RDM Sacking: Just Not Good Enough Chelsea

Nothing Chelsea does should surprise me anymore, yet to say I’m stunned about the decision and timing of Roberto Di Matteo’s sacking is a massive understatement.  More than stunned though, I’m genuinely gutted.

Ok, so we’ve hit a run of poor form (not uncommon for us this time of year) and last night’s result wasn’t entirely welcome but overreaction much? I mean come on Chelsea ffs, we’re not even at the end of November!

We’re the current Champions of Europe, an achievement under the management of Roberto Di Matteo I believe who, let’s not forget picked up a pretty stroppy and tired-looking side last season from Andre Villas-Boas. We’re also, in spite of our recent poor run, still third in the Premier League thanks to a really good start to the season, again under the management of Roberto Di Matteo.

So are the club seriously suggesting our current position isn’t good enough? If that’s the case, and they genuinely believe someone else would have carried on unaffected by the press circus surrounding JT recently, losing Didier Drogba without replacement cover and worse still his presence along with the presence and leadership of John Terry and Frank Lampard at the same time, with no natural leader in the team to step up, then I’ll await the appointment of Paul Daniels forthwith – because quite frankly, only a magician could pull that off.

What I suspect, is that there was never any real faith in Di Matteo in the first place. Let’s be honest, they dragged their feet appointing him anyway and their apparent reluctance implied public pressure rather than board room belief got him the job. The speed with which they’ve had him back out again only serves to support that. As for any hopes we might have had about the club going through some sort of transition that would benefit us long-term, well we can forget all that because the latest stunt only reinforces that as far as our manager merry-go-round is concerned, that policy won’t be changing anytime soon.

In fact, the chances are they’ll draft in another ‘interim’ manager and we’ll start all over again with yet another recruitment drive in the summer. Thing is though, what is it the club are actually looking for in a manager? Ranieri put together an attacking side more than capable of winning things (in fact, a side that only missed out on a title thanks to Arsenal’s unbeaten season), he was dispensed with. Jose Mourinho was the most successful manager in Chelsea’s history yet his ego didn’t sit well with his seniors. Carlo Ancelotti took an ageing, and pretty unmotivated side at the time and delivered a double no-one could have expected – yet he was still sent packing. So what exactly are the requirements?

If they want someone the press will have a field day with every time results don’t go his way or someone with only one basket for his eggs, then Rafa’s the obvious choice (I mean, these are the same decision makers who replaced Jose Mourinho with Avram Grant after all). The point is though, nothing will change. If Di Matteo, a fan’s favourite who has proved himself to be loyal as a player, assistant and manager, is only permitted a handful of disappointing results before he’s dismissed – just six months after delivering the Champions League trophy for the first time in Chelsea’s history – then they really should just hand out rolling contracts with a week-by-week review attached.

Seriously though, enough is enough. Roman Abramovich may well have saved us (probably on more than one occasion) and I’ll always respect the huge financial investment he made to do that. What him and the board need to appreciate though is that many of us have invested an equally massive part of our lives in the club and this, along with so many other decisions in recent times, pays no respect to that whatsoever.

Whilst our support for the club is very much long-term (many of us probably dressed in Chelsea colours before we have a clue what a football even is until we’ll breathe our last), the way the club is being run doesn’t seem to have even half an eye on the future. That might suit your average Jonny-come-lately whose interest is winning everything in the here and now, but for some of us at least, the appointment of a manager should reflect the board’s aspirations for the direction of the club – and ‘part-time’ or ‘temporary’ isn’t good enough for me and certainly shouldn’t be good enough for the future of Chelsea FC.


16 Responses to “RDM Sacking: Just Not Good Enough Chelsea”

  1. It is ridiculous to sack a manager after just a handful of poor results but not as ridiculous as appointing a manager after just a handful of good results. The real mistake was made at the end of last season.

    I loved RDM as a player and wish him well for the future but I never had belief in him as a manager. Last season his premiership record as assistant to AVB was poor, his record as manager worse and prior to that, his record at WBA worse still. Had the decision to appoint been based upon his career to date rather than a few (albeit tough) cup ties then we could have been spared this latest fiasco.

