From Sideshow Bob To Grange Hill’s Gripper?

Ok, so it was a bit more than a clumsy challenge from David Luiz – in fact, it wasn’t far off a Giant Haystack’ manoeuvre if we’re honest – but did it really warrant the studio’s national inquiry? From Andy Townsend jumping out of his pram ready to call 999, to Ian Wright (or was it Howard Brown?) calling him out for having a “nasty, cowardly side”, you’d have thought he’d kicked a ballboy or something.

The fact is, whilst it wasn’t pleasant and it’s not something I want to see any player do, it does happen occasionally in the heat of the game – we just don’t necessarily have quite the same attention drawn to every incident of it.

For Martin Allen (who openly admitted his bias towards ‘the 19 year old’ Reeves because he knows and likes him) to suggest “he’s eyeballed him and put the shoulder straight in”, with Wrighty ranting “it’s almost like bullying”, takes over-dramatising to extremes. Yes, he blatantly blocked off a younger player (pretty physically), no, he didn’t commit ABH on some kid in a playground.

David Luiz meanwhile, clearly not the ‘cowardly’ thug he’s being portrayed as, apologized to the player after the game, with Brentford boss Uwe Rosler confirming “Jake is fine.  He wanted to continue but our medical staff said it’s better not to. Safety first, but he will be OK next week. He was definitely concussed.  I haven’t seen the Luiz challenge clearly enough to make a judgment. He came into our dressing room afterwards to speak to Jake, and I think that’s a fantastic gesture.”


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