Sacking our Champions League-winning coach makes perfect sense

Let’s be under no illusion here. Roman Abramovich was spot on in sacking Roberto Di Matteo. No question. Di Matteo wasn’t delivering the results Roman craved, and he had to go, it’s really very simple.

Chelsea’s performance in Turin was embarrassingly bad. Not only have we conceded 3 goals away from home in a vital game, but we are now on the brink of Champions League exit, and with only one game to save ourselves, we might not go through. This is unacceptable from the competition holders, and as a result our pride is heavily scarred. How have we not yet cruised past Juventus and Shakhtar?

 If we were to win our last game against Nordsjaelland and qualify from the group, then, heaven forbid, people may look back and talk about how we were nearly eliminated at the group stage. Think of what people would say! “’Ere Dave, remember how that Chelsea mob nearly didn’t get out the group stage that time, bloody laughing stock they was!” This would be too much for the club to bear.

Don’t get me started on our league form. Top after 8 games, and now back down to third, this is a worrying time at Chelsea. Given that we finished sixth last season, this improvement in form, and increase in quality of football, is clearly not something we want to see at the club.  Beating Tottenham and Arsenal away, both games we have found very difficult in recent years, both our London rivals, isn’t something the club aspires to achieve.

There’s talk of us having title ambitions, but frankly, under Di Matteo we wouldn’t have had a hope. I’d also doubt that under him we would see more varied, exciting football played by a young, fresh team looking to make a name for themselves, inspired by his mature approach. With this invigorating attitude we surely wouldn’t have stood a chance.

 Has anyone even noticed how Di Matteo has managed to gel a new attack in such a short time, and integrated Oscar and Eden Hazard into a dressing room full of experienced players? Nah, me neither, that kind of positive work isn’t really what the club’s about anymore.

The fact that Di Matteo won the Champions League and FA Cup in his first 3 months as Chelsea manager is almost irrelevant. The fact that he did what Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti, Guus Hiddink and world cup winning manager Luiz Felipe Scolari, amongst others, could not, does not hold water here, and only a fool would argue this in his favour. It clearly does makes sense to sack the one man who delivered what every other before him could not.

The fact that Di Matteo pulled Chelsea back from the edge of defeat against Napoli, helped us cling on for our lives against the best team in the world, then beat the Germans on penalties on their own patch whilst also beating Liverpool to win the FA Cup, is trivial, and is quite frankly, a flimsy and futile argument in Di Matteo’s defence. We must do better.

And for those who argue that Di Matteo hasn’t been given enough time, he has. Eight Months is more than enough time to form a top class team. If he can win the European Cup after 3 months, he can win every trophy on offer the following season, no doubt. And in fairness our progress by late November does dictate exactly what we will have won by the end of the season. It does.

I mean who even cares if Bobby has a deep affinity with Chelsea? This affinity is a worryingly warm trait in the man, and could imply incompetence and inefficiency in carrying out his duties as manager. 

His 30-yard wonder-strike against Middlesbrough in the FA Cup final in 1997, and his winning goal against Aston Villa in the 2000 final are now confined to the past, and any sort of sentimentality on the part of the fans for this shows weakness from them too.

Who really cares that Di Matteo broke his leg playing for the club that he loved, forcing him to retire aged 31?

What does it matter that he had a unique rapport and mutual respect with the players that has allowed us to beat all these great teams? Why should the fact he got the very best out of a squad of “dead wood” players when they needed it most count in his favour?

I could go on all day about all the great things that Di Matteo has done for Chelsea, about all his positive characteristics and the things that make him a good, young manager who could really build a legacy at the club, but these things don’t seem to interest Mr Abramovich.

The bottom line is we are the biggest prostitute club in the country, and the sacking of Roberto Di Matteo is a disgrace, and an utter embarrassment to Chelsea Football Club.

Where on earth do we go from here?

Written by TCB reader J. Dartnell

28 Responses to “Sacking our Champions League-winning coach makes perfect sense”

  1. We will go where Leeds and the likes have gone before us… As a cfc fan its hard to swallow your pride… But there is no defending what has gone on at the bridge over the last few years

  2. Sentiment gets you nowhere.

    Correct decision

    All the best for Rdm and Benite

    Up the Blues

  3. Benitez*

  4. ‘If he can win the European Cup after 3 months, he can win every trophy on offer the following season, no doubt. ‘?????????? Are you on drugs? like its your God given right to win every tournament? Get a grip. You were VERY lucky to win the Champs League last season and you DIDNT deserve it

  5. We all know how Benitez will end up. SACKED!

  6. Let stop being sarcastic and be realistic for once. RDM remedied a situation last term, yeah! He won an elusive trophy, that’s true. But one thing that was quite true as well was that we owe all those achievements to the sheer determination of the players and providence than the tactical/technical abilities of RDM.
    Let’s face it, he is and will always remain a legend. But he doesn’t have what it takes to manage such massive talents that was at his disposal.
    His inability to swing tactics and formations in game (ironically failed at his first attempt in Turin) coupled with his failure to knock the team into a unit meant he was doomed for a sack.
    The players have exhibited more of individual brilliance to bring us where we are now and i strongly believed we would have achieve this with any manager as long as there’s a good working relationship between the players and the bench.
    I wish RDM the very best in his future endeavor. Above all, I wish my beloved Chelsea the best possible greater glory in the coming years.

