JT England Exit Next?

Apparently, I go on about this whole JT thing too much on Twitter – not that I’m particularly bothered what people think because I’m not dropping it anyway. I’ve already had a bit of a rant about the FA forging ahead with charges against the Chelsea captain in spite of him being found not guilty in a court of law and I haven’t changed my opinion on that. As far as I’m concerned, if we’re talking about conduct charges here, then Anton Ferdinand should be facing charges as well. He isn’t.

What’s bothered me about the whole thing though, is that it’s all seemed very one-sided. Yes, they’d have charged him ages ago if it wasn’t for the court case but the point is, there was a court case – and JT was found not guilty, so why continue with the ‘racism’ thing? If they want to charge him with abusive, offensive and insulting conduct, then go for it – none of that can be disputed, the racism angle can because of the verdict in court.

For me, it’s all about agenda.     The FA want to be seen to do the right thing in terms of addressing the issue of racism in football – but as usual, they’re getting it all wrong. Trying to make an example out of a player who has already faced that particular charge in a court – and been found not guilty – smacks of a bit more than the FA’s usual over-inflated sense of importance, it’s complete overkill. If they had any sense at all, they’d realise that by appearing to join in with the witch hunt, it’s almost racism in reverse.

Maybe that’s overstating it a bit but there’s a huge amount of prejudice against John Terry in this country already, he was judged for his marital indiscrepancies and the FA supported this by stripping him of his England captaincy, yet by comparison, Ryan Giggs – a player whose infidelities have also been bandied about in the press – has recently had the honour of captaining team GB bestowed on him by the same FA.

If you then look at the fact that JT is up on a conduct charge of ‘using abusive and/or insulting words and/or behaviour’ and yet Anton Ferdinand isn’t facing charges despite clear evidence that his conduct was just as questionable, and what we appear to have here is a very clear case of one man being treated unfavourably compared to others.  Why exactly are they treating Anton Ferdinand differently? And how come Rio Ferdinand’s tweet about Ashley Cole has been overlooked in the middle of what is a very high profile affair? Clearly had a racist tone to it but hasn’t been jumped all over in the FA’s stand to ‘stamp it out’.

Anyway, imagine John Terry then gets a ban in excess of 8 games – a precedent they’ve already set with Suarez. Or worse still, as the Mirror suggested yesterday, finds himself invited to leave the England side – a side he’s worked his arse off for, for years – would that sort of disparity in punishments really just be the FA following their standard protocol? No, of course it wouldn’t, and yet we’re meant to sit back and say nothing because we’re told JT deserves it.

Do the FA really think this whole thing will ever be seen as being about racism? Because it won’t. The allegation at the heart of the whole furore in the first place has always come second to the fact that John Terry was the player accused of it – and I couldn’t care less how much stick I have to take for going on about it to be honest, because that, for me, is the bottom line here.



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  1. You’re an idiot. The law requires things to be proven without doubt, the FA will look at the most likely scenerio. Rightfully so, Terry wasn’t convicted as the context of his words ( the words he originally lied about saying) could not be proven WITHOUT REASONABLE DOUBT. They did not for one second find him innocent of racist abuse, merely that the evidence wasn’t sufficient to convict. If you want to believe that absolute nonsense about asking questions then go ahead but don’t act like it’s ridiculous that other don’t believe that a man backpeddling, sneering, saying the words ‘you fucking black cunt’ (preceded by two syllables, not enough to produce a question but easily enough to say ‘and yours’) and ending with you fucking knobhead wasn’t committing racial abuse. Oh and Anton mocked the disgusting act of sleeping with a teammate and friends girlfriend and mother of his child, Terry racially abused someone. If you think these forms of abuse are equal get your head out of your arse and go see a psychiatrist, bring the ‘you know what you are’ brigade with you. It is seen by everyone except your tribe as racism.

  2. The FA works differently to a court. In court Terry was always going to be acquitted due to the case simply coming down to one players word against another and the clever spin put on events by his lawyers.

    However, the FA only has to prove its case “on the balance of probabilities” – which could result in totally different outcome.

    We’ve let the courts make their decision (I think most agree it should never have gone this far) – no I think we have to let the FA make their decision as well.

    What you need to ask yourself is how different is this case to the Suarez incident? And if so how or should Terry be punished?