  2. It is very wrong, since every team has her bad time when playing, for how long will chelsea be sacking his managers, I am very much sure it will come to a time no manager will love to come to chelsea, rubbish chelsea.

  3. The only thing that made me more than happy is that DI Matteo was sacked this early. He had been used by the aging players who at one poimt thought that the club belonged to them and instead of giving a hand in what AVB was doing as transition…he took the side of the players including Lampard, Terry, Droba,Bosingwa, Malouda an Cole…He defended them and together as players and coaches at the same time, won the FA and the Champions League.

    This season it was projected to be difficult for him as a coach to influence the youthful players who are out to make a name in their sporting career. I knew he was going to fail…I am glad he was sacked this early.

  4. Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy the hell now? Yes Di Matteo probably isn’t the right coach but bringing in Rafa to warm the seat for Pep allegedly? You need stability in management and this just reinforces player power. In all truth though since we lost to United we have been playing conservative and shit. What happened to the full free flowing attack? Need a commanding manager and to sell lampard, terry and Cole if they complain. Enough is enough.

  5. Though RDM was the one who won Champion league for chelsea but i believe he got nothing but lucky last season and also the player are determined to won it. Initialy i don’t expect him to be chelsea manager, but early this morning after his appointment was terminated, i feel pity for him. But i think is time for chelsea proprietor to search for a good manager like jose morinho, sir Alex and stop sacking every middle of season. I wish chelsea best of luck

  6. Funny isn’t it.

    Before our trophies in May RDM was being set up by the press as being weak and being JT’s puppet. Nothing was working with Bobbie, would have been great if we had continued success but the boys at the top never believed in him, they gave him a contract to say ‘cheers mate, have a go now but you will be on your way if it goes Pete’. Just watch that bit where Roman and Robbie embrace after the Champions League win … no love. Pep is our man and anybody else is just a bed warmer waiting for him. Cue headlines of ‘Chelsea in transition’.

  7. My so happy that RDM was sacked, he doesn’t know how to manage, he can even be the one affecting Torres bcos he not like that before. I hope he admit to his error and make necessary amendment before is to late for his carrer bcos sacked has been part of him from WBRM and now in chelsea

  8. Sacking RMD was very preposterouse and so surprising. When i woke up around 6:15am and picked up my IP for chelsea news i saw RDM was sacked, i rushed out and wash my face if i’m not seeing clear but all was true. I love RDM as i love Mourinho. Chelsea will never get ballance in managerial aspect untill they stop changing coaches like cloths.

  9. I am genuinely very annoyed, i really liked Robby. He was doing a good job, seemed to have a tactical awareness that AVB did not. He was a previous player and knew the club, I thought he was perfect for us and he deserved better than that.

  10. RDM uses all the players fitness and strength to win or destroy but he does not know how to MANAGE!

  11. Hiring Benitez is an insult to all of us

  12. RDM is a gd manager but even him doesnt belief chelsea r truely d champion league winner n he doesnt think lyk 1
    He tactics r not up 2 standard, he doesnt no hw 2 pick d rght subs, he makes d same sub everytym either puttin in moses, bertand, sturiddge, for hazard, mata, oscar, n torres, look at a world class player lyk marko marin seating on d bench suld nt be apceptable, pazion nt giving a chance even wen chelsea was winin he made same fukin sub.
    He only has jus a plan A. he underrestmatied himself, he culd nt experiment wit d team he culd nt even change d formation frm 4231 2 433 even try 343 and he llet d fans n media take control of his decision

  13. Abramovich was just waiting for an excuse to sack him

  14. no probs with rafa, hopefully he can sort out our woefull defense, to those who dont want rafa, go , away, we dont need you.

  15. chels fans get a life, to stay away cause rafa’s in charge is childish, your not true chels fans. grow up

  16. RDM better than RB, why chelsea why i dont remember the last time i enjoyed my meal wen u ar playing, my apetite is gone.
    I need it back pls, save ma ass