West Brom 2-1 CHELSEA: Groundhog Day

Not much to say about this one except we seem to be having a re-run of last season right now, so here it is in brief:

There’s a straightforward match report on the official CFC

Teamtalk give us Di Matteo’s verdict

Opposition opinion comes from Football365

We get player ratings from Goal.com

And the goals and highlights (such as they are) come from soccer-blogger.com


9 Responses to “West Brom 2-1 CHELSEA: Groundhog Day”

  1. We were unlucky though nothing to take away from the Baggies who did their job when we couldn’t quite do ours at the sharp end. Maybe a ‘what could have been’ had Sturridge played as CF for the full 90mins and Mata been brought on earlier. Despite it all, I have to say, the team looked good (defending aside) and let’s remember we are still in ‘transition’ with a practically new team. Also refreshing to hear RDM talk about tactical changes to get points and be good to get confidence back through the winter season; crucial games against Juve and Citeh can swing it all back round. KTBFFH

  2. It’s never ever good to drop 3 points, however – this game might just convince Roman that Torres is a complete, on-going bust. And it is completely unfair to saddle RDM with this grossly under-performing plonker. The club have maybe 6 or 7 weeks until the January window, important games, too. It is in the air as to whether Chelsea might qualify for the knock-out stages of The Chumps League – not to qualify would be unthinkable so, radical as it may sound, these are the 8 or 9 games Sturridge needs, at the expense of Torres – who I say we never should have signed. And Chelsea need to drop Luis – too error-prone, see WBA – and play Ivanovich at CB

  3. Yet another patronising account. You’ve spent tens of millions on your superstars. And you are not getting results. Wonder why? How about giving your opponents credit? We are not in fourth place through luck. With your typical big-club arrogance, you seem to believe that you have a God-given right to win. As regards Di Matteo, he is developing the swagger of Mourinho without the class and results.

  4. I completely agree. Torres is a good player but we have Sturridge who is also a good player. Sturridge scored loads of goals last season. He should start more games. I would like to see how torres plays coming off from the bench. He may even improve. If torres gets benched for a few games he may realise he needs to up his game to get back in the starting 11. Moses is looking like he’s settling in well.

  5. We need to get Terry back asap. Our defence is a joke at present and Im not at all happy with how we keep conceding goals from crosses or balls put into our box. Cech needs to command his penalty area better and we need to let Ivanovic and Cahill play as the two CB’s till Terry comes and let Azpilicueta play at right back. David Luiz is a liability in there and he needs to be played as a sweeper or so instead.

  6. Di matteo needs to start considering playing David Luiz in either RDM/LDM. He doest have the intelligence to play as a CB.

  7. The Problem is Toress and Di Matteo. We have to admit that Torres heart is not at Chelsea but somewhere Else. DI Matteo in the other hand is not convincing. He behaves like a priest showing minimal reactions towards the game…. he has poor on fields communication with the players.

    One thing i noticed is that he has fallen in love too much with Hazard. Reminds me of AVB with poor Sturridge. Marko Marin Should feature and rest Hazard one two times. Lastly Peter Chech has monopolized the goal keeping role and he needs some Competition making him Iddi Amin Dada of Chelsea has resulted into so manyerror

  8. Agree on Torres and Luiz. We really dont need our right backs and left backs coming up so high in my opinion. We shouldn’t be doing crosses as our players are shorter now. Get them to come up at 3/4s of the field max, keep the centre backs in the middle more. Sturridge on for now until we get a striker with a much better attacking the ball rate than Torres so we can play through the middle.

  9. It’s starting to unravel…..yet again. We made a promising start under Scolari and then came the decline. Two years ago was the same with Ancelotti, only worse, and then there was AVB last year. Chelsea are becoming notorious for being quick out of the blocks in August and September before our fancy dans come unstuck in November and December. Here is my assessment of the team.
    Ivanovic is great going forward, but is too sluggish which is why he is meat and drink to a speedy winger.
    Azpilicueta is still learning his trade in the Premiership.
    Bertrand has ‘much potential’, but hey we said the same of Jody Morris and Josh McEachran
    Cahill is a great goalscorer but he can’t defend
    Luiz is an exceptional player who won’t defend. He should be playing in the holding role.
    In summary, without John Terry, our defence is shabby, and not worthy of silverware.
    Finally, Senor Torres. When has he ever scored the crucial goals? He scores in routs but has never scored the equaliser in a draw nor scored the winner. We desperately need someone to fill the void left by Didier Drogba. We need a striker who gets us out of holes. The reason why a team finishes first and another finishes in third or fourth in the League is that the team that wins the league has a knack of winning close matches and drawing matches where they play poorly. In the last three weeks, we failed to get that extra goal against Swansea or Liverpool that cost us four points and we failed to equalise against West Brom which cost us again. Chelsea don’t look like Premiership winning material. I hope that we pull out the stops in the domestic cups, because otherwise it will be a barren season. Lastly, Marko Marin must be the new Winston Bogarde, someone whom Chelsea bought but never play. I can only assume that Di Matteo has seen enough on the training ground to keep Marin away from the starting XI. Chelsea’s buying policy is absolutely pants. We will throw ridiculous amounts at Falcao or Suarez and again not get value for money. We throw money each January and get stung. We bought Cahill, Luiz, and Torres in the last two January transer windows, and so far they are not excatly money well spent.