Why Oriol Romeu can fill the half-full glass

Ok, you’re getting a break from me today courtesy of a debut piece on here from a new addition.  James is Chelsea through and through and he’s not bad at this writing lark, so here’s his take on our midfield right now….


When I think back to the Chelsea side that Jose Mourinho assembled in his first season as manager, I have a great feeling of longing for what once was. Perverse, you might say, given what we have achieved without him.

Granted, under Ancelotti we won trophies playing merciless attacking football, which was not only entertaining, but left opposition teams feeling violated, which was absolutely fantastic. And last season, our very own nine-lived cat lifted the European Cup, and banished the demons that have lingered since Moscow. After AVB, the ‘master’ of subtle man-management had left the club, we showed resilience and courage beyond what many had thought possible of the team.

Following last season’s ugly, hard-fought European victory, Roman Abramovich wants an array of dazzling attacking players to light up Stamford Bridge and make Chelsea F.C. a world-famous brand known for artistic football. We all know this. It is no secret he wants beauty as well as results. You could argue in that respect that for the time being we are assured, in the form of Juan Mata and Eden Hazard, young, versatile, quick-thinking players who can produce a goal-scoring opportunity from nothing. In these players, we have the tools to get between opposition lines of defence and midfield, and exploit the opposition in a way that is ever-present in modern football.

What is concerning is that since the departure of Claude Makelele in 2008, we have lacked a world class defensive midfielder. True, we have had excellent players occupy that position, including Michael Essien, Michael Ballack, and more recently Frank Lampard. However none of these players are/were naturally defensive. Snuffing out opposition attacks is not their primary objective. And this is the genesis of my longing for Mourinho. He recognised this, and consequently Makelele was one of the mainstays of Mourinho’s reign.

Filling this anchoring role is something Roberto Di Matteo needs to address, because, let’s face it, within a couple of years Lamps will need a Zimmer frame to get past the halfway line, and John Obi Mikel will need said Lamps to hold his hand at any given opportunity, which means one thing; a weak defensive shield. However, there is a solution to this problem, and is sat under our very noses.

Step forward Oriol Romeu.

Why the Spaniard has not been played more until now is a tad surprising. In the brief spell during Villas-Boas’ reign, whenever he was selected, he looked a clever, resourceful player. He has an excellent passing range, moves the ball quickly from deep positions and has a sharp intelligence for reading the opposition’s attack, which more often than not has resulted in him breaking up play in front of the back four.

He shone in the big games at that time. In our must-win game against Valencia in the Champions League group stage, he was outstanding, operating in a deep defensive position, always ready to start an attack once he had won the ball. In our 2-1 league win against Manchester City, he had David Silva, one of the most creative players in world football, and the in-form Premier League player at the time, in his back pocket.

Yet Di Matteo does not seem to favour him, and even towards the end of his tenure AVB used him less frequently. But consider that he is a graduate of Barcelona’s famous La Masia academy, and that he has only recently turned 21, and we have a player of real pedigree on our hands.

In my eyes, the only obstacle to him being a fixture in the side is the £13m buy-back clause that Barcelona could activate next summer. Arguably, if he were to get another run in the team at Chelsea he would inevitably catch the eye of Barca manager Tito Vilanova, and we would lose a real talent to a European rival. Perhaps the thinking is that if we keep him under the radar, they may lose interest. That’s what I hope anyway.

Compare what Romeu can offer in contrast to John Obi Mikel. Mikel is a capable player, although we might forget it at times. He can pass well, is strong and is technically good. However his game, as a defensive midfielder, is thoroughly flawed by an occasional inept sense of positioning, and a casual trot around the park which shows a certain indifference to his role. You don’t get that from Romeu. He knows exactly where he needs to be on the pitch and acts quickly, both in challenging the opposition and moving the ball up the field to provide a platform for the likes of Mata and Hazard to hit the opposition when they are frail.

Many will cry that Mikel is worthy of a place following his European displays last season. This would be a valid point were it not for the fact that we will not be playing Barcelona and Bayern Munich every week. He will not raise his game to what it could be, and instead will settle for mediocrity, in games where we need consistent performers, not insignificant bystanders. He is a glass half-full, holding many skills that are of real use, but flawed by his own errors.

