Oscar Goal v Belarus (video)


6 Responses to “Oscar Goal v Belarus (video)”

  1. Ѱє̲̣̣̣̥ need an experience premier league player like dembele, ben arfa, or an experience player that are fit like moutinho,falcao.

  2. I thought Oscar was the best Brazilian player against Belarus, he did even better than Neymar.

  3. I love oscar up chelsea

  4. oscar will rule England when the season begins….

  5. Osca is my player, bcos am a die hard chelsea fan, but the man of the match was Neyma. He was totally outstanding. Osca showed himself too, but i knw he ws fearing injuries.

  6. That guy is a bunch of talent. He has been outstanding since this tournament commenced…He will surely florish in England…