Arsenal 1-2 CHELSEA: Questions Answered?

Questions were being asked before this one, largely from Arsene Wenger on whether or not we miss Didier Drogba. Well Arsene, the answer is ‘maybe, but we can still beat you without him’.

In fact, Didier Drogba wasn’t the only player we managed without because Frank Lampard, whose absence was only notable because our midfield seemed to have a lot more about it, must be reflecting on what he saw with some concern right now. Not that I would only be picking out Mikel and Ramires for special mentions after that game though because it was a genuine team performance with good games all round really. In the wake of a week dominated by the FA doing their best to wedge a spanner firmly in Chelsea’s works, our players responded with the sort of performance that suggests this team has got enough in its toolbox to rise above all that and get the job done.

After an opening 20 minutes where we were pretty dominant and Arsenal’s only threat from distance ended with Diaby doing more damage to himself than the Chelsea goal, Fernando Torres opened the scoring.  Juan Mata’s free-kick flew just too high for Luiz to get his curly head on the end of it but Torres managed to stick his foot far enough around Koscielny to hit it in the top corner. And the Spaniard, who was as up for a game as we’ve seen him, might have had a penalty off Koscielny moments later (albeit a soft one) when he clearly felt more contact than the linesman could see.

Gutting then, to concede before the break and however good the turn and shot from Gervinho was, we really shouldn’t have been giving any Arsenal player the time or space to do that.

Arsenal were buoyed by that goal going into the second half, although not for long because courtesy of some dodgy Arsenal defending and a lovely free-kick from the brilliantly refreshed looking Juan Mata, Koscielny ended up all over the place in front of goal and the ball ended up in the back of the net. Petr Cech was up to anything Arsenal put his way after that, which was probably just as well at times although in all honesty, Chelsea had enough calm and assurity about them to see the game out and take three points away from the Emirates.

Overall then, a great team performance with everyone to a man standing up to be counted. Impressive or what??




ARSENAL: Mannone, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Diaby (Oxlade-Chamberlain 17), Arteta, Ramsey (Walcott 66), Cazorla, Podolski (Giroud 66), Gervinho.

Unused subs Martinez, Mertesacker, Andre Santos, Djourou.

CHELSEA: Cech, Ivanovic, Luiz (Cahill 81), Terry, Cole, Mikel, Ramires, Oscar (Moses 73), Hazard, Mata (Bertrand 84), Torres.

Unused subs: Turnbull, Romeu, Lampard, Azpilicueta.



ARSENAL: Gervinho 42.

CHELSEA: Torres 20, Mata 53



12 Responses to “Arsenal 1-2 CHELSEA: Questions Answered?”

  1. I think Chelsea are an interesting and different prospect this season, certainly you will be up there.

    However I think we were below par yesterday and were still unlucky not to get at least a point, despite not being at our best we did carve out a fair few good chances, especially second half.

  2. Arsenal seem to be coping well with the loss of key players, and should be able to stay in the top 4 for yet another year. But it was pleasing to see the great football we (Chelsea) are playing at them moment, still at top of the table and it feels good. in 27 hours I’m off to Copenhagen to watch Chelsea beat FC Nordsjælland.

  3. I think Chelsea took d day yesterday. The players were really determined 2 get at least a point 4rm dat match and luckily,dey got d 3 points. kudos 2 all the players

  4. I think Ramires partnership whit Mikel works well with Oscar, Hazard and Mata making good runs with the ball creating chances, Chelsea at large showed brilliane yesterday with Peter Cech looking very sharp and Di Matteo eased second half pressure from Arsenal by employing Moses, rubber bind Cahil and Bertrand, i think Chelsea played like a team as well as Arsenal, they showed us what they are, congratulations to Arsenal and to Arsen Wenger the best manager i have seen ever. Arsenal are best Chelsea London friend despite being seriouse rivals.

  5. Good and (naturally) biased article. I for one was really pleased that the ref did not fall for the cheating that has become a big part of this current Chelski side, ie: they dive everywhere and should be carded for it.

    As for the penalty that wasnt…again a spurious call as TV proved that no one touched Torres and he dived.

    The best think out of this undeserved defeat for AFC is that we have now played the Euro champions and the EPL champions and were better than both with some top players missing.

    Chelski are a vey good team and so they should be considering the ridiculous cost of players and wages. I see them being near all year. Now we really have a great looking league with Manure not as good as usual. City will(like Chelski) buy their wayto the top again and Spurs plus Everton will be there too.

    Yesterday, our God Arsene lost this game by changing the team….if Per had been there both goals would have been prevented. So thats the difference between us right now….I just pray that my great club do not decend into buying trophies and with Usmanov being even richer than your Ruski crook, it could happen.

    Best players for AFC yesterday were Jenkinson (£1 mill) Gibbs ( £ 0 mill) both English and very young.

  6. whether chelsea spent 100 billion dollars for a player how does that bother you. Is it ur money ? Who compelled you to sell ur so call key players that left trophyless? yesterday u were happy that arsenal had a draw with man city today u are crying that u lost key players.U have no excuse . Weep not child.

  7. Gunnerpete! Sooo jealous!! Haha.. Loser

  8. Gunnerspete,i can see jealousy written all over your comment…why not grow up?you lost to a very good team that matched you to your game.instead of acceptin defeat you are writing gabberish..grow up and move on

  9. Speechless…
    Wen d so called top players cesc, warri, persie and song were @ d emirate….. Hw many trophy did u win?
    U are blessed dat a team Lik Chelsea beat u .
    Cfc pls pair Mikel and Ramires….. Dey showed enough strength in d holding midfield.
    Pls try and be bringing Moses on time Lik 65th mins.
    Long live Chelsea!

  10. I think Arsenal failed to win because we were ‘average’ and were not serious. Yes, Chelsea have spent insane amounts of money but there’s technically very minimal, if any, difference between the sides.
    Chelsea have the edge because they show grit and determination from all their players in all of the games.
    Arsenal have around £150m in reserves; imagine if we’d spent that on the squad and our players were actually bothered to defend the set plays, we’d be analyzing a poor 2-0 or 3-0 win instead of some of us pointing out Chelsea’s newly found fortunes.

  11. @GunnerPete you obviously didn’t watch the match mate, as Arsenal were all over the deck especially Jenkinson, the way he fell to the ground when Cole supposedly touched him, for a moment I thought Cole was at it again with his air rifle :/
    Also another point about buying the league blah blah crap, that’s obvioulsy the reason why Arsenal havent won anything for 7 coming up to 8 years then…

  12. I thought it was pretty close – some sloppy mistakes from the arsenal back four!