Mikel is not without his use, but if Di Matteo has a brief of building a team of real class, then he needs to start with the basics, and ensure the supply line to our artistic attackers is not blocked by pedestrian passing. In Romeu he has the chance to blood a true talent, a player who has had the education, and now the opportunity to become a player of real quality.

Please Bobby, if we don’t make the most of Romeu then someone else will.


Welcome to TheChelseaBlog James

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  1. mikel is good than romeu, n this is the factQ

  2. Your rating of Mikel is pathetic. He’s constantly being used because of his defensive ability not his offensive. Romeo hasn’t matured defensively thats why he isnt playing. The day Mikel will get injured or leave for AFCON then you’ll see the void he’s left

  3. Mikel at times operates as a third centre back. His height is very important at set pieces against us especially when considering the loss of Drogba. I like Mikel. I think the Chelsea fans give him a hard time. His performance in Munich was immense. I too would like to see more of Romeu. Mikel and Ramires are the two holding midfielders for me at the moment. Romeu should come on for Mikel during matches and start the odd game. Lampard for me shouldn’t be considered in this position. He should compete with Oscar for one of the three attacking midfield roles.

    Up the Chels.

  4. Mikel is ok.he has been in the middle winning all these trophies over the years. You can’t get more world class than that.

  5. Mikel is a world class, considering the fact that he also wasn’t a natural DM before the special one converted him. Watch him played at the 2005 u20 world cup only messi was better than him when he played his natural no 10 role. And this has also affected some other players too.

  6. Write something sensible,not this one…….. You don’t have a point. Mikel as being outstanding for chelsea,no wonder they term him“unsung hero” don’t tell me you hate black as well……..

  7. Barcelona or Romeu might have given u some money for saying all this rubbish…….

  8. You assume too quickly and you write has if you go on training day in and out with the players.if your romeu is really so good I see no reason why Rmd is keeping him on the bench in respect to RMD who is also a defensive mf and holding play in his days.we all can analyse football because it what we watch everyday.But have come to see that people give no credit to mikel obi who has work under a lot of top managers and none of them has been able to take him out of the team bcos his well calculated,calm,skillfull and have an eye for the ball.every player made mistake so it not new.Obi still remain the best holding player in the english game right now.stop writting nonesense

  9. I totally agree with this post!!!!!
    lampard is too predictable at times ,when on attack he does not fall back quickly this sometimes hurts the defensive structure of team and may well cost heavily, for example against A.Madrid .Problem with Mikel is that his sloppy passing at times results in opponents counter attack and our defense gets into panic mode.
    Thus , Ramires is very leggy player who’s falls back quickly when needed has good speed and sufficient passing ability but he need a partner who has good anticipation and one who can move ball quickly to our attacking trio and some one who can link well with the defense. Well these all quality are there in ROMEU but he needs to develop in some areas ,For that he need playing time. IF use correctly he can be a valuable asset to our newly found attacking team .Only thing that this lad lacks at times is maturity.

  10. In as much as U̶̲̥̅̊ sound intelligent, ur write up does not do justice to mikel obi nd I will say U̶̲̥̅̊ r one of dose that do not like the talented midfielder, mikel is better than romeu in all ramifications, bcoz he is frm barca does nt make him better. Mikel is more solid nd stop plays from oppositions go back nd watch his games nd U̶̲̥̅̊ would seee ow vital he is to the team, the only manager that shared the same philosophy wit U̶̲̥̅̊ by playing romeu ahead of mikel ended up messing up my beloveth chelsea nd in so doing ended up being fire as coach, AVB is a G̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅ coach, his achievements before chelsea speaks well for him, but in football U̶̲̥̅̊ need to call a spade a spade.

  11. well Mikel is only player who has not scored for for us in last season. He seems lost sometimes ,thus slows down our attack at times.We need someone better thats for sure.

  12. affirmatively u re wright……………..
    The write up of this is quite brilliant
    I have been saying the same thing i see no reason why di matteo nomally keep this guy on the bench in every game…………

    ROMEU is such a brilliant player and i love playing him if i were to be a coach of chelsea
    Using Romeu……………….Mike in defensive mildfeder will make more sense than using Mikel and Lampard…………….

    Mikel is a fine DM player and he can not be bench in an important match………………

    Sum time di matteo pare Ramires and Mike in DM
    That also make more sense………………….

