CHELSEA v Man City: Prediction & Stats





Well, they might not have been able to predict what would transpire at Chelsea mid-week but what can do is give us their usual prediction and stats for today’s game. Go and have a look here.


4 Responses to “CHELSEA v Man City: Prediction & Stats”

  1. Chelsea 3-1 Man City

  2. All eyes on Torres more now than ever, and for that he is much more under pressure now to deliver. I have no doubt the sacking of Di Matteo was to make way for someone Abramovich believed would bring back Torres to form and this has become an open secret. Should he failed again, this time he fails himselve and Benitez . Therefore so much is at stake for the poor spaniard.

  3. Well said Mosoba. Lets see what transpire in today’s game. Its obvious Benitez is a more experienced Coach than RDM. He already noted recently that a reason why our boys slumped
    Was that the training tactics of RDM wasnt rite.

  4. Benithez is what we have been missing for quite sometime. I noted a well organized defence , Mid field and a little striking. Dicipline is back in the team and the changes he made were genuine ! I have faith in Benithez and he is going to shock so many people across the globe.