CHELSEA 4-1 Wigan: Rafa’s Reprieve

Good day Ladies and Gentleman, I interrupt the usual Chelsea doom and gloom to bring you news of a ray of sunshine on the horizon. Ok, so it may be a minor reprieve rather than a major breakthrough but let’s celebrate our victories as they come eh? Here’s the round-up:

There’s match analysis from SportsMole

Straight forward match reporting from the official CFC

Frank Lampard’s thoughts come to us from London24

CaughtOffside bring us goals and highlights

And give us their player ratings


3 Responses to “CHELSEA 4-1 Wigan: Rafa’s Reprieve”

  1. Nice website. It would be nice if Jose Mourinho returns to Chelsea 2013/14 season seeing that Madrid’s players don’t have respect for him and Chelsea loves him.

    Alex Ferguson has absoluely no competion England. The Premier league is far to easy for him to win. Its a joke.

  2. No disrespect to the other managers. But their tactics and players they buy says it all.

  3. The other football managers can manage football clubs.