    Ramires is gud Mikel is good but di matteo should try and give Romeu more chance in starting XI to prove what he has…………

    Benching a player in every game is not an a good attitude at all……

    Give Romeu chance……………….

  13. you are not just real , sometimes people don’t know what they are saying i guess you are one of them , for that standing four no one to compare , but Mikel

  14. I thnk mikel is the only player in chelsea who doesnt get praised 4 all the good wrk he does.Rember RDM alsn stress out this fact in our champions league away match i do not need to remind u hw FCN ouplayed us in the apsense of mikel in the midfield so u people shld stp dis criticism and apreciate hm 4 once.

  15. Mikel is a waste seriously,very slow both on de ball and when tackling.I prefer romeo.plz dimateo give de young guy de chance to shine he well come good 4 us plzzzz.

  16. I have to admit I like Mikel, he takes a lot of stick but is probably underrated if anything – we’re all entitled to an opinion though, right?

  17. I can see you hate blacks too.Because romeu is 4rm barca,does that make him a better player?remember what happend to us the last time a clueless manager playd romeu ahead of mikel

  18. I really agree with you, he should be playing games even if he comes from the bench. It will help him gain confidence and also show how good he is, just as Oscar did. Another player that should be given some time every week too is Lukas piason

  19. we really have some fans who can never be satisfied,always keen to find a villain in whatever the first 11 chosen by the chosen manager.how people think Romeu is better than Mikel is beyond mei dont see it.Romeu had some below average displays and did seem unable to track back once passed in games he played last season.Mikel while has his flaws in my opinion he offers the best solution as DM role than any of our midfielders.this writer seems obsessed with fact that because Romeu came from Barcelona then he is the best thing since sliced bread>Please show some respect to Mikel,lets say Robbie stupidly follows this wroters advice starting Norwich game,and we start losing games,maybe then people will realise MIkel is a vital part of the team thats started this season unbeaten.if it aint broke dont fix it.Mikel and Ramires should be first choice pairing in midfield and Romeu must fight to prove himself, as Mikel has been doing in over 250 appearances for Chelsea at only 25.

  20. There is element of hatred in black players in this column, because there is no coach since the era of jose mourinho (except AVB who was sacked after 6months) that doesn’t like mikel in the holding role…if mikel could work on his attacking strenght then he should be nominated amg world best. And u can see the vacuum left exposed when mikel doesn’t start against Norgdjeland and when he came in……this right up is purely culled from racism and hatred in black.

  21. I hate how everyone here says Mikel has sloppy passing, just because of one or two bad passes you can’t say he’s sloppy! Yes he’s made a huge mistake against Juve but mistakes happen! If you saw his successful pass rate in the beginning of the season you would be saying otherwise, a 91% success rate against Wigan and Reading! Just below Juan Mata! Yes I understand that those 2 aren’t exactly the biggest teams in the EPL but it still shows how capable is Mikel! I agree on one thing though Romeu is really good, rash at times but quality nonetheless… Would like to see him more!

  22. Mikel is far better then reomu.

  23. simply put, MIKEL is better than ROMEU and should be used ahead of him.

  24. Mikel is the best.

  25. Kashley – behave yourself.

  26. comparing mikel with Oriol shows d great talent in him but 4nw i think he lacks d qualities nd composure dan dat of mikel, until his time comes.

  27. I my self preferred mikel than oriomu.mikel can slow down the canter attack he can cam down the ball to be balance. He is a good defensive milder .but in the other way you can pair Michel and romeu . For me michel is better then him.

  28. eerm, has anyone seen how much mikel slows down our game? he raerely passes forward and sometimes he’s not aware of the incoming dangers when he is facing his own goal(probably passing the ball back to the defence). don’t get me wriong, he is all you guys say and more, but i think romeu might hold some more balance between defending and attacking, finding a quick forward pass to one of our sublime midfielders. give the spanish pendejo a try i say.

  29. If Romeu is better than Mikel,I will ask this question to any one that says yes. Where are does coaches that benched Mikel,and at that moment they were doing so,what is their result like? Were they retained or sacked as a coach? Mikel is not a DM but a raw CM and deadlier than even Hazard in the eighteen yard box in terms of killer passes.To me,he just a utility player to have played there perfectly or Barca should convert Iniesta to DM let see how he will play. Here in Nigeria,we are crying that the most talented CM after Jay-Jay has being ruin by chelsea FC. I wish you can seek for his tape during 2005 U-20 WYC,AFCON 2006,AFCON 2008 and even most recently UCL final in Munich and do yourself a favour instead of writing this rubbish you called article.He is the only chelsea player that does not recieve grace from fans but no one want to let him go.He does not make noise like other players do.Chelsea should even be counting themselves lucky that they has player like him.

