Good Luck Sturridge!

So, Daniel Sturridge has made his move to a “humungous” club and despite this being his third permanent Premier League club at the age of 23, has been warned it’s his “last chance”.

After Liverpool paid a very generous £12m for Sturridge, Brendan Rodgers welcomed him by saying “He will give us power and presence at the top end of the field but the biggest thing is his hunger to perform. We are bringing in a player who knows he has to perform as he will be playing with one of the biggest clubs in the world. He has got quality. If he wants to stay at the top level, this is probably his last chance.”

Not finished there though, a little more pressure has been piled on by Gerrard who says “If he can start producing for us on a weekly basis he can help this club move forward to where we want to be.  He has said he wants to play football for a big club, the stage is set for him.  There will be no excuses for him. He will be playing with good players at a great club.  It’s all there for him. He just has to go and grasp it with both hands. He’s at an age now where he should be performing week in week out.”

Didn’t do it for City or Chelsea but now he’s at a big club he’ll be ok, right?


5 Responses to “Good Luck Sturridge!”

  1. He is a good player but his dicision making on field of play need to improve

  2. good riddance to bad ru rubbish, he knew the score when he joined us

  3. Good luck to u guy

  4. sturridge says liverpool are humongus, what does that make chelsea, he never made it at city, chels & he wont make it at scouse

  5. His departure will come back to haunt us. He is technically gifted, quick & young. Ultimately, his limited minutes on the pitch led to a degree of selfishness, but you only need review his contribution at Bolton (who were relegated the season after loan spell) to appreciate his talents.