Rio: Are The FA Actually Getting It Right?

So, having had a rant yesterday over the disparity of John Terry being charged by the FA, whilst others’ conduct appeared less than professional, the FA have said they’re going to charge Rio Ferdinand with Improper Conduct.

I suppose if I was being picky, I could argue that unlike John Terry – who we already know is being charged with “using abusive and/or insulting words and/or behavior” not to mention the additional allegation that this “included a reference to the ethnic origin and/or colour and/or race of Ferdinand”, in spite of being found not guilty of this particular charge in a court of law – the fact that Rio’s tweet had racist connotations doesn’t appear to have got a mention.

Of course, the argument has already been put forward that Rio clearly wasn’t being racist because tweeting “I hear you fella! Choc ice is classic hahahahahahha!” was simply repeating the words of some no-mark racist but that’s a bit ironic really, since they cocked a deaf ‘un when JT suggested he was repeating words he believed he’d just been accused of saying. But of course, I wouldn’t be petty enough to bring any of that into the equation.

For now, I’ll just wait and see whether there’s any parity at all when the punishments are dished out……..this ain’t over though.


11 Responses to “Rio: Are The FA Actually Getting It Right?”

  1. The person who started this affair was Anton F and he also need to be charged. Many players use abusive words to torment their fellow players. France missed the WC trophy when Zidane was tormented by Marco Materazzi and was shown a red card!. The question is: Do players provoke or use abusive language just because they want their fellow players to be punished. What I am saying is that even Anton needs to be punished just as Marco was.

  2. By reiterating the comment and indicating amusement and vindication of it’s use in reference to Ashley Cole; Rio does need punishment, it is a big slur on Cole and a nasty term. Cole may have been a gentleman and claimed to not have taken offence but by condoning it, repeating and showing amusement by it, a role model like Rio has left kids, youths and even adults freely using the term against people. The term also suggests division of races which is what was trying to be dealt with. They should all be punished to learn to think first and to be made an example of.

  3. The guy is a complete ignoramus…..he has no brain and is a is also a racist cunt….hope he gets a ban..for a long time!

  4. Yes,I support the idea that Anton should also be charged if truly FA is serious about dealing with this issue, that should include using abusive language in a sense of slur or mockery,which he did by repeating certain words several times,thereby tempting or challenging his opponent to respond.this is important if FA is serious about this matters!!

  5. What about me Ive been called a bald welsh c***

  6. The JT saga is a witch hunt by bureaucrats justifiying their existence. Rio said ” I hear you brother hahaha” nothing remotely racist in that.
    Anton admitted winding Terry up but so far has been ignored which further goes to prove JT is being stitched up!

  7. Now i knw des gues dnt engage their brain b4 doing dos tins(tweeting hell shit) about race…The trio shuld b in 4 a date wit d F.A

  8. I hear u brother’ does this means Rio Ferdinand is actually saying that Him & Cole is from the same race, colour or ethnic origin. May be, but that’s a racist word somehow.

  9. The real issue is not the race {colour} it is the race to england captainancy. I thought FA can bring this Terry and Ferdinands together and shake hand and move on. call me idiot, but players do get overreaction if you buy into their bull. Football is mans and contact sport diving, cheating, acting simulation even abusing will only grow if applied selective, FAIR TREATMENT is the answer if FA was not to make jokes it should start with its employees the referees. They hold the key to any good game. As long as they look biased they will make their employer very very rich by fining this multi milionares, but they throw the games away for some deserving teams and sometimes it is hard to swallow to the losing team after all the hard work they put in.
    If the target is not (all) offenders but players only I would rather watch Rugby where they leave no room for human errors and they are serious not just talking. In rugby if you lose you lose and you have no one to blame despite the sport looking even complicated in the footbalers eyes.
    Charity start at home,

  10. The whole thing has got out of hand, surely two men having a row in the workplace hardly constitutes all the legal action and secondary actions.To take Mr Ferdinand to task over a choc ice comment on twitter is crazy, let sleeping dogs lie I say. And Yes I am a Chelsea fan.

  11. I say:jt is a legend. A.cole is a hero da ferdinand brothers dont belong here and are jealous cunts