  30. Is it just me, or was I reading a different article? Never once did I see in the post that Mikel was not a good player because of his colour. Why play the race card Kashley and Kenny? Are you unable to intelligently argue Jamses’ points? Personally I feel Mikel is a fantastic player and has turned some hugely important performances for Chelsea. Does he have room for improvement? Sure, most players do. I do feel however that Romeu can and hopefully will become an important player for Chelsea, but I see no need to take Mikel out of the team at this point in time. We have a lot of new players and an unfamiliar system, it will take time for our players (old and new) to adapt.

  31. As a good football fan, I will ask a question, do you guys know that there are some position in soccer formation you don’t need kids around? Like mikel position, it should be for a srong player like him, not testing young player..we are all humans, let’s stop talking about BLACK or WHITE here..because who ever said mikel is not good enough on his position is talking about skin color..thansk

  32. As a good football fan, I will ask a question, do you guys know that there are some position in soccer formation you don’t need kids around? Like mikel position, it should be for a srong player like him, not testing young player..we are all human, let’s stop talking about BLACK or WHITE here..because who ever said mikel is not good enough on his position is talking about skin color..thansk

  33. Romeu would definitely fit better with Hazard Mata Oscar and Torres. He is certainl more physical and alert than Mikel. I think it might be this buy back clause too I hope. My only concern is our team is a lot more little now and Romeu would add to that.

  34. Mikel is the worst defensive m idfielder isnt for chelsea he is very slopy
    With error passes everytime chelsea n mikeeed better solutions like fellaini or tiote mikel must sell and go .i wonder how worster is essien or
    Romeu for this ridigulus player like mikel you dont know anything about football if you dont see it maybe you go for beer and live football

  35. Mikel is jetting into a profound form for chelsea, so o dont see any reason why he should sit on bench for Romie. But Rom is good as wel, he can jet in against the threat-free teams.

  36. Mikel is the HEART of chelsea….

  37. Is thr any midfield in Chelsea history dt bera dan Mikel,i must confes thr is no 1,n if u ar 2ru chelsea fan,not chelsea fan of chmp’s league viktry,u’ll agree wit me dat Mikel is bera dan any chelsea midfield…,flash bak,wen mikel was bought evry1 says d guy wil not get chance,era of louiz Felipe scolari dt he
    fa4 deco,ballak,lampard ahead of mikel wot hapen 2 his job?get a video clip of chelsea match against middlesbrough durin d era of mourinho,c ao mijel disman2 thr midfielders,against everton era of anceloti wen john tery was handed a red card in d 1st half of d game,c d impact of mikel,go n read john tery’s coment abt mikel,watch chelsea against liverpol FA cup era of Hidink,read Gerard’s coment abt mikel,watch chelsea against
    man utd premiershp era of Hidink,read paul scholes’s coment abt mikel,if i shld b mentioning games,i’l count 225 games of outstandin performance of john mikel obi,not 2 talk of his recent per4mances,u pipu shld mindful of wot u ryt abt mikel,1 of da best creativ,defensiv,n so destructiv midfielders in d world,hail chelsea,hail mikel,so watch wot u post abt mikel.

  38. No doubt Mikel is very good player…just his passing is not that outstanding but still hes a class player who has been an faithful servant for Chelsea… Romeu is good or not can only be concluded by his playing time which hes not getting regularly now..hope he gets some game time then we can decide whos good…hope he features against Norwich…and also our young striker Bamford…

  39. I dont knw how u see mikel but if mikel was as bad as u think then i would cladly say u should seek medical attention…baca knew why they sold romeu…mikel makes mistake…yes..but his clean shit is good…rdm is also defensive midfielder…why question dat roll why not d striking department…it shows u hate his skin colour.

  40. U have been bribed by romeu for this write up..mikel is widely better than romeu..football is nt always barcelonial style bt chelsea’s own style of play and mikel obi has adapted somuch to chelsea style of play..leave d guy alone and let him be..

