Waving My Plastic Flag With Pride

The last time I felt so miserable as a Chelsea supporter, we’d just replaced Jose Mourinho with Avram Grant. Ok, so Di Matteo is no Mourinho but then Jose Mourinho is no Roberto Di Matteo either.

Obviously some of you will think that’s a ridiculous statement, so let me explain myself. Jose Mourinho came in at a time when Chelsea were already on the way up, we’d just finished second in the Premier League to Wenger’s ‘invincibles’ and thanks to Claudio Ranieri’s shrewd work in the transfer market, had a great attacking side with bags of energy. As we know, Jose Mourinho picked up the momentum to become the most successful manager in Chelsea’s history.

There was another side to Jose Mourinho though, he had an ego the size of a house that seeped through to the players and all too often spilled out onto the pitch and irrespective of what he may have said to the contrary, when Mourinho was at Chelsea, it was all about him.

When did we see Di Matteo’s Chelsea chasing refs the length of the pitch? And let’s be honest, there’s been times this season when they’d have been justified. And when did we hear the Italian manager questioning an opponent’s upbringing in the press? Of course we didn’t get any of that with Di Matteo.  As a player and a manager, Roberto Di Matteo carried himself professionally.  I had immense respect for the man way before he picked up a disempowered, de-motivated squad and somehow instilled enough belief and fight in them in just a few short months to deliver the first Champions League trophy in Chelsea’s history.

He had a lot to learn in management, granted, but even Roman’s empire wasn’t built in a day. Did Ferguson deliver everything on a plate to Manchester United from day one? What if they’d got rid of him the minute he had a few dodgy results? I suspect we’d all be a lot happier if they had because we wouldn’t hear the number 19 as much as we do now.

Di Matteo, as a former player, was clearly brought in to appease us – both the players and supporters had gone through an uncertain and disappointing period under Andre Villa Boas, the press were having a field day (because they don’t need porn when a Chelsea manager isn’t performing) and the feel inside Stamford Bridge was about as warm as frostbite.  So, Roman placated us and probably got the shock of his life when Di Matteo managed the unimaginable – because let’s be honest about it, the time it took the club to appoint him on a permanent basis spoke volumes – and in hindsight, the board were probably just waiting for an excuse to have him out again.

Mind you, if I thought that was disgraceful behaviour on the club’s part it doesn’t even come close to the appalling decision that followed – appointing a man who had openly slagged off our club, players and supporters to demonstrate his allegiance to Liverpool. As miserable as I was with the appointment of Avram Grant, even he hadn’t done that!

So, you’ll have to excuse me if for however long the Fat Spanish Waiter is at Chelsea, there won’t be anything positive about him on this blog but I refuse to acknowledge him as the manager of my club. Just as it was with the disgusting remarks he made about Chelsea, I expect him to have nothing to say of any relevance to me anyway but I sincerely hope that by the time his P45 comes – and it will – he’ll have learnt that along with our plastic flags at Chelsea, we have something else……… pride in our club.



11 Responses to “Waving My Plastic Flag With Pride”

  1. I didn’t expect anything positive from this man and won’t be surprised if Roman eventually have to sack him within few weeks into the hot seat.

  2. Wow….such negativity…..hope you are not made to eat humble pie!
    Sit through….John Neil, Danny Blanchflower etc…..bottom of the second division……you fuckers have never had it so good!
    So Rafa said some shit…..don’t we all……if we had taken Gerard at the time he was thinking of leaving…..well….and Rafa is not even a scouser…..get a grip….all decent professionals have passion….just look at your own careers!!! Either that or you are what you act like…school kids!

    I dont care if Rafa is a scouser or a spurs mad dafty or Romans gay lover…..if he wins for Chelsea so be it…..
    RDM has gone and rightly so….move on or take your whingeing to the other plastic fan clubs….

  3. We’re gonna show that fat red scum the same contempt that he actually had for us and just how much passion we have.. He’s only in it for the money and replacing a True Blue Chelsea Legend like RDM is a with him fucking insult. He is gonna get booed or of the Bridge Sunday

  4. Cfc we have lost more than 100,000 fans on facebook and twitter.because we appoint spannish fat as our manager.
    Many fans has tired of how Roman is handle the managerial role this club.
    We love you RDM you add beatiful title to our name.

  5. I applaud you on the stance you have taken mate. I am not happy with the way Robbie was treated after all he achieved. Our so called ‘unacceptable run of results’ is a joke anyways. Its not a crime to lose away at Juventus and Shakhtar and West Brom are a hard team to beat away this year under our old guy Steve Clarke. The remaining so called ‘unacceptable results’ were the cheated defeat against Man United and draws against Swansea and Liverpool…hardly the most embarrassing thing in the world. I am ashamed of the way the club is run sometimes but I guess that comes with being a Chelsea fan. No club is perfect and we certainly arent. Sometimes it feels as if the club is just a puppet and we fans are just meek puppets in Roman’s hands too. Feeling a bit detached this week from Chelsea. I never expected Robbie to be sacked, let alone in November of the year he won the Champions League!

  6. jockney mate you are a fucking glory hunter get lost fans like yourself arent needed here at chelsea so feck off…

  7. I totally agree with you! RDM’s sacking and Benitez’s appointment is shocking to say the least! Yes we had a slump in form but there’s nothing “Unacceptable” about it, knowing RDM we would have won the EPL and maybe even qualified to the UCL! But that said there’s nothing we can do now and rather than purely hating on Benitez, make like a CFC fan and support him.. Atleast for now, for the team! He is already eating the words he said,let us make him regret it even more and show him we are the greatest fans there is and other teams would be lucky to have fans with half the pride and passion we have! Again I ask for support, nothing else!

  8. Carefree – jockney might not have the same opinion as you and I but a glory hunter? I hardly think so. If I think I’ve served my time with 30+ years, Jockney was there way before me – and they weren’t exactly ‘glory’ days!

  9. When Benithez said this he was at Liverpool defending his team…i’d have done the same, The team was building up…now there are no plastic flags being given to the fans. Chelsea has so many supporters all over the world. Raphael Benithez is now the Chelsea Coach….he is going to shock so many people….he is going to win titles!

  10. Before the start of the game we honoured the passing of a Chelsea legend Dave Sexton. That man would have been saddened by the reception the fans gave Rafa, he would of been one of the first to wish him well and hope he brings success to the club.
    Lads face it Roman made a decision to remove RDM not Rafa so let’s move on put are backing behind our Chelsea manager Rafa because Pep Guardiola didn’t want to come and he might not yet, and Jose Mourinho can’t come till the end of the season. So we have 5 competitions to play 4 we can win, so let’s start backing Rafa instead of agreeing with Fergie.
    Jockney your comments are spot on.

  11. I would support rafa if he takes a big plastic chelsea flag in his hands and waves it around the stadium before,at half,and end of the game.
    Just to make sure he has eaten his words properly.
    Ya he was liverpool manager wen he said so,but now hez at chelsea..so he shud have no problem in doing so..ktbffh