Spurs 2-4 CHELSEA: A Mata Of Class

Definitely a performance befitting the Champions of Europe and for me, one that showed the difference between pretenders and genuine title contenders but here’s a few other opinions:


There’s a straight forward report from the official CFC

Football365 give us Roberto Di Matteo’s reaction

Goal.com look at our former manager’s opinion

SkySports talk up Mata’s mettle

And  Sport360 tell us Mata’s grateful to AVB – for bringing him to the winning team

13 Responses to “Spurs 2-4 CHELSEA: A Mata Of Class”

  1. Champions of Europe, Lol, I still find that incredibly hilarious!!! Champions of incredibly fortunate, how the f*** did you win that?? More suitable methinks.

  2. Bale, Dembele would have destroyed your rich but small club, yet again Di Matteo gets lucky. How much luck can you pussies get, its beyond belief.
    Everyboday hates you, you have zero respect. What happened to be ‘self sufficient’ ?!?!?!?! lol you aint big enough to do that cos your a tiny little faggot club.

  3. Bitter much? Spurs were outplayed and outclassed, get over it.

  4. HAHAHA, is that why Atletico destroyed your mega-bucks club, just shows what happens when the mighty ‘Champions of Europe’ don’t park the bus with 11 men.

    Not even big enough to be self sufficient. Small time club.

  5. We’re playing the best football in the PL right and you know whats almost as good as being honoured enough to watch that every week? Seeing how much its eating everyone else up 🙂

  6. I think it’s high time u haters of chelsea keep quiet,d did has been done. It s only lossers like u that complains tym after tym,u had better find something done.

  7. haha like Spuds are bigger?? Spuds are small fry and pointless, there is nothing about them..nothing at all.They have an inferiority complex thats plain for all to see….Spuds a nothing club in the shite hole of London

  8. you know you’re getting better when you start gaining hatred, jealousy and especially when other team fans start commenting more than us simply because we’re too busy and happy supporting our team! 😀 love chelsea all the way!! 😀

  9. Spurs fans coming on here to whinge is becoming a very enjoyable, recurring theme and until Tottenham actually do anything you shouldn’t dish out the same excuses Liverpool and United fans keep pulling out, you guys haven’t earned even that coz in no way is Chelsea fc smaller than Tottenham fc. Enjoy the Europa League gentleman, you did earn that one.

  10. Awesome to win at 3 point lane again. We are used to winning there and Im glad normal service has resumed. When was the last time tiny Tots won at Stamford Bridge? Call youself a big club Spurs? You have had ONE …thats right one fucking season in the champions league in 50 odd years and have not won a trophy in decades and you have the fuckin cheek to come here and slate the European Champions? It must feel awesome to compete in the Europa League with our reject manager and second rate players….fuckin knobheads….get lost.

  11. And for the idiot asking how we managed to win the European Cup last season. I think you would know that as Spurs were knocked out of the Champions League by Drogba’s penalty. So I bet all the so-called big Spurs fans had their eyes glued to the TV set for that match…or maybe you guys didnt see it because you were crying like sissies? That sounds right.

  12. All these people that are saying bad things about Chelsea fc are actually jelous … Jelous that where winning, jelous of how where playing and jelous of our players. The only thing is … You don’t know it. Just want to say to all the people who wants Sturridge sold … Granted it was a tap in but be still scored. He wanst even on the pitch long. He will do this alot more this season if he gets the chance.

  13. Silly spurs fans .We flogged you lot at Wembley last season (FA Cup Semi-Final) with the overrated Gareth Bale and Modric playing.5 goals thrashing live on TV.Bitter losers,get some Sugar.lool