  41. What do u mean? These players train togetheq everyday. If u asu Romeo, he would tell u that he is learning from Mikel. Makelele scored just 2 goals in Chelsea and 13 goals throughout his career. Mikel is better than Makelele talk more of Romeo. About buy back clause, chelsea is aware b4 the deal, so it is not a reason he is not played. He is just not good. Mikel is the best DM in the world.

  42. D writter is stephen wonder..he doesn’t see..pls rdm don’t follow d foolish advice of james..becos if u tried it?u are on your way out..

  43. Nick or watz u call your name, you’re not a good football follower, if not, you will not be writing like a senseless fan or your are paid to blackmail Mikel. Gather some of his video tapes and watch, obi is a brilliant ball holder and defensive mf.
    Chelsea for life.

  44. @Nick or whatever you call yourself which language are you writing here, not everyone understands that your language o. As for Mikel, he should not be compared to anybody that shares his position. He waited for his time behind Makelele, Essien and Ballack, if the coaches continue to select him ahead of others, so be it. They know best and they also know that a club where full back flies the wing up to the 18 yard box, the DM has to cover should they loose possesion or a counter attack. leave chelsea toam to RDM.

  45. Whoever said mikel is not gud for chelsea must be insane. Mikel have made mistakes, but u cant compare him wit romou, romou should be featurd as a subtitutes,(when chelsea is comfortably winning 3-0) romou is a good player, but his time has not yet come. I agree wit u on lampard, he should fighting wit oscar on the attack.

  46. it’s clear dat u some guys hate mikel personally. If not so, y dont u talk about torres inability of scoring goal. Bt cos of one mistake mikel did against juv u want 2 crusify him. Mikel is nt good bt difft. Manager hv come and go, non of them try 2 drop him from first eleven and the one dat try dat we all kwn d result he get. Dat position mikel is playing is nt 4 testing player u most master it very wel. Chelsea manager has finalise d stroy by called mikel “unsang heros” so u haters keep ur mouthshot

  47. It was Mourinho who brought Mikel down to Chelsea while noting that he had stroke gold in discovering the lad. Mikel is way better than Romeu granted he makes some errors and could at times lose concentration. But there is no denying that Mikel is quite good at breaking up opposition attacks and making those trademark long range passes.

  48. Ramires and Mikel are my prefferd defensive midfielders.
    It’s good that we have lampard as an option for this position, but he’s generally a more attacking midfielder. I’m not saying Romeu should start lots of games. But almost every time I see him play he’s brilliant. He should have more game time. He’s a young player ready to snap at any opportunity he can get to get himself into the first team.

  49. You are very right. I was waiting to hear when somebody will bring this up. I was happy Romeu played the capital one cup. We’re not saying Mikel is bad. All we’re saying is that ROMEU is better. There was a time i thought the management knew this when there was a rumour of TIOTE coming in. I feel it’s time Romeu was played regularly. If Barca take him, then we can sign Tiote and Chelsea will take a tripple.

  50. While I think Romeu is a good player and deserves a lot more playing time, I think he’s unfortunate that he has to compete with Ramires (NOT Mikel) for a spot in d team. Ramires and Romeu are too adventurous to pair in d midfield. U need one calming influence among the 2…and dts what mikel has done to perfection. He has no rival in that team

  51. We all ar on the same ship, so there is know need for arguement. Romue should be given a chance to prove his worth, we don’t hav to depend on mikel alone. What of if mikel gets injury, think of what will happen since romue is not often played. RMD should help chelsea and build both first and second XI. Thanks, up chelsea!

  52. Are we at the moment good enough to beat Real Madrid ?

    They have Alonso – who I think was the best player in the Euro’s, not Iniesta.

    David Luiz could be our Alonso.

    I would play him in front of the defence alongside either Mikel or Romeu. He is both creative and defenesive.

    The problem we have at the moment is that we give the ball away easily at the back.

    We have very creative players up front, so we need a rock at the back. Luiz is too erratic in defence. The Gervinho goal was his fault, and we could have given away 3 points.

    I think RDM should experiment with Norwich’s visit and play him in front of Ivan and Cahill – two very strong/Terry like defenders.

    I personally would like to see romeu given more of a chance, as when he has played, he holds the ball well, and does not give it away. Watch Alonso for spain, mopping up attacks and giving the ball via a simple pass to Ineista & co.

  53. Mikel is does not have the talent to pivot our chelsea Revolution from defensive midfield position ….I am not saying that he is not Good but WHAT CHELSEA NEEDS is a player of MAKELELE or PATRIC VIEIRA or someone like YAYA toure
    who’s got both quality of defense and attack embedded in him.
    Thus, Romeu is YOUNG and can learn and would prove to be big asset for future IF GIVEN sufficient time to develop.

  54. As I said above, we have one …. Luiz

  55. Rishi I think u ar capable of handling dat position. Pls I will like to see rishi and romeo in defensive midfield against Norwich

  56. Mikel is good for Chelsea, he might not be the best I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ the world, but he’S̶̲̥̅​​ ą great talent. If Romeu is who you really take him as is RDM and Barca blind? Didn’t Messi, Pedro n Alcantara make it through the youth team? Mikel will also improve. J̶̲̥̅̊υ̲̣̥Ƨ̷̜̩̌̋τ̲̣̣̥ say U̶̲̥̅̊ want Romeu to play, dats all! Time will come for him, mikel waited for this time.

    And for U̶̲̥̅̊r̶̲̥̅̊ info, if U̶̲̥̅̊’ve got nothing to write about, Compare Torres n Lukakau!!
    Blue is the color!

  57. JT has made great mistake dat cost us disappointment, yet nobody calls him names(uefa CL 2008 final) Ashley cole dsame as own goal, silly mistakes from our defenders dat cost us penalty. Yet mikel is far from all these errors, England is being built with racism all bcos of colour differences, tell me the most thing makalele did in his own time at chelsea, assist goals? Score goals? Defend well without conceiving goals? Why do u always criticise mikel? Romeo is from the best football academy at barca, so for dat reason he should be rated morethan mikel. Romeo gat no experience in reading games. Nordsjaelland match shows how vital mikel is to our midfield. PLS IS THERE NOBODY MIKEL IS BETTER THAN IN THE WORLD OF FOOTBALL???????? Am disappointed with the writer of this article….. The day mikel will score own goal, the reading of your mind is how to get mikel and strangle him to death

  58. They have a right of first refusal should Chelsea decide to sell. Can we please get this right?

    Romeu looked very promising before his injury last season. I’m very disappointed that Di Matteo hasn’t played him.

  59. Romeu is so so good that barca sold him last summer & bought song! Why dint they keep him at all cost like Thiago e.t.c? I want him to have more game time, but he’s Mikel’s understudy! Much has been said in the numerous comments, what I want to take you on is for considering Lamps as 1 of the “Excellent” players that have played in the DM position! I guess you must have been watching the “back” of you TV! Lampard has actually been Mikel’s problem this season cos he leaves him “open” at the back (going & staying forward always) instead of working with him as d def. duo. This is confirmed when Meireles & Ramires who are more disciplined played with Mikel. But you still saw “excellent” Lamps & “not good enough” Mikel, which confirms tha fact that you’re BLINDED with BIAS!!!

  60. I think Luiz and ramires would be a brilliant partnership in the DM role. There both great defesivly. Fast, creative and Chelsea would benifit from this aswell because I’m sure it easier playing with the guy next to you who speaks your first language. Mikel is a great player he just lacks that creative flair that Chelsea would also benifit from.

  61. hey dude I think you are true that Mikel is good but what the need of time for chelsea is different than what he provides………Chelsea have changed there game and we wanna play more attacking game .So, to fully utilize our attacking talent we need someone better in that position …….then who so ever it may be doesn’t really matter but what matters is we need someone really quick and has balance of both defensive and attacking talent .
    When i compare Mikel with Essien (3 year ago) , I don’t see Mikel as good .
    I don’t remember Mikel taking shot from outside the box and hitting the target while ESSIEN has stunned many goalkeepers.

  62. I’m so so disappointed at your rating. Mikel is a lot better than Romeu. Mikel is like the rock. Maybe not as good as Makalele, but he is a lot more significant to the team than lamps, romeu or ramires(defensively though 4 ramires). Oga.. park well jor.

  63. u cant agree more @ fr francis.

  64. romeu is good rdimatteo should consider giving him more time on the pitch

  65. World Soccer says, contrary to popular belief, there’s no buyback clause in Romeu’s contract, so Barca don’t have the option to take him back.

  66. Mikel is the right man for our team!
    Romue will get his chances soon enough.