West Brom v CHELSEA: Prediction & Stats

        Tough one for us today against an in-form West Brom, so what are our chances? Well, if you get yourself over to the brilliant Kickoff.co.uk you’ll find out.  For their prediction as well as the best stats around click here.

One Rule For Chelsea….

Ok, I’m a bit confused – not generally you understand but about something specific – if comments with a perceived racist connotation are a reportable offence punishable by, if not the law then certainly the FA, how is it this only seems to apply to players?

Chelsea Injury Update: Ashley Cole

So, the news on John Terry was better than expected with him out for weeks rather than months and whilst Frank Lampard is still out, it seems the news on Ashley Cole is more positive.

Chelsea Injury Update: John Terry – And Why It’s Not All Good News

  Well, the replays and stills we saw might not have pointed to it Sunday but it seems John Terry’s injury doesn’t look to be anything too serious after all with a statement on the club’s website saying “Today’s MRI scans on John Terry’s right knee thankfully show no significant damage to the cruciate ligaments.  [...]

CHELSEA 1-1 Liverpool: Painful Draw For Chelsea

Liverpool eh? Not a lot I can say that hasn’t been said already in sheer frustration, so here’s the round-up:

CHELSEA v Liverpool: Preview

                Venue: Stamford Bridge Date: Sunday, 11 November Kick-off: 16.00 GMT   There’s not a lot of let-up in our games and after the excitement of a late win midweek, its back to the Premier League for this afternoon’s game against Liverpool.  Given the way Liverpool are this [...]

CHELSEA v Liverpool: Prediction & Stats

          Here we go then, back to the Premier League this afternoon and a bit of a bogey side for us with Liverpool. We all know what happens historically here don’t we? No? Well have a look at kickoff.co.uk then because they always have the best stats for us. Click here

CHELSEA 3-2 Shakhtar Donetsk: Holy Moses!

It was a bit of a snatch and grab win for us at the end but we’ll take that all day long, so here’s a round up of the night:

Savile Rogue Scarf Winner

TheChelseaBlog teamed up with Savile Rogue to give our readers the chance to win one of the world’s finest cashmere football scarves in Chelsea colours. The correct answer to the question: How many goals did Kerry Dixon score for Chelsea? Was of course 193 and the winner drawn at random is….

CHELSEA v Shakhtar Donetsk: Champions League Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge Date: 7th November 2012 Kick-off: 19.45 GMT   So, a couple of results we could have done without have left us sitting second in the Premier League but tonight it’s second place in the group stages of the Champions League we need to address in our return match with Shakhtar.