Passion & Pride Not Required

You ever get so angry, so frustratingly irate you could actually cry? Stupid question for most of you, of course you could, you’re Chelsea supporters!

I only ask because that’s exactly how I felt when the final whistle went last night. I was bloody livid, in fact I’ve been livid since Benitez was appointed if I’m honest, it’s not like I need any more provoking anyway.  But QPR ffs? I knew he didn’t respect us but does he really dislike us that much?

And as for Roman, I’m genuinely starting to believe all a manager has to do to keep his job is keep the owner’s latest toy soldier on the team-sheet. I mean, imagine dropping a player who consistently fails to perform, outrageous! Not that dropping Torres is the reason given for Di Matteo’s sacking because as Gourlay went to great pains to clarify in the programme “RDM was sacked because the owner and board felt change was needed to move in the right direction.” Clearly the direction he speaks of isn’t an upward movement though because we certainly didn’t head that way last night.

I’d said in my preview I was uncomfortable with this newfound confidence I had in us after the Everton game. I also said we needed to come out with the same mindset we had in this fixture last season if we wanted an easy win. We didn’t.

Not that I’d ever try and detract from the skills it takes to manage a Premier League club, or any football club come to that but surely there’s a few basics that even your average Sunday League boss sticks to. Actually, scrap that because you don’t even need to know about the game itself to work out you need to play your best players.  If you’re going to do everything you can to guarantee a win, particularly against a side with a defence as suspect as Joey Barton’s temperament, you start with your most attacking side. There’ll be plenty of time to rest them once you’ve put the game safe, the most important thing is to secure the points, right?

Except apparently that’s wrong because, when you’re already an insurmountable way off the pace in the league and you’re playing a side it would really hurt you to lose to, you do none of the above. Oh hang on though, it doesn’t hurt everyone at Chelsea to lose to QPR though does it? For a start, if Rafa actually cared less, his team selection would have reflected it. If he genuinely gave one iota for our club, he’d have known just how hard losing to QPR would come – he’d also know it’s not something we generally do at Stamford Bridge.

As for Roman’s latest Action Man, who actually bears more resemblance to Barbie’s Ken since he now chooses to fix his hairband mid-corners, he looked about as interested in getting himself forward as a veggie in a butcher’s queue.  He might as well have sat and played hangman with Rafa all night because he’d clearly get more out of that than he does playing for Chelsea most of the time. Without Mata and Hazard, he wanders around aimlessly anyway and yet, whilst those two – one of whom is our most consistently solid performer – were felt to need a rest, our most consistent underperformer was deemed to be up to 90+ minutes.

Mind you, when managers with enough backbone to drop underperformers are subsequently sacked in favour of apathetic interims, it would seem passion and pride aren’t required on the team-sheet anymore.


11 Responses to “Passion & Pride Not Required”

  1. Thanks so much Chief. How i wish i had my way to see Benitez immediately after halftime for explanation on team selectn. That Abramovic toy has ever been a flop right from the first day he played, he has been an excess in the whole team, he never change the scores of a match just like the likes of chicharito, and suarez, u can see yesterday that as the midfielders could not score nothing happen the worse being that our best player was benched , for reasons i cant understand. Please let him play Piazon instead that toy.

  2. Couldn’t agree more, that’s the way it is.
    Torres was underperforming – get rid of AVB
    Torres still underperforming – Get rid of Anelka then Drogba
    Torres still underperforming – Hazard and Oscar to help
    Torres still underperforming – Sack Di Matteo and bring in Rafa

    Surely there is an end to all the patience headed his way? We all wanted him to do well, but he just can’t consistently. Sell him cheap and replace with someone who can actually hold the ball for more than a second and can shoot.

    We Reallt should offer him plus cash for Suarez regardless of how you feel of him as a person, with Suarez up front we could ddominate.

  3. bags, you’re a plonker.

  4. While I sympathise and share the frustrations with Torres – the really annoying thing is – he couldnt drop him. We’ve (at this time) only got one centre forward FFS. Piazon 1) is not a CF and 2) not anywhere near ready anyway. Our squad it seems is being packed with small technical players – it seems in attempt to lure Pep, and the squad being assembled by the board, has left us in this mess. I hold my hand up and admit I thought it was good enough to beat QPR – at home, but there was a casual-ness from the off last night which suggested the whole club had started to believe the pro-Benitez press, that we had turned the corner and were great again. The Villa result skewed things – facts is, we’ve continued to struggle. Failed to score against Fulham, Scraped win v Norwich, beaten by West Ham, Robbed Everton – we’re not very good. We finished 6th last season, might be similar this season unless Ba hits the ground running.

  5. wel said chelsvera

  6. Got any input jools?

  7. Personally I had a bad feeling about this match before it started and to further confirm it, I saw the team shit, sorry, sheet. What was this goat (since he has a goatie) thinking. Are we sure this guy did not sell this match? Someone should please check the betting pattern. It is simply inexplicable. Resting players? For what match, Champion’s League or EPL against ManCity or U? Its the FA cup against Southampton. No, I simply need to be convinced that there is no fixing somewhere in there.

  8. I didnt really see anything bad with the line-up considering QPR recent form, but my fear remained that derby fixtures turn out to be too bad for us (especially @nite). If Rafa knows this club so well, he should have known that we are playing a tough side as far as derby is concerned and that we ought to give the game its respect. He’s changing again was far too late!

  9. Actually bro, i didnt read ur whole article, nd jst as u said, i dnt nid anymore provoking, esp afta d everton match(d so called new confidence)…..i jst want 2 say i love dis write up, its lk u re in my head….lol..well aftall, u re a true blue fan….keep me updated pls.

  10. Actually bro, i didnt read ur whole article, nd jst as u said, i dnt nid anymore provoking, esp afta d everton match(d so called new confidence)…..i jst want 2 say i love dis write up, its lk u re in my head….lol..well aftall, u re a true blue fan….keep me updated pls….nd even nw, say it, we were beaten at home by d club at d bottom.,..oh d anger.

  11. Its easy to blame rafa for the team selection after the result…. but the fact is that the 11 players that started should have comfortably won the game at bridge….. or is chelsea now so reliant on mata and hazard ? All big teams do rotation…. manutd with van persie, city with silva… blaming rafa for it seems harsh….