’t sell his box at Wembley or charge for visiting that training ground any more

  4. He was found NOT GUILTY by a court of LAW..the FA are on a witch hunt…ferdinand gives as good as he gets and he didnt initially complain …….Its cases going on like this that cause Rascism – pathetic

  5. I am so proud of the FA and their ability to see what that great bastion of Britishness – the Legal System – could not. I feel happy that the future of sport is in the hands of decent, honourable folk, who possess the gift of esp and consequently rob a man of the captaincy even before they themselves (never mind a court) have not investigated it. Makes you so proud to have these upstanding chaps as heads of the sport we all love.

  6. F.A as wretches who ar only myopic nd ar tryin to punish J.T..Thy mit suced,bt thy al ar big tym rasists indirectly..F.A ar simply scumbags…Fukin cunts.

  7. The court said it could not prove Terry guilty beyond doubt, because his laughable sarcasm/misunderstanding defence could not be proved to be false.

    However the FA work within ‘probability’ and John Terry probably did racially abuse Anton, so hopefully he’ll get the punishment he deserves.

    As for Ferdinand being charged, if JT didn’t want abusing for shagging his best mate’s missus, the he should have chosen not to do it, whereas Ferdinand can’t help being black, not that colour of skin is in any way an affliction.

  8. Personally I couldn’t give a toss what pikey terry said or didn’t say….I just hope he ends up in a similar place to his drug dealing dad and shoplifting mother….England can well do without a scumbag who, despite the Chelsea morons complaints, is never far from trouble. Instead of insisting he’s being victimised, perhaps the editor should ask himself why players like Terry, Barton etc are forever in the news for the wrong reasons?? Plain and simply he’s the lowest form of shit imaginable……And for mr W Bridge..Karma!!
    F*** off and Die Terry….do us all a favour.

  9. Kenny Noye got not guilty after admitting stabbing to death a police officer!!!…..
    And he’s about as innocent as JT too!!!

  10. This is ridicoulous article, Terry is as guilty as night follows day, our justice system is anything but just. For anyone to believe that he was only repeating what he thought he heard Ferdinand say beggars belief. The FA are acting correctly to pursue this on the law of probability. I hope JT receives the punishment his outburst warrants and that his it acts as a warning to other foul mouthed racist slurs being voiced in a public sporting arena.