  3. You have written well. I personally feel there is a prejudice against JT a personal vendetta by someone in the FA. This is bcos since he has been found not guilty on wat basis is he being charged

  4. The reason he is being charged is because he patently said it. A court of law requires hard proof and JT’s lawyers offered ‘reasonable doubt’. The FA charges hinge on probabilities. If they believe it is more the likely he called Anton a ‘FBC’ than he will get hit with the ban and loose his England spot. Damn straight, we all know he said it and it is wrong. Apart from the fact he will be too old and slow for the requirements of the international game, despite a quality performance in the Euros, he should not represent our country if he is going to behave like that.

  5. I think you are absolutely right, and those with the power to write about it should not be silent. If Terry had been found guilty the media would have made a bigger issue about it than you are.

  6. A very true and sensible article..one man.commits adultery with a former team mates EX girlfriend and he loses the England captaincy. and another man commits adultery with his BROTHER’S wife and he is MADE team GB skipper .Where is the justice in that?
    Also Ferdinand should definitely be charged by the FA if Terry is,he started it all,and the bad language and disgusting inferences as stated in the Legal trial

  7. yes those that has the writing power should ride on the bias FA conduct, to me another body should charge them (FA)too for unproper charge on JT, this is crazy

  8. Great article, and I absolutely agree with everything that’s already been said on the matter. Its been clear for a while now that The FA is more concerned about showboating than actual justice.

  9. With you 100%. The FA can act on a “lower burden of proof” than that required in a court of law – what a travesty. If any punishment is due to Terry AND Ferdinand junior (in respect of their admitted slanging match) , a warning as to their future conduct would be appropriate. As for Ferdinand senior, it beggars belief that he’s not on a charge for endorsing the racist ‘choc-ice’ tweet directed at Ashley Cole. A “lower burden of proof” is certainly applicable in this case.

  10. it’s all about favouritsm,because Anton is not questioned and same on Rio who tweeted. FA,OPEN YOUR EYES BECOZ YOU AIN’T FAIR TO SAY THE LEAST.

  11. I believe you are being overly harsh on the noble FA, as the facts are absolutely clear. Let us therefore consider the facts here. John Terry was alleged to have had an affair with Miss Perroncel which both parties have consistently and strenuously denied. The FA have however chosen to ignore that this was an allegation for which they had no actual proof and decided to strip him of the captaincy anyway. Ryan Giggs on the other hand did have affairs for which there was no denial, the FA in an attempt to maintain a level of consistency chose to ignore the facts as they did with John Terry and have given Giggs the captaincy of the UK Olympic football team. I therefore believe that we should applaud the FA for their consistency at least in ignoring the facts when reaching their decisions. I also believe that this level of consistency will be maintained in the forthcoming FA hearing planned for John Terry, therefore do not expect facts or proof to have any relevance during the hearing. The only relevant issue in this case after all is the fact that the FA have given themselves another opportunity to bow to the baying crowds and gutter press and no doubt the head of another John is just about to be served on a silver platter.

  12. As far as the FA is concerned, racism should only be punished in one direction. The activist groups, always desperate for a sound bite, are clinging to the JT case because of its high media profile. To them the evidence and the court verdict are irrelevant. The testimony of every Chelsea player who’s shared the field, training ground and dressing room with JT that he is not a racist is ignored. Anton and Rio Ferdinand have stoked up a media celebration of their alleged victimhood so effectively that the FA must support them. They have become iconic not for playing football but for playing the race card.

  13. Before anything someone was calling the writer an idiot, he too must be insane! Why would be u be saying such a statement to ur fellow being for writing what looks like or the right thing, Anton too must be charge orelse we called this an ignorance action by FA, u get it! U too is also anti-JT.

  14. this is a crazy act from the fucking damn FA. but my people to say the fact, it is obviously a matter of hatred and to you son of a bitch calling the writter an ‘idiot’ fuck your ass.

  15. Peter the fact that someone disagrees with your view does not automatically mean that they are an idiot, only a fool would believe this to be the case. During a weeklong trial competent legal adversaries on both sides presented evidence that neither you nor I are can be fully aware of. Unless you were present in the court for the duration of the case you cannot possibly know upon what the Magistrate based his final decision. Suffice it to say that he found John Terry not guilty, I know that a not guilty verdict does not mean that Terry was innocent but obviously the Magistrate heard enough to doubt his guilt. This whole saga is now becoming an ugly witch hunt fervently supported by individuals such as you. NB. please do not assume that because I disagree with you I belong to nor support any brigade or tribe.