  7. rdm was a decent player, but no legend,

  8. Seriously? What’s the point on writing a complete article in sarcasm? Its good that U express what a pathetic move Chelsea is making, but what’s the point for the sarcasm…

  9. sarcasm?

  10. RDM was good but lacks the competence to handle ambitious Chelsea. He can make a good manager for Arsenal and Spurs but not Chelsea. winning champions league was the only reason why he got the job, not because he showed any form of ingenuity in his tactics. I wish him well. I am just undone here not because he was sacked but because a man who failed in two less ambitious clubs has succeeded him. Up Chelsea whatsoever.

  11. I have to say your article reflects remarkably short termist thinking.
    Firsly most of the UK clubs, for some reason, probably because the art of defense seems to have magically vanished, are awful in Europe this season. We were up against surprisingly good Juventus and Shaktar teams and yes we should have gotten out of the group, but it wasn’t for lack of effort.
    Di Matteo’s man management and tactics were not bad either.
    What we are seeing is the same pattern for the last 4-5 seasons repeating itself. Its easy to blame the manager, but obviously there are more fundamental problems with Chelsea, maybe its time to blame the owner, has that occurred to anyone ?

  12. its kinda sad that the tigger happy own could not just allow him more time, sacrifice a season to have a decent team. Benitez is not the answer a man that could not manage a perfect team left by jose. Building on the success of others first Hector Cooper and Gerard Houlie

  13. How dare you call us a prostitute club? Do you even genuinely support Chelsea?

  14. You re not the least a chelsea fan and from the looks of your childish write up you seem to be the big fool here. With people like you chelsea will end up at the 3rd division•you are a stinking c*nt,asshole.

  15. B#*enitez#>>**. Someone should pls tell him to shave his disgusting beard and moustache. How he can hope to count on the “plastic fans” support is beyond me. Next time he’ll learn not to throw stones, at least he’ll throw better stones.

  16. There was absolutely no need to replace him at this time. Wait til Pep is available. Money or no money Abramovich is an embarrassment to our club. On the other hand I admire that he doesnt accept mediocre. Good luck Rafa.

  17. baguru: people like u r an embaressment 2 the club. without roman we would’nt b where we r

  18. Jools I see you on here doubting everyone calling anyone who is not happy a fake. With all due respect sir there are a few things I like to see in my club more than any amount of money or silverware. Those things are Commitment and time for change, loyalty to legends, respect for someone who just took tgeclub further than anyone else. I will support Chelsea come rain, hail or shine so don’t question me mate. You should question whether money is enough.

  19. baguru, 1 thing counts. winning,winning,winning, & if roman keeps spending his money, fantastic

  20. Just bare in mind that football is now a buisness. It’s all about making money while doing something your good at and enjoy. I don’t care what has happend with Benitez in the past. Aslong as Chelsea win I’m happy. I hope we see a change in torres. I’m really looking forward to seeing his change

  21. Breaking News: Chelsea cafeteria head chef is fired about one supper. Replaced by Fernando Torres’s wet nurse and will be serving fresh squeezed milk to bring back Torres’s memories of goal scoring.

  22. Sorry but for me RDM was never the man for the job and anyone with a football brain knows he had so little experience for a club of Chelsea’s size!
    Yes he is a blue but there are many others…Eddie newton and he has the same experience as RDM…..!
    To be honest AVB would probably have won the CL as well and so would have my mum had she been the manager! We were lucky to win it…he was lucky and his luck was starting to run out……
    Roman has probably made the best decision in his Chelsea career….unfortunately it comes after his worse one…the one that saw him install RDM in the first place…..
    There is no place for sentiment and RDM knew the risks when he took the job….the same risks when the results went tits up at his last club on a CL campaign…oops he never been there before as a coach or manager!!
    As for Benitez..I don’t care if he is Romans Gay Lover as long as he gets results for Chelsea and if he does the business good on him and hope he stays…..if he fails….he will go the way of other managers….not just at Chelsea but at all clubs…..

  23. baguru, i never called anyone a fake. be very carefull with your words

  24. Or what kid? Don’t tell me how to think about the club and I won’t with you. Happy ?

  25. we are seeking partnership with you; to develop young talents from Uganda

  26. ok “kid” only reply when you have something sensible to say, so i’ll give it a couple of years

  27. Sorry Jools, I assumed.

    Long term wins aren’t gonna come by without long term discipline, authority, tactics and wisdom from a long term coach. Granted Di Matteo probably wasn’t the right guy but it still wasn’t handled well by Abramovich who of course as Chelsea fans we are all greatful for but he is turning our club into a laughing stock at the same time which I don’t have to be greatful for. Especially a coach not favored by many Chelsea supporters. You will probably hear that many fans who share my opinion in the game against City and that is something you will have to learn to deal with. Other people’s opinions.
    Having said all that, I honestly hope we do get a good run out of Benitez. Have a good one mate.

  28. baguru, i repeat sport at the highest level is about winning, winning, winning, long term planning is outdated, its about here & now, if we keep winning trophys, roman can sack as many managers he wants, l for 1 will never question romans methods