Manuel’s Meltdown Begins (aka Rafa implodes)

Man City 2-0 CHELSEA: So much for bridging the gap!

Another day and another soul destroying game to endure, except this time we didn’t sneak any late goals to paper the cracks with. Did I say cracks? Of course I meant gaping great chasms! I honestly haven’t got it in me to rake through the debris, so here’s a few who can:

Man City v CHELSEA: Preview

                Venue: Etihad Stadium Date: Sunday, 24 February Kick-off: 13.30 GMT City away – not a fixture I particularly fancy us in right now but then again, given our recent ‘performances’ (and I use that term in its loosest sense) against Brentford and Sparta Prague, I’m not sure [...]

Man City v CHELSEA: Prediction & Stats

Big game for both of us today but will we get closer to 2nd place or will City marginally close the 15 point gap between them and the top? Someone who always has a view is the brilliant Kickoff. So for all stats on todays game and a prediction, get yourself over there. Click [...]

Chelsea Need To Face Facts

I should really stop wondering just how much lower the Chelsea hierarchy can stoop really – because every time I do, it’s as if they go into limbo-mode, bending over backwards to demonstrate their unswerving ability to create car crash PR. I suppose after the appointment of FSW, nothing should ever surprise us again really [...]

From Sideshow Bob To Grange Hill’s Gripper?

Ok, so it was a bit more than a clumsy challenge from David Luiz – in fact, it wasn’t far off a Giant Haystack’ manoeuvre if we’re honest – but did it really warrant the studio’s national inquiry? From Andy Townsend jumping out of his pram ready to call 999, to Ian Wright (or was [...]

CHELSEA 4-0 Brentford: Old Boys Fighting Back?

In spite of FSW, it seems we can still win consecutive games – in different competitions no less – and neither JT nor Lampard are past it. So, here’s a summing up of our 4-0 win:   The full match report comes from the official CFC There’s opposition opinion from West London Sport Bleacher Report [...]

Stamford Bridge atmosphere needs to improve

What do you make of the atmosphere at Stamford Bridge this season? Whilst not exactly in the realms of ‘the library’, it’s not really conducive to Champions of Europe style performances either is it? One person who sounds as if he thinks both of the above apply though is TheChelseaBlog reader Josh Holmes. Have a [...]

CHELSEA v Brentford: FA Cup Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge Date: Sunday, 17 February Kick-off: 12:00 GMT   In typical Chelsea style this season we’re lagging behind everyone else, so while they’re all playing for a place in the quarter finals of the FA Cup, we’re still trying to get into the fifth round for an already drawn away tie at Middlesbrough.  [...]

CHELSEA 4-1 Wigan: Rafa’s Reprieve

Good day Ladies and Gentleman, I interrupt the usual Chelsea doom and gloom to bring you news of a ray of sunshine on the horizon. Ok, so it may be a minor reprieve rather than a major breakthrough but let’s celebrate our victories as they come eh? Here’s the round-up: