Lampard: Deal Or No Deal?

Frank Lampard has admitted that he would love a new contract at Chelsea, despite being linked with a move away from the club this summer.

The midfielder is out of contract at the end of next season and many have suggested that it will be his last deal at Stamford Bridge but the player himself isn’t quite so far. In fact, he still has a burning desire to play for Chelsea beyond next year.

Speaking about his future, the England man said: “I’m ready to sit down and talk whenever they want to, but it’s not the same as when you are 25. Then they come to you or you knock the door down with a couple of years to go to extend it. When you get into your thirties you accept it’s not that way.”

It is certainly an interesting one for Lampard and whether he should be offered a new deal or not will certainly split opinion. One thing you can guarantee though is that, regardless of whether it is agreed, he will give everything for Chelsea next season.

Whenever he does leave the club, he will always be a massive part of what has happened at this club over the last few years too. The word legend is overused, but isn’t used enough for Lampard.

Just in case people weren’t aware of the bond he has with the club and how much he, quite simply, love Chelsea – his next comments are one to take a note of.  He said: “Chelsea will always be my club regardless of what happens now in terms of my playing days.  I’d love to be able to offer the hand of experience and just be a presence there. But, in playing terms, I do need to feel I can do it. I wouldn’t be fulfilled if I wasn’t.”

Perhaps it is a case of Lampard waiting until the end of the campaign before deciding. He can see where he is in terms of fitness and form and where the team are in terms of success. Many looking at in play betting would have watched Drogba go out on the high of winning the Champions League and perhaps Lampard would love something similar himself.

The 34-year-old has quite a bit to prove to some people too. He was in and out of the side at times last year and now it is time for him to show everyone why he is one of the best attacking midfielders the Premier League has ever seen.

Deal or no deal?


Written by TCB reader Thomas Rooney


10 Responses to “Lampard: Deal Or No Deal?”

  1. Look. I know lampard is getting on now but seriously, he’s a world class player. Even at 34 years old. Lampard Cleary wants a new contract. I know Chelsea wants to get a younger team. But how can any one say no to Frank lampard? I really hope Chelsea football club offer him a new contract. Even if its just another year. I know he hasn’t played for Chelsea for his entire life , but he’s Chelsea through and through.

  2. Lampa ur my idol i always lov to see u in our midfield ur d best in england midfield u show xavi and inesta and messi dat experience matters

  3. I commented on a similar article on another site after another reader said he should get on to let younger players get time.

    To me Chelsea is about winning and I want the players that will help the team get trophies to be playing. Last year in only 28 games (Thanks to AVB) Lampard still lead the team in goals and with RDM he adjusted to a deep holding position to take on more defensive resposibilities.
    I think that if he continues to adjust his style, helps the new younger players adapt to the EPL and becomes player/mentor/coach he will help us win and should continue with the Blues.
    Age is a number and you can ask Roger Federer that as well. Whether 24 or 34 if a player helps win then keep them playing (Scholes and Giggs are good ManU examples).
    That being said I think it is fair to judge one year at a time considering age and compensation should be based on contribution and not history. I think Lampard due to recent form should see another year at decent money.

  4. Frank Lampard, i think is a fantastic player despite age on his side but has an impact in chelsea team, he deserve another year.

  5. Lampard is a chelsea legend and the best goal scoring attacking midfielder the epl has ever known. i think his experience around the young players would help massively in building them to become a better player as such he should be rewarded with at list a year contract cos he still has a couple of years to play in him just check it despite his limited game time last season he was still our highest goal scorer. A football Genius he is.

  6. Oh my dear lampardo… You will always be my Mr Chelsea. Frank, you are a great guy and thanks for all the memories. I still want to see more of you on the pitch.

  7. lampard no deal for you go find another clup

  8. I think it depends on whether having Frank in the squad hinders us from bringing in a younger player that we really want. I don’t think he is as quick and agile as he was and I think he knows he is living on borrowed time as he said “I’d love to be able to offer the hand of experience and just be a presence there.” I don’t think he should stay for sentimental reasons. Football isn’t about that. If he does stay I think he will need to accept being on the bench a lot, that will happen in the season coming. Whatever is decided he will always be remembered as a great player.

  9. Lampard is part of the historic class of a team that transform the club into one of the finest in the world. He contribution will forever remain etched on our mind as a true Blue legend. But that is not enough to have him in the team forever, not at the expense of the newly talented recruits. The only reason he will feature prominently is because RDM is the manger. If not, if he decides to remain, he should relegated to the bench to allow a quick integration of the new young team

  10. Hmmmmmmm. Lamps not offered a new contract? RDM pls dont try dis. Lamps is a legend