Chelsea 2012: What A Year!

Bizarre really that one of Chelsea’s worst years should also be the year in which we achieved the unimaginable but that’s how it stands.

From the frustration of yet another manager’s sacking following some pretty dire form that saw us slip out of the top four to the hope of resurgence with the interim appointment of the much-loved Roberto Di Matteo, we were heading for a roller-coaster ride the likes of which we’d never been on before.

Whilst our league form didn’t improve enough to qualify via that route, it seemed our eggs were safely carried in the basket marked ‘cups’ – and whilst we can’t forget another FA Cup success, 2012 for Chelsea was all about the Champions League.

I don’t know how many times I’ve watched our run in the competition in 2012 but it still stuns me every time. Of course, the critics and opposition will continue to try and detract from what we achieved but it takes a lot more than a slice of luck to keep coming back game after game in the sort of manner our players did. Every time we’d been written off, every time we looked well and truly out of it, we came back. ‘Incredible’ just doesn’t cover it.

When we came back from 2-0 behind against Barcelona, with ten men, there seemed an air of inevitability about it somehow but even then, when the final itself went to penalties – in Bayern’s backyard – we couldn’t even entertain the idea it would go our way. Step up Didier Drogba. I still get goosepimples and a lump in my throat even writing that.

Of course, we lost Didier Drogba and Roberto Di Matteo. Our captain had his name and reputation dragged through the mud – and the courts. We’ve had the embarrassment of poorly judged accusations having less than a wooden limb to stand on and the humiliation of an interim manager we wouldn’t have chosen ahead of Tom Henning Ovrebo in the likeability stakes. And to top it all, we’re already out of the Champions League, we’re a significant way behind the Premier League leaders and they’re playing silly buggers with Lampard’s contract.

But that’s Chelsea isn’t it? Warts and all.

That moment though, that split second on May 19th when you weren’t sure you could even look as Didier Drogba stepped up to take his penalty at the Allianz Arena – and then the ecstasy that followed – that’s what 2012 should be about for each and every Chelsea supporter out there.

4 Responses to “Chelsea 2012: What A Year!”

  1. Long live chelsea

  2. I feel so lucky that I was standing with my hands across my face peeking through my fingers watching in the allianz arena Didier stepping up and etching a memory into my mind that (God forbid) I will never forget until my dying day 😀


  3. That Champions League run will be with me for the rest of my life.

  4. in rafa we trust, ha